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  1. It really depends... For example, my hobbies were mining and working on the internet, so I was sharing my power in the p2p network and my electricity network went down. Thanks to https://www.streamer-electric.com/ we fixed it fast. Really good and professional guys. But in the end, if we count the bill, I lost a lot... and after that decided to find a normal job :D
  2. To trade online successfully you should build a mathematically proved strategy. A good way is to contact private math tutor in Adelaide and learn how to do everything. Plus you will be able to discover some trading-related topics and ask all the question. All professors are good in economics also so they will help you to understand the idea of trading stuff.
  3. It's not that easy to share resources online, because You don't know how others will use your machine. I was sharing my power in the p2p network and my electricity network went down.
  4. It will be not that easy. The main thing is to create a professional website which will have all needed functionality for your clients. It's better to take for this job a team with experience in e-commerce business. You can check https://eulerr.com/project/cat/web-e-commerce/ they have done many projects like this and you will be impressed how professionally they are working.
  5. But which one is better, f4y or Forexee ? Because I'm working now with Forexee and everything is perfect. I have a fast money back, all the administrative procedures are done with a full support from their side and their team is ready to work 24/7 with me. Also, they have some nice features for the beginners, but I didn't try them
  6. You can try to take some simple pills like this: https://nootropicboost.com . It's a nootropics. Just a set of active and important vitamins/minerals. Everything is gathered in one pill and can give you more freshness. Sometimes, depends on the type of your nootropic, you can get memory improvement, more energy and so on.. But, I'm not a professional in this. For sure, they will solve your problem with sleeping.