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  2. Bulletproof hosting for any projects.
  3. For spam (inbound / outcome), brutus, spuff and much more.Place an order now for contacts --> Contact: ICQ: 390854 JABBER ID: [email protected] Since 2013 OXY™
  4. You ask us for BulletProof project it is today . We provide BulletProof service. We discuss the details of your project and will select an individual server option . VPS / VDS / Dedicated Servers . Establish absolutely everything that you want. Contact: ICQ: 390854 JABBER ID: [email protected] Since 2013 OXY™
  5. Our services will change your opinion about bulletproof servers.+ Adequate price policy / reasonable prices. + High UpTime 99.9%. + Individual approach to each client. + We work directly with the DC / server in the racks. + Our priorities are stability and speed.VPS / VDS / Dedicated servers, FastFlux, Domain Name Registration, Administration of servers;(Spoofing, Scanning, Brutting, Botnets, Malware, Zeus, ZennoPoster and many others).Brutting/Scannig - Dedicated server from 300 usd/month * VPS/VDS from 200usd/monthFake sites - VPS/VDS from 200usd/monthBotnets/Malware - Dedicated server from 400 usd/month * VPS/VDS from 250usd/monthBuying service from us, you make a choice in favor of quality of services and responsive support.Contact:ICQ: 390854JABBER ID: [email protected] 2013 OXY™* The service is not responsible for the financial loss of the customer. * Moneyback is absent. * When renting a server, the client agrees that no claims regarding the operability of its software after the server's lease are accepted. Specify before purchase. * The service is not responsible for blocking / losing access to domains registered for customers on their request. * The service is not responsible for blocking access to the servers to the servers by datacenters in case the client initially provided not exact data about what will be placed on the server. * Service in the right to refuse to the client without an explanation of the reason having returned the not spent means. * If a complaint is received from Spamhaus / Spamcop, the server will be immediately blocked.