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  1. Digital marketing is the present and future of the marketing. You can marlet your product on the internet by building your own website, social media page, wordpress site, etc. SEO content will play a role to imoprove your rankings and reaching more and more people. Am I right?
  2. I think the good time has been started related to the future of the bitcoin, and other altcoins. You have to hold on your positions as long as possible in order to get a prosper future. Thank you so much traders!
  3. The lack of discipline does often lead to losing money on forex. Traders who don't follow their trading strategy and get emotional -- lose.
  4. For me personally, forex is a hobby, that's why it's so interesting for me to work with all the indices, charts, news and trade assets. It's not going to be so amusing for those who've come to forex only for money.
  5. I often use technical and fundamental analysis. I think the combination of these techniques helps to make more balanced and accurate trading decisions.
  6. This article doesn't really seem to be a guide to starting trading on forex step by step. In my opinion you should start with learning and openind a demo account.
  7. Some people might choose broker based on the bonuses it offers, although I think you should choose a company based on its reliability and honesty and not bonuses and conditions.
  8. You have to do some research about the brokers so that you find the best broker. Through that broker you are going to invest your money to earn the profit and you never wanted to lose the money because your money has much importance in your life. I often feel proud of my success and it is possible only due to my broker.
  9. I think the topgoldforum is a complete guide for the currency trading whether they are related to the forex market or cryptomarket. I got a lot of help through the cryptocurrency corner of this forum as I am crypto investor as well. Am I right folks?
  10. I always wanted to be a successful trader from mycollege time. I develop my personality according to it by staying calm in every situation whether I feel good or bad. I am really satisfied with my trading career so far. Do you people have the same story?
  11. Your words are confirmed for now. I've recently opened a real trading account. I've decided to opt for a fixed spread because I'm going to trade on news and don't want to get to strong expansions. The spread is from 2 points in general which is quite good, considering the fact that it's fixed. By the way, you've been trading for longer time. What can you say about spread expansion on news?
  12. Yes forex robots work in a very positive manner in order to keep the emotional factor away from your trades. They also help you to save your time for some other purposes and businesses you need to do throughout the day. More importantly, they identify the opportunities more quickly.
  13. This is a tricky question. The concept of money was based for creating a just and fair economic system. Money is a necessity but too much greediness can cause chaos in the world. To earn money on behalf of someone's right is the root of injustice in the world.
  14. The best way to secure your future is investing in your present. The best option for your present is starting your own business. There are various business models but the best option for you is that business model that fascinates you and have a passion for.
  15. Making money is not easy. You need to be determined, hard-working, patient and have a clear path of your money making model. There are many ways to earn money. You can invest on cryptocurrency, work on freelancing websites, invest on a physical model, buy cash bonds and hope you win a lottery.