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  1. Kilara

    I'm a physically active person so sport always was an important part of my life. For playing I like the most of all tennis, football and baseball, I played them really much during my school years and we often play them with my friends on weekends 🙂 I just like their specific features, atmosphere and competitive spirit on the field! And in case of watching professional matches I like only football, especially the ones when play my fav teams from Kenya, USA and Italy. I like to make sport bets https://777score.ke/ on them during the matches sometimes too.
  2. Kilara

    I agree with other replies, having the certain trading strategy and plan is really important, as also getting experience with Forex in general for becoming a really successful trader but on the other hand choosing a good Forex broker is another very important thing. These brokers are one of basic things for Forex trading and very many things in it are connected with them, that's why it's so necessary to find the qualified and really reliable one. Checking the broker's security is based on its approval with special regulatory agencies and positive real reviews from other people. According to these things experienced traders recommend such brokers as AvaTrade company profile, Saxo Bank, IG, FXCM, CMC Markets, XTB, City Index and Dukascopy.
  3. The customs brokers provide legal trading with different countries according to all current customs regulations, considering that the most important things for any broker are enough experience in their certain sphere of work (because various brokers can specialize in different industries) and having all necessary licenses and certificates. The last ones are the key things for the custom brokers so while making your choice check them firstly, it'll be the basic for a totally safe and legal trading. Also pay your attention on their prices and fees, types of shipments they provide https://clearitusa.com/ , their accessebility and customers support. Also check reviews and references for certain companies before making your final choice.
  4. Kilara

    If you're a newbie, you can actually choose any type of golf clubs you like, in the very beginning when you're just learning how to play golf such choice won't affect much your playing skills. There are many types of golf clubs with their own pros and cons, and certain types are used for specific shots but you'll be able to feel this difference only after learning the basics and getting enough of playing experience in general. For example, there are such popular types of clubs as irons, woods, putters, hybrids, wedges and so on. Putters are usually used for for the very last strokes on the putting green, irons for striking balls from fairway towards the green, woods for long distance shots and hybrids combine features of the woods and irons types https://golfclubguru.net/golf-hybrids/ . I recommend you to start from a used set with several types of clubs, it'll save your money greatly and will be perfect for learning the golf basics. And in future if you become really a fan of this game, you can replace the clubs with certain newer and more expensive models.
  5. Kilara

    Yes because I like gambling in general and sports betting is one of my favourite types of it together with poker and casino. I'm a competitive person and I really adore such games but I'm definetely not an addict to them, I mean that I play for fun not with a great wish of becoming rich and I always control amount of money which I invest in them. I think that in such case gambling is definetely ok and not such a bad thing as some people think. I know that some people could become really rich while playing such games but it's such a rare thing and it's obvious that no one is interested in giving you much money for nothing. And in case of sports betting I like to make bets https://bet365-pt.com on my favourite football teams the most of all. My fav ones are from Italy (SSC Napoli) and Brazil (Gremio) and my bets on them were successful not for one time but I was mostly extremely glad that they just won those matches 🙂
  6. Kilara

    That depends on how much you're actually overweighted and the reasons which caused this problem. Considering that for different people various methods can be effective. For example, in my case the main things were drinking much water every day (mostly for cleansing my body but also for losing weight too), changing my daily diet (I stopped to eat junk food at all and added more fruits/vegetables in my menu) and exercising regurarly. In the last case it's important to choose not only the effective exercises for you but also the ones which you'll really like, in my case I preferred one of popular fitness complexes and running. Also I recommend you to get tested before the weight loss because it's often caused with hormonal imbalance, for example such hormones as thyroid, low testosterone https://www.hgha.com/symptoms-of-low-testosterone/ , cortisol, insulin and so on often cause the weight gain. And without treating this imbalance you won't be able to lose really many kilos.
  7. Kilara

    Instagram is one of the best platforms now for social media marketing. But I should mention that for achieving the best results for your business it's necessary to use some other platforms too but not too many of them, using several of them is really enough for an effective advertising. In case of Instagram the most important things are for example (also they can be used for other platforms too): - understanding your audience (your content should appeal to your target buyer) - using of a listening tool (it's necessary for understanding what people say about your brand and which type of your content they consider as the most interesting) - using of Instagram insights (they provide many useful information for you like general amount of website clicks, your followers activity, the amount of your posts which was saved etc., some types of social media marketing software like https://promorepublic.com/en/ are very helpful for analyzing all such information and correcting your general marketing strategy) - using of relevant hashtags (in case of Instagram it's one of the most important tools for promoting your brand, mainly because of them new people will be able to find your content)
  8. Kilara

    Almost all modern paints are safe for adults and babies, however there can be exceptions so I recommend to check their ingredients list before choosing the one. And yeah, the safest paints are the ones which have low VOC or nothing of them at all (but I should mention that not all VOCs are really dangerous, check information about them in net). Such paints are marked as 'eco' and they usually have the best quality for your needs. And in case of decorations there's such a great variety of them for walls/different rooms that it's really hard for me to recommend you something. That really depends on a certain design which you plan to make in general for your bedroom. You can try various pictures and wall prints https://www.bigacrylic.com/ for example, it's a totally safe type of decorations, they look very beautiful and be very unique in case of style.
  9. Kilara

