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  1. Why are they so popular? Is it really such an effective tools for your business?
  2. Revan

    When you feel it, who do you ask for help? Your family or friends? Or do you borrow them from a company?
  3. Revan

    You're right, different companies have various demands for applying loans.
  4. Revan

    I adore blogging too! I'm currently working with creating my own too, hope that I'll be able to make it successful in future.
  5. It's simple, just start writing as soon as possible 🙂
  6. Revan

    I don't recommend you to use such services. It's cheating and many of them provide a low-quality work.
  7. I need to find a software development company for outsourcing so I'm thinking about the ones from this country, saw many positive reviews about them. Anyone has an experience with them? Are they really good and worth trying?
  8. Revan

    Oh, thanks for such detailed tips! I decided not to buy the one but anyway thanks for your response!
  9. Can anyone share with an experience please?
  10. I mean which one is better, ERP or CRM? What's your opinion?
  11. From what age did they get an interest for them? And did you have any problems with addiction to gadgets?
  12. Revan

    Bitcoin is slowing taking over the internet by sensation. It may be a matter of time before older processors such as paypal lose their time in the spotlight
  13. Me? It never shuts down itself lols even though there is powercut since I have a UPS unit. It's always on 24/7, only my eyes do shuts down when I sleep
  14. Revan

    I'm not sure I get all the hype about this game
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