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  1. MikeJq

    I think that the best investment is that one, which will bring you fast some extra profit. I would recommend you to go for online bets at https://1xbet.co.ke/ platform. They have a nice statistics, many tools and bonuses for the beginners. For sure, you will make some money. It is really simple and easy.
  2. I can say that even I like to play sometimes. Of course, most of the times it's some sports bets on https://777score.in ! Really enjoy the time on this platform! Nice statistics, extended analysis and very good coefficients.
  3. MikeJq

    I like football. (also a video one, but I prefer to play in the real field) Actually, I also like to bet on https://1xbet.com , quite simple and reliable platform. So usually I bet, then watching a match and getting some money in the end. Perfect weekend for me!
  4. It's more look like a scam or just something like pyramids. I think that it's better to put bets and make money with them! For instance, during the last month, I did $2k on http://777score.ph platform! They provide a good statistical information and many different ways of money back! Plus it is fast and reliable!
  5. I think that this article can be useful for you and your developers team: https://webcase.studio/blog/does-your-project-need-blockchain/ . Not all the projects are good for the Blockchain usage and such ideas (when you can do it better without it but still you decided to go for the ICO) can only destroy the technology :(
  6. MikeJq

    At the moment, I can't work in the US because I need to get https://usimmigrationforms.com/form-g-884-return-of-original-documents/ , but later, when I will finish with my immigration process, I would like to go deeper with this broker! You have amazing statistics and it's extremely cool! It's almost impossible to find such a nice platform in the EU :(
  7. No! At the moment, there is one better way! You can try to include the Blockchain in your project and then go to the ICO market for the investments!!! Fast and easy way! There is a good article about the BLockchain technology which can help you to understand does your project really need it - https://webcase.studio/blog/does-your-project-need-blockchain/ . I think in 2018 this is the best way to grow your startup!
  8. MikeJq

    I think that even more than FB. At the moment, trending topic is instagram automation . There are millions of new services for this. You can simulate a standard user behaviour and the system will not discover that this is a special service. Usually, they are cheap and after 1-2 weeks you can achieve a significant followers increase.
  9. MikeJq

    Good day everyone, I have some questions about the administrative procedures in the US because I just immigrated and don't know all the stuff so, My friends advised me to check https://usimmigrationforms.com service (It's like a special service for immigrants, and not only, where professionals can help to prepare documents), so my question is - can we trust this service or not? And if not - can someone give me a few minutes of time to solve my issues and answer some questions? Thanks.
  10. MikeJq

    It really depends... For example, my hobbies were mining and working on the internet, so I was sharing my power in the p2p network and my electricity network went down. Thanks to https://www.streamer-electric.com/ we fixed it fast. Really good and professional guys. But in the end, if we count the bill, I lost a lot... and after that decided to find a normal job :D
  11. MikeJq

    To trade online successfully you should build a mathematically proved strategy. A good way is to contact private math tutor in Adelaide and learn how to do everything. Plus you will be able to discover some trading-related topics and ask all the question. All professors are good in economics also so they will help you to understand the idea of trading stuff.
  12. MikeJq

    It's not that easy to share resources online, because You don't know how others will use your machine. I was sharing my power in the p2p network and my electricity network went down.
  13. It will be not that easy. The main thing is to create a professional website which will have all needed functionality for your clients. It's better to take for this job a team with experience in e-commerce business. You can check https://eulerr.com/project/cat/web-e-commerce/ they have done many projects like this and you will be impressed how professionally they are working.
  14. MikeJq

    But which one is better, f4y or Forexee ? Because I'm working now with Forexee and everything is perfect. I have a fast money back, all the administrative procedures are done with a full support from their side and their team is ready to work 24/7 with me. Also, they have some nice features for the beginners, but I didn't try them
  15. MikeJq

    You can try to take some simple pills like this: https://nootropicboost.com . It's a nootropics. Just a set of active and important vitamins/minerals. Everything is gathered in one pill and can give you more freshness. Sometimes, depends on the type of your nootropic, you can get memory improvement, more energy and so on.. But, I'm not a professional in this. For sure, they will solve your problem with sleeping.
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