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    I was alone and was really concerned about it. It was hard for me to step out from my comfort zone and really to try for reaching to somebody. I've figure out that it was easier to be done online with services like San Diego hookup sites and it worked! Maybe i don't have a constant partner at this moment, but i'm totally not lonely 😉
  2. Greshno

    Oh boy. Now I wonder if I can entrust my English literature essay assignment to anyone from the place called Sharjah. It's better be cheap. Though, on the second thought, not for any amount of money. It's always better to pick the quality service and get the perfect score at the end, than having my paper returned with F and vagaga bobs underlined with the red pencil. Here's the site which reviews essey writing services https://www.writingpapersucks.com/. It'll keep your academic reputation safe and sound.
  3. Greshno

    It takes 3 elements - you skill in hunting and shooting, proper gun and proper optic on that. First, you have to track it down, there are lots of ways do that, the most simple - to watch for the lake or the river they go for a drink. You have to chose a nice caliber - neither too big or too small, like 6.5 creedmore or good old .308 ( but it might be an overkill for a small ones). And the optics like opticsboss.com will get you to a one shot - one kill motto. You just have to do some research and tune it right.
  4. Greshno

    Is this for real? I've sad it once on this forum, that i've faced some problems withdrawing money from online casinos. Only few of them including http://svenskacasinon24.se/spelautomater/ were honest about it and allowed to withdraw any money you've won no matter what, This withdrawing system looks really nice tho.
  5. Should i consider this as a decent service? Last time i was looking for a place with slots the only one that really allowed to withdraw money was http://bestecasinonorge.com/casino-anmeldelser/ and now i'm really skeptical about this services. Has anyone tried it?
  6. Greshno

    Totally agree with ya, this game is a blast, i really like it! The amount of choices you have there is driving me mad, making me playing it again and again. Also i've bought www.ps4storage.com with RDR 2 to patch it swiftly and never regret that - this game is amazing, it's something beyond gaming experience, it's a like novel or classic noire movie, grim and dark. I wish i could delete my memory and play it again 😥
  7. Greshno

    There are 2 things you have to pay attention to have some good time vaping. The vape itself and the e juice - thing that actually creates the smoke and is responsible for the taste. As for me, i usually get something like https://deliciousnimbus.com/collections/premium-e-juice/products/fruit-sample-pack as i do like fruit taste, or something with berry flavors. Choosing the vape itself is up to you.
  8. Greshno

    One of the great trends is escaping from play market and app store. Playstore, for example is a monopolist. And you can't expect to reach a great audience without it or the App store. Meanwhile, there is way more financially carrying platforms. And all the transactions are made through gamecredits bittrex trading platform https://news.bitcoin.com/mobilego-token-trading-bittrex-exchange/. It provides both financial and functional advantages the giants do not possess. The transactions are tenfold faster and the revenue fee is less. In addition, it is based on block chain. That's the future/
  9. Greshno

    Wow. Thank you @ammmy. That's exactly I've been looking for! Though I haven't found any info about mobilego. It's a breakthrough for me. The project offers a way better pricing policy for app-makers. And mobile apps are the most perspective in among all ICOs now. Check the price for MobileGo token. It provides all the info about the project. I can't wait until it is finally finished. And it would be great if as much as possible developers have learned about it.
  10. I would suggest these guys as well Lvivity. They developed two websites and one mobile app for me. The prices are ok and the quality is great.
  11. nah/ eazy. sit and like all the accounts and subscribe them. when other's self-expression is appreciated they usually respond in return with likes and follows. or use some automated sites like https://zen-promo.com/instagram_analytic . it does exactly the same thing automatically. i got 10000 for half-year.
  12. For sure the Internet gives tons of options. But what could you suggest for a website and mild-complexity app? Outsourcer? Freelancer? Full-time developer? In the case of the outsourcer, what company should I pay attention to? In the case of freelancer what sites and countries are best for providing workforce? And what are your personal lessons you've got from hiring developers? Thank you in advance!