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  1. I would suggest these guys as well Lvivity. They developed two websites and one mobile app for me. The prices are ok and the quality is great.
  2. nah/ eazy. sit and like all the accounts and subscribe them. when other's self-expression is appreciated they usually respond in return with likes and follows. or use some automated sites like https://zen-promo.com/instagram_analytic . it does exactly the same thing automatically. i got 10000 for half-year.
  3. For sure the Internet gives tons of options. But what could you suggest for a website and mild-complexity app? Outsourcer? Freelancer? Full-time developer? In the case of the outsourcer, what company should I pay attention to? In the case of freelancer what sites and countries are best for providing workforce? And what are your personal lessons you've got from hiring developers? Thank you in advance!