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  1. Kilara

    Reading was always my the most favourite hobby. I learned to read in my early childhood, now I'm 25 and I still adore it, my favourite genres in this case are fantasy, science fiction, drama and classic. I'm a great fan of music too, especially in case of such genres as industrial, electronic, darkwave, synth-pop, post-rock and gothic-rock. I have many favourite bands, I try to attend their concerts when they come to my city and I collect some of their CD releases, as also merch and some other stuff 😊 I like travelling, walking outsides during all seasons except winter and spending time with my friends. We often go to cinema or other places, or just hang out together in our houses, I adore these moments! I like to have an interesting chat in my free time too and not only with my friends but with other people too, it's cool to find nice buddies with same hobbies through social networks and chat video, besides in such cases you can make new friends abroad or even find your future lover. And I like to draw or make quilling postcards in my free time too.
  2. The main problem with such research papers is usually simple procrastination. I think that when you get such task, especially a big one, then you should overcome yourself and start to make it as early as you can, you need really to leave yourself enough time not only for writing the essay but also for its proofreading. Trust my experience, a lack of time for writing essays is a common reason for losing many points for them. Here are also some helpful tips for such cases: - adopt a right mindset (try to stay positive and think about the essay as something not so difficult as it can seem) - when you write, concentrate only on your task (don't distract yourself with social networks for example, so much time is usually lost because of such things) - type the essay, don't handwrite it - start from careful reading of your task/question for the essay (correcting such mistakes will take really much time later) - start writing from essay's body, then an introduction and conclusion Also always leave enough time yourself for re-reading and editing the ready text. Your parents/friends/professional editors https://writercheap.com/ can be very helpful with this too because many mistakes are often seen better from others' point of view.
  3. Kilara

    It's hard to recommend you something certain because I don't know your topic and subject for the essay, and I didn't see your current work for reading it and finding possible mistakes. Could you be more detailed with the question for the better responses? 🙂 However in general I can say from my own experience with essay writing that for improving any type of such work it's important to avoid some common but serious mistakes. The most widespread in their case among students are: - not good understanding of your whole task/topic - absence of clear topic and thesis, also a plan for the whole work - lack of good scientific/informational resources according to your topic - poor vocabulary, style and grammar - mistakes with formatting - weak introduction and conclusion Also the important problem is the lack of checkings and editings for your ready work, you should leave enough time for this and check it carefully at least several times. Fresh perspective from other people can be very helpful too because they can see mistakes which are hidden for you. Your parents and friends can help you with this, there are also professionals in writing https://homeworkneeded.com/ who can be useful for improving the essay too.
  4. Kilara

    How many times did you actually try to lose weight? And are you sure that you really did your best with other methods and you're totally healthy, I mean that there isn't any hormonal imbalance for example? Because it's a rather widespread reason for the problems with weight loss. I think that you need to consult with a doc before starting your weight loss journey again. Also it's truth that not all methods of the weight loss are effective for everybody so you maybe just need to continue with trying. In my case the most helpful ones were drinking much water during the day, following a balanced diet which consisted mostly from fruits and vegetables, stopping skipping breakfast and eating at nights/not long before going to bed. I reduced general amount of soda and sugar in my daily menu too, made physical exercises every day (and I went to the swimming pool twice a week in addition) and tried to sleep enough every day (the lack of sleep makes the weight loss even harder and increases general level of stress which isn't good too). I lost because of these methods 10 kilos during a half a year 😊 Anyway as I said in the beginning maybe you need some hormonal therapy firstly https://www.nexelmedical.com/hgh-injections because such hormones as for example low thyroid, estrogen, testosterone etc. often cause various problems with weight.
  5. Kilara

