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  1. 1.Build social signals. 2.Also, you can index your backlink using web 2.0 site. In your web 2.0 site make a new page. Im content part give your all backlinks, and make hyperlink/clickable link for every backlinks.
  2. Ahrefs (most prefereable) Majestic Moz SEM Rush
  3. Double Click for Publishers is an AdServer/AdServing platform, where the ads can be trafficked across websites (including publisher websites).
  4. Alt text is really important when information could be missed or not accessible as it is carried by an image, and what is important is the information in itself - it might be important within a given context, and it is up to you to provide said context if it seems relevant to do so, but the alt text in itself should not be anything more or less than the information contained by the image.
  5. keyword means one single word. When the first search engines were launched, they had relatively simple algorithms and many users used single words for their searches. But search engines are constantly evolving and now they support large key phrases with 2 or more keywords. It is also much more convenient for users because now they can express their need more precisely and search engines provide them with more relevant results.So a keyword phrase means a set of separate words that build a phrase (so it’s a multi-word search term).
  6. The benefits of running PPC advertising include: Cost effective - because you only pay when a user actually reaches your website, it can be good value for money Targeted - you can choose your audience according to demographics like location, language and device Measurable - PPC campaigns can be set up to carefully measure effectiveness. You can determine exactly how much your return on investment is. Some of the challenges of PPC advertising include: Time investment - you can’t just set up your PPC campaigns and leave them. You need to invest time into optimising and improving to get the best results. Skills required - it can take some practise to set up effective campaigns. Many businesses choose to use a specialist agency. Clicks and visits don’t always lead to sales - you will need to convince the user to ‘convert’ once they reach your website.
  7. It is one of the most comprehensive posts explaining what all the various URL parameters in Google's search URL strings mean.This post goes through about different URL parameters that either change the search query, refinement, set of results or mean something in terms of tracking or other metrics.It is broken down by:Normal Search QueryAdvanced Search OperatorsCountry and LanguageAdvanced Search ToolsOther ParametersUnknown ParametersMatt Cutts of Google replied to the HackerNews thread saying:You can also make a custom setting in Chrome to send only the parameters to Google that you want. In the Settings panel, click on Manage Search Engines. Make a "new" search engine but make the query go to Google (or YouTube, or whatever) with only the parameters you want. You can start with the url for Google and prune down the input encoding or the sourceid or whatever you want, or just make the path be "/search?q=%s" if you want to go really minimal.
  8. To make backlink from dofollow you have to first find the the dofollow website of your niche with high authority.
  9. Focus on * Content marketing, * Infographic marketing * Guest posting. These tactics of making backlinks are long live and safe.
  10. Blogger outreach tool is automated off page seo tool.
  11. Validate your code for search engine spider accessibility. Use coding to create SEF URL rewrites. Clean your code to facilitate site speed improvements. Serve text-based alternative to on-page scripts. Set up “noindex” tags on your robots.txt file.
  12. Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. ... Update Your Content Regularly. ... Metadata. ... Have a link-worthy site. ... Use alt tags.
  13. It is very simple to find which page is indexed . Search for site:websiteurl . In search result you will find total number of indexed page. If you want . If want know when it last index time then cached it will when your site is indexed last time
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