    This type of hormonal imbalance is a rather widespread thing but it has different reasons in case of various people and treating it will be different for the certain people too. For example, women testosterone levels can become lower because of ovaries disfunction, adrenal insufficiency, early menopause (reducing level of testosterone is a common symptom of menopause in general too), oophorectomy and previous estrogen therapy. On the other hand, its levels can become too high because of hirsutism (it's main symptom is growth of unwanted hair), PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia, it's a disease of the adrenal glands). Even from such brief information it's seen that the treating methods vary greatly for every certain patient. But usually they consist from combining natural and the medical ones.
  10. Kilara

    I'm the one who borrows money sometimes and I think it's ok for asking some help in such cases but it's not always pleasant for me. It's the same for other people too because life can be really hard sometimes, there expensive accidents and you don't always have enough money for paying for them fast. But I always repay all money back and ask for them in general really rare, only if I can't find other solutions. And I'm very grateful for my parents and friends for their help. I think from my own experience that in case of financial problems it's always better to ask for help from your friends and relatives, than banks and other official companies because it's safer and you don't need to be afraid because of possible additional fees. Credits and payday loans https://paydayloan.network/emergency-loans.html can be very helpful too but if you're already in financial troubles, they can lead you into even worse debt cycle, that's why I prefer to not use them, even despite that fact that my own experience was ok (but it was only a couple of times).
  11. Of course yes, especially if children are really small. Using gadgets from small age is ok in my opinion, it's an important past of our modern society, as also gaining certain skills of using them but in case of children this often leads to developing an addiction to them 😟 That's why it should be always controlled by parents, especially in very small age when such addiction is really harmful for a child's health and general development. I think it's obvious that replacing with them all other activities isn't a good thing at all. Gadgets and internet can be used for educational and entertaining pusposes in case of children too but even in teenage years a parental control is a necessary thing. There are many apps and programs now like a free keylogger https://www.refog.com/free-keylogger/ for hidden monitoring of children gadgets activities and blocking/filtering all inappropriate content for them (like adult web resources) and protecting from cyberbullying and online scam.
  12. Kilara

    Reading was always my the most favourite hobby. I learned to read in my early childhood, now I'm 25 and I still adore it, my favourite genres in this case are fantasy, science fiction, drama and classic. I'm a great fan of music too, especially in case of such genres as industrial, electronic, darkwave, synth-pop, post-rock and gothic-rock. I have many favourite bands, I try to attend their concerts when they come to my city and I collect some of their CD releases, as also merch and some other stuff 😊 I like travelling, walking outsides during all seasons except winter and spending time with my friends. We often go to cinema or other places, or just hang out together in our houses, I adore these moments! I like to have an interesting chat in my free time too and not only with my friends but with other people too, it's cool to find nice buddies with same hobbies through social networks and chat video, besides in such cases you can make new friends abroad or even find your future lover. And I like to draw or make quilling postcards in my free time too.
  13. The main problem with such research papers is usually simple procrastination. I think that when you get such task, especially a big one, then you should overcome yourself and start to make it as early as you can, you need really to leave yourself enough time not only for writing the essay but also for its proofreading. Trust my experience, a lack of time for writing essays is a common reason for losing many points for them. Here are also some helpful tips for such cases: - adopt a right mindset (try to stay positive and think about the essay as something not so difficult as it can seem) - when you write, concentrate only on your task (don't distract yourself with social networks for example, so much time is usually lost because of such things) - type the essay, don't handwrite it - start from careful reading of your task/question for the essay (correcting such mistakes will take really much time later) - start writing from essay's body, then an introduction and conclusion Also always leave enough time yourself for re-reading and editing the ready text. Your parents/friends/professional editors https://writercheap.com/ can be very helpful with this too because many mistakes are often seen better from others' point of view.
  14. Kilara

    It's hard to recommend you something certain because I don't know your topic and subject for the essay, and I didn't see your current work for reading it and finding possible mistakes. Could you be more detailed with the question for the better responses? 🙂 However in general I can say from my own experience with essay writing that for improving any type of such work it's important to avoid some common but serious mistakes. The most widespread in their case among students are: - not good understanding of your whole task/topic - absence of clear topic and thesis, also a plan for the whole work - lack of good scientific/informational resources according to your topic - poor vocabulary, style and grammar - mistakes with formatting - weak introduction and conclusion Also the important problem is the lack of checkings and editings for your ready work, you should leave enough time for this and check it carefully at least several times. Fresh perspective from other people can be very helpful too because they can see mistakes which are hidden for you. Your parents and friends can help you with this, there are also professionals in writing https://homeworkneeded.com/ who can be useful for improving the essay too.
  15. Kilara

    How many times did you actually try to lose weight? And are you sure that you really did your best with other methods and you're totally healthy, I mean that there isn't any hormonal imbalance for example? Because it's a rather widespread reason for the problems with weight loss. I think that you need to consult with a doc before starting your weight loss journey again. Also it's truth that not all methods of the weight loss are effective for everybody so you maybe just need to continue with trying. In my case the most helpful ones were drinking much water during the day, following a balanced diet which consisted mostly from fruits and vegetables, stopping skipping breakfast and eating at nights/not long before going to bed. I reduced general amount of soda and sugar in my daily menu too, made physical exercises every day (and I went to the swimming pool twice a week in addition) and tried to sleep enough every day (the lack of sleep makes the weight loss even harder and increases general level of stress which isn't good too). I lost because of these methods 10 kilos during a half a year 😊 Anyway as I said in the beginning maybe you need some hormonal therapy firstly https://www.nexelmedical.com/hgh-injections because such hormones as for example low thyroid, estrogen, testosterone etc. often cause various problems with weight.
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