    You're right, reading a lot of books especially if it's a good literature is really helpful for improving your writing skills because in such case you see and remember many well-written examples and at the same time build your vocabulary. You need to improve your grammar and style too because such mistakes have a serious influence on a quality of your essay and they often lead to losing many points. The other main things for writing the good essay are: - having a clear topic/idea and planning thesis for it (this will be a basis for the whole work and developing main points for all text's structure) - defining a type of your essay (there are many types of them in university and every of them has its own requirements, always look through them carefully before starting the writing) - being careful with formatting (it's an important thing because formatting errors lead to losing many points too so check carefully standards of your university for them and the ones of your certain professor because in their case they can differ too) - making a profound research (you need to find many good informational/scientific resources for improving general quality of the essay and making it as objective as possible) - always checking your text in the end for possible mistakes and edit them (your skilled friends and professional services like CoolEssay can be helpful with this, their fresh perspective can be better for noticing the mistakes which are unseen for you) - being careful with possible plagiarism (check your essays with the help of special programms, there are a plenty of them now, also keep track of scientific resources you use which is helpful in this case too)
  6. Good post, I agree with everything you wrote! :) Also from my own experience I can add that it depends mostly on a certain type of company which you want to have. But in general basic tips for a good start in case of new companies are: - having an original and competitive idea for it - knowing about the level of competition in your certain sphere where you're planning to work - creating a strong, professional work team - investing time and money in effective management system which will be the basis for successful functioning of your whole company and communication with your customers/clients and in developing ai because various tech innovations are an important part of successful functioning of every business now too - professional advertising - developing a network for your clients/customers and partners - having a start capital and careful planning of your budget, especially for the first years
  7. Ukraine is now one of the most popular countries for making partnership and outsourcing in IT sphere. That happened because of many reasons, the main ones among them are: - high level of education and expertise, also it's the country with a talent pool (there's the largest growing amount of IT developers) - convinient time zone for many foreign companies (it has a better time zone for partners from Europe, especially comparing with China and India) - good knowlegde of English by these developers for work and communication - general high-quality work and rational prices at the same time (it's one of the cheapest countries and you can save up to 50% of total onshore costs for IT services with outsourcing software development Ukraine ) - Western-oriented sight and accountability (there won't be any cultural barriers during the partnership) - visa-free entry to Ukraine from many other countries
  8. Kilara

    There are many reasons for fails and money losses in case of Forex. The main ones among them are: - improper risk management (you need to know how to use automatic take-profit and stop-loss mechanisms, and to implement them properly in accordance with the market volatility) - unrealistic expectations (many people expect to become rich fast with forex and this goal can be achieved only with patient and long work, also many other ones simply have never traded in any financial markets before) - wrong broker choice (the professional one will be a basis for your successful trading, it should also be totally reliable and safe, that's why experienced traders recommend to choose them only from regulatory agencies lists and other checked resources https://fx-list.com/cfd-forex-brokers ) - lack of adaptation to the market conditions (you need to monitor the market constantly and catch 'right' moments for making a good deal, also use various trading strategies, not only the one among others because it's can't be always effective)
  9. Kilara

    Yeas, it's ok when you make mistakes in the beginnning
  10. Kilara

    Forex trading is unstable and unpredictable like operations with cryptocurrencies because of the price changes for foreign currencies and these changes can be fast, and always connected with economic situation of the certain country. It's possible to earn money with Forex, however many people lose money because of their own, sometimes simple mistakes too. The main mistakes are for example: - overtrading (it's a very widespread one, it's usually caused by market addiction, insufficient capitalisation and unrealistically high profit goals, you need to be patient, start from small capital and move further calmly) - lack of adaptation to the market conditions (markets in general aren't a static thing so using always the one proven strategy will cause you to fail someday, you need to find and use different strategies according to the current market's state) - scam in case of brokers (a good and safe broker is a basis for all your Forex operations, considering that always choose the one from special safe lists https://fx-list.com/high-leverage-brokers or regulatory agencies, and checkk all avaliable information about them, especially reviews from previous clients) - absence of a good trading plan (you need to prepare for current market conditions firstly before starting your trading operations, a successful trader always develops a thought-out trading strategy)
  11. Kilara

    Thanks, This is very informative forum sites
  12. Kilara

    You can invest money into digital currency if you get into the market trends
  13. Yes, of course, it's hard for me to imagine modern children who don't like gadgets and computer games :) Our daughter is 13 yo old now and she prefers various mmorg ones, especialy World Of Warcraft and Cabal Online, as I know GTA and Half Life series are her favourites too. In her teenage years she started to play more than in childhood ones, however we control that so she didn't become addictive to them too. Besides she has many other interests too and such games aren't on the top of her list. She started to play in various games in 4 yo, we usually gave her our tablet during that time. In the beginning it was only for entertainment, there are now very many simple games even for very small children, in our case she adored various drawing ones the most of all :) Later she played also in special educational ones like Sesame Street, Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1165324239?mt=8 , Alphabet Antics, Cool4MathKids etc. Such games have really good quality now and are effective for teaching because of interesting plots and cool quests, they were a nice additional method for teaching her math and alphabet. I think that such addictions appeare only if parents don't care at all about their child and buy them cool gadgets from small age which replace all other activities. It's very bad but with such attitude as in our family it's ok, besides we live in age of technology so gaining computer skills from early age is important too.
  14. Kilara

    Forex. That's why I registered, I saw many advantages
  15. Kilara

    I think you should have an online marketing strategies for your website in order to push it with high rank and traffic