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  1. I believe it is. There are a lot of companies offering ICOs. The value of Bitcoin is currently on the decline. This gives other digital currencies to exploit this fact and attract new investors. I hope more people enter into cryptocurrency.
  2. By reading the charts of Bitcoin over the years, anything can happen. The Bitcoin's value is degrading in the past weeks. Its value is around $6800. I think mainly it is because there are so many currncies out there and everyday, there are new ICOs been launched.
  3. It's very convenient for many people. You don't need to search for exchangers and pay limitless commissions for god knows what. This broker withdraws money well too. Not in three days as stated, but often even faster.
  4. There is no harm in learning about anything. You will expand your horizons by learning more and more. You need all the knowledge in the world to become a successful forex trader. How many of you agree with me? Please comment your answers.
  5. The oil-war has affected the basic need of mankind-water. The countries need to set their priorities on building water reserves. Water is becoming a scarcity especially in third world countries. We need to stop indulging in politics and start practical actions.
  6. Forex trading is not an easy thing to crack. There are many reasons why forex traders fail. The trader may be emotional or he may be undisciplined. He may have limited knowledge about forex or just because luck was not on his side.
  7. Yes, forex trading should not be your only origin of income. How will you support yourself and your family if the results of forex trading are not positive. So, think thoroughly before entering the world of forex trading. Have you thought about it?
  8. I think blogs with catchy headings and amazing pictures along with the backlinks is a most amazing feature of the SEO writing in order to build a good reputation of your wordpress site. Am I right folks in this regard?
  9. I think SEO improvements are seen with the passage of time. You need to use the well researched keywords in your content and maintain a good keyword density in the content as well. It plays an important improvement role in SEO writings!
  10. Wordpress is the best way to engage the people on your site by uploading interesting and amazing content on it. SEO tools help to improve your rankings on the Google and wordpress helps to improve your sellings. Am I right?
  11. Backlinks are the backbone of the Search Engine Optimization as they link your site with other sites and link your web pages with each other as well. So, I think an SEO expert would recommend you to use backlinks in your blogs.
  12. Digital marketing is the present and future of the marketing. You can marlet your product on the internet by building your own website, social media page, wordpress site, etc. SEO content will play a role to imoprove your rankings and reaching more and more people. Am I right?
  13. I think the good time has been started related to the future of the bitcoin, and other altcoins. You have to hold on your positions as long as possible in order to get a prosper future. Thank you so much traders!
  14. Neal


    The lack of discipline does often lead to losing money on forex. Traders who don't follow their trading strategy and get emotional -- lose.
  15. For me personally, forex is a hobby, that's why it's so interesting for me to work with all the indices, charts, news and trade assets. It's not going to be so amusing for those who've come to forex only for money.
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