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  1. Personal offices Digithereum added a section with statistics. This section allows you to analyze your turnover structure, see the percentage of your invited, provides all the contact information of your structure (login, e-mail, phone number, registration date) with the ability to search and history of accrued interest on your deposits.
  2. New Horizons of Digithereum Digithereum: on the edge of the cryptocurrency revolution. The sphere of digital currencies attracts new enthusiasts every day. Many try to make money on a growing trend, but it is not always easy to do it yourself. Choosing a company for cooperation, each of us pays attention to the most successful players - competitive and reliable partners. Recently, the Digithereum company has become one of the leaders on the cryptocurrency market. Digithereum’s activity is based on the trust management of cryptocurrency assets. The company was officially registered in Hong Kong, and its head office is located there. Active work with digital currencies began in 2017. At this stage, the company receives profit from the following directions: - the growth of the portfolio cryptocurrency; - the exchange operations between various digital currencies; - inter-exchange cryptocurrency arbitrage; - investing in promising and high-tech ICOs. The progressive cryptocurrency market contributed to the rapid development and expansion of the Digithereum’s client base. The main mover in the company's activities is interest from people not indifferent to cryptocurrencies and fintech. Today, Digithereum has already gained popularity in many Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia. Experienced Digithereum professionals are actively working to meet the growing clients' demand. In this regard, the company opens new horizons in its activities. Digithereum stays the planned course, that is why it begins a gradual expansion to the west. There are already a lot of partners from the Eastern European region among the company's clients. Plans for the near future include holding various conferences and presentations in the capitals and major cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland. In addition, the company plans to open representative offices in these countries. Digithereum offers its clients excellent partnership conditions and provides high income for everyone. Learn more about the company's activities and follow the latest news. Start earning on cryptocurrencies today! Source: http://www.hongkongnews.net/newsr/8593