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    Interesting analysis, I also follow currencies like the New Zealand Dollar and the danish money since they are coins that have a well-defined direction in terms of their parities with the euro or the American dollar.
  2. TitoC

    The Aussie lifted for the first half of Wednesday's trading, trading up through Asia and the first half of the European session, but dragged lower to finish off the day. Now the AUD heads into Thursday's early session on the backfoot after failing to hold the 0.7900 handle. Risk aversion is still the name of the game this week, with continuing drama from the White House as markets deal with the revolving door of Trump's administration. The AUD/USD pair is trading quietly after getting punished in the last half of Wednesday's trading and is currently testing the waters around 0.7875 ahead what will likely be a quiet Thursday. See the current price conversion at https://alpari.com/en/analytics/currency/converter/AUD-USD/
  3. TitoC

    The AUD/NOK - Australian Dollar Norwegian Krone is a pair not very quoted but with good returns, Use the converter to change AUD (Australian dollar) to NOK (Norwegian krone) quickly and conveniently online. the convert is 1 AUD = 6.08467 NOK See more in https://alpari.com/en/analytics/currency/converter/AUD-NOK/
  4. EURZAR SHORT The south african rand exchange rate, finds support at 14.700 area good opportunity to short. SL 15.29527 TP1 14.2 TP2 13.39085 After TP1 reached SL to breakeven EURZAR LongTerm My Long Term View on EURUSD going forth, we will be looking to make higher highs in the future. Highly unlikely that this pair visits the 61.8 fibonacci level before getting to either the 88.9 or 100.0. Let's see how this goes Updates to come in future
  5. The pair EUR/KRW is quoting in 1313.6 at this moment with a lateral tendency, The euro can break this support against south koreas currency, with possibilities of going to the loss if it breaks the support of 1300.
  6. TitoC

    The British Pound Canadian Dollar is currently trading at 1.8093, with a very strong uptrend, you can see the conversion in https://alpari.com/en/analytics/currency/converter/CAD-GBP/
  7. TitoC

    Many should investigate more of what is new zealand currency called, The kiwi, certainly a currency closely related to commodities. this pair continues its bullish trend, for more than 4 months
  8. TitoC

    AUD/CHF: When A Shakeout Leads To A Breakout and your price is 0.7444 with long-term bearish trend, you can see its conversion in https://alpari.com/en/analytics/currency/converter/AUD-CHF/
  9. On Tuesday the 13th of March, trading on the EURUSD pair closed up. The single currency made gains of 0.47% against the greenback to reach 1.2389. Volatility was high during the US session. This surge in volatility was down to both US inflation data and news that Donald Trump fired Rex Tillerson from the post of Secretary of State. It has already been announced that Tillerson will be replace by CIA head Pompeo. This reshuffle at the top level of government heaped pressure on the dollar and stock markets. US10Y bond yields have dropped from 2.88 to 2.8330%. Affecting even the CAD currency and other currencies close to the dollar CPI data confirmed the consensus, although prices didn’t grow as much as they did in January. These figures lower the probability of the Fed raising interest rates 4 times this year. The consumer price index for February posted 0.2% growth MoM and 1.8% YoY (forecast: 0.2% MoM, 1.8% YoY, previous: 0.5% MoM, 1.8% YoY). The month on month value is significantly lower than that of the previous month. Fig 1. EURUSD hourly chart. Source: TradingView Yesterday’s target was reached. Buyers met with resistance at the 90th degree, from where a rebound to around 1.2340 occurred. Trading closed around the 112th degree. The euro’s rise was brought about by Trump’s decision to sack Rex Tillerson. Since Trump immediately nominated Pompeo to the post, markets have already factored this news in and it shouldn’t have any more of an effect. According to my pricing model from the 8th of March, the pair could easily return to 1.2446. However, in order for this to happen, buyers need to cross the trend line at around 1.2450. There are lots of speeches from the ECB today, so I don’t think the line will be broken. I think buyers will take the opportunity to test the trend line at 1.2390. If the rate drops below 1.2390, there will be an increased risk of dropping further to the 45th degree at 1.2356. By this time, it will also be supported by the LB balance line.