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  1. @Dennis#MD Why am I feeling like this forum is full of bots? So far, not one relevant post to the topic. Only unrelated advertisements for forex brokers?!?
  2. There are several ways to do it. The best one is to use UTM tracking codes. Make custom channel groupings in GA and set the tracking code parameters to show from which site did the visit came from. By default you should be able to see it as well but not from which link the traffic came. So, if you have more than one link on a page/site it's good to use UTMs or shortlinks.
  3. I have to admit the comparison of Crypto trading and an MMORPG is just about perfect. It's a poorly written article but I liked some of the points he's throwing out there. https://medium.com/p/are-gamers-the-future-of-crypto-and-forex-trading-a4f116af521 So, how many of you are gamers and do you think that guy might be on to something?
  4. Seeing a (government) regulated crypto market will be a hard thing to happen. It's basically like putting a door in the middle of an open field and asking people to walk through it. Recent example from Canada: https://cointelegraph.com/news/canada-td-bank-bans-credit-card-purchases-of-crypto-following-global-trend Also, the part with not being able to sell anything illegal - no way this is going to stop. Yes, maybe not with Bitcoins. But with Monero. When there is a will, there is a way. After all that's the idea of cryptos - decentralized, self regulating, untraceable (apart from the transactions). Just like the onion network (deep/dark web) there are so many layers that can be applied in order to keep one's annonimity that if done properly - nobody will be able to find you.
  5. It's not "some". Google themselves have posted an announcement on their webmasters blog some time ago (I think it was back in 2011) and they've said it (Page Rank) is no longer a part of their ranking algorythm. Instead, webmasters should focus on user engagement metrics like CTR, Bounce Rate and Time on Page.
  6. Swings are not as wicked? But ETH, NEO and the other ETH based cryptos have been on the decline for some time now. I wonder if that has anything to the with the December-Jan-Feb news releases about the major vulnerability in their code or am I missing something else? A stable price is a good thing in the long run, as it tends to generate confidence in the masses. Thus causing spikes in search and demand, which on the other hand causes the price to rise in the short term. You just have to catch and ride the wave to get some good profit. ;)
  7. They are actually not going to ban cryptos. At least that was the Prime Minister's, or whatever their head of state is called, statement. They "like" cryptos and are open to the idea in general. They just want to regulate them but can't seem to figure it out. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-crypto-currencies-southkorea/south-korea-keeps-investors-guessing-on-cryptocurrency-regulation-idUSKCN1GB0GO
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