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  1. Yes it is the fact that it is a risky place but the reward is also significant for the risk. You have to work hard to convert this risk into much better reward and it is possible only by making a good plan and applying well desciplined approach. You will be a successful trader for sure if you have the money management skills.
  2. Just don't use any pillows or other medicine that will be advised here. Go visit a doctor and he will identify the problem. If you will be prescribed any pills, then use them. Do not self-medicate.
  3. It's quite possible that the pillow doesn't fit. The height of it means a lot. I like when the pillow is soft, but doesn't let you sink. I always put something under my pillow to keep my head higher, I feel better this way.
  4. If you have a lot of time, building is better. As you will do as you want from the get go and won't waist your time and money on realtor. And the house will be cheaper for you.
  5. I personally think that the best way to study is watching series. I learned foreign language quite good this way. The main thing is that I did it with interest and easiness.
  6. I agree with what's said above. USA and Great Britain are known for their great education, the prices on education will be very high.
  7. One question bothers me, I was even arguing with a friend on that matter. How do you think, what will become to etherium after bitcoin collapses and will cost nothing?
  8. What do you think on expected price of BitCoin this year? And most importantly, what will the price be, when all the BitCoin will be mined out? It's obvious, that the price will rise, as it will get mined out, but how high will it be...
  9. I like playing strategy games. Tried starcraft just recently, but quickly understood, that the game is very fast and wants a lot of simultanious input. Such games are not for me, I'm more used to classic.
  10. Actually, playing games can be quite good for kids. The main thing is to look out for the things they play, and most of all don't let them play online games with voice chat. You should know how the people talk there...
  11. I've been setting sights on this company for a long time too, but things are somehow not ending with opening a real account, even though the minimum deposit for ecn is small. I'm going to watch this label for a while and trade on the demo and time will tell
  12. It's pretty cool when you get money from a hobby, and it's even better if the money is good. All you need to do is not to make your hobby a main source of income. It can bore you quite fast.
  13. It depends on what age you are. If you're older, then 25, then living with parents is quite weird. I think, that living with parents is justified only if they require some care.
  14. As such topic is not being disscussed anymore and nobody can show or proof that everything works here, I just assume it's a scam.
  15. I would say that any trader can save his money from getting lost by using proper risk management and trading with the plan. You also need to use stop losses for your trades. These two things will help you to stay away from losses.