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  1. Well, let's say it's your own point of view. But I agree on esplanade. When the mentioned report was published, a lot of people complained on slippages, but I didn't notice anything regarding this broker. I've heard that you can place deposits with bitcoins on esplanade. Is it true?
  2. TenkoFX has different leverages for different assets on different accounts. For example, it's 1:500 with a deposit of up to $25,000 on stp, and 1:200 with a deposit of up to $100,000 on ecn. 50% of margin is released during the hedge. If the margin is negative, MT4 doesn't accept orders for execution even if they're hedging!
  3. A trader has to be strong and bold enough to take risks with full control of the emotions. Yes, experience helps to control the nerves but skills can teach this control much quicker. You need to improve your trading skills with the passage of your everyday on the market. Stay blessed!
  4. I think bitcoin is playing a mind game with the traders and it is testing the patience as well currently. I believe in the fruitful results of this patience as the value of it will touch the higher highs at the end of 2018. Do you believe in the bright future of bitcoin?
  5. Digital marketing is the present and future of the marketing. You can marlet your product on the internet by building your own website, social media page, wordpress site, etc. SEO content will play a role to imoprove your rankings and reaching more and more people. Thanks!
  6. I think beGunky is the best site for the infographics specially designing posters, flyers, brochures, and many more designs even if have zero designing experience. I am working on this site from a long time and I recommend you to use it.
  7. Yes it is the fact that it is a risky place but the reward is also significant for the risk. You have to work hard to convert this risk into much better reward and it is possible only by making a good plan and applying well desciplined approach. You will be a successful trader for sure if you have the money management skills.
  8. One question bothers me, I was even arguing with a friend on that matter. How do you think, what will become to etherium after bitcoin collapses and will cost nothing?
  9. What do you think on expected price of BitCoin this year? And most importantly, what will the price be, when all the BitCoin will be mined out? It's obvious, that the price will rise, as it will get mined out, but how high will it be...
  10. I've been setting sights on this company for a long time too, but things are somehow not ending with opening a real account, even though the minimum deposit for ecn is small. I'm going to watch this label for a while and trade on the demo and time will tell
  11. I would say that any trader can save his money from getting lost by using proper risk management and trading with the plan. You also need to use stop losses for your trades. These two things will help you to stay away from losses.
  12. Yes I agree to the analysis that bitcoin's value will jump again soon and it will hit the value upto 40000-45000 dollars very soon. You need to invest in this currency as soon as possible as it has a good future due to the increasing interest of the people.
  13. Don't spreads bother you when volatility is high and liquidity is low? I also have a question about requotes. Are there any at all and if there are, how often do they happen?
  14. Bitcoin is the most famous currency of the current time with the value of 9047 dollars. Its value went on to 20000 dollars at the end of 2017.According to the experts its value can reach upto 40000 dollars in the near future. It is also a best place to invest your money as the world is shifting towards the digital behavior.
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