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  1. Do you offer mediator's services? I am a complete noob when it comes to outsourcing, never had any similar practice but seriously thinking about hiring web developers from abroad (tend to Eastern Europe). Currently reading this article https://diceus.com/free-report-offshore-software-development-rates-country/ trying to find out more details. Never suspected there are three types of outsourcing: onshore, nearshore and offshore.
  2. Lee Taylor

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  3. I guess there are more and more adult sites in the web appearing daily, but not all of them are quality enough, unfortunately. I personally love watching Firecams Asian Girls , just my preferences.
  4. Thanks for the tips, I agree with each statement. Outsourcing is a very widespread phenomenon nowadays, I see only advantages of it. Due to outsourcing, a lot of people get a chance to earn money, usually bigger than their own country can offer. My company is currently searching for a web developer, I am personally reading this great post about difference between net core and expert developer (https://diceus.com/net-core-2-1-release-preview/), that is very interesting.