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  1. Embroidery Masterz

    Meta Tags are Meta Title Meta Description Meta Robots Meta Viewport
  2. Embroidery Masterz

    Basic Require tools are Alexa toolbar SEO Mastering Copyscape Smallseotools Backlink watch Google analytic Google Webmaster
  3. Embroidery Masterz

    Basic SEO tools are Google Analytic Google Webmaster Google Adwords
  4. Embroidery Masterz

    Most Common Search Engine. Google Bing Yahoo Yandex
  5. Embroidery Masterz

    SEO stand for search engine optimization. SEO Main motive is increase Keyword ranking of website. SEO Mainly two type On page SEO and Off page SEO On page Activity are Title, Meta Description, URL Structure, Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt, 301 Redirection, 404 Error page, Internal linking etc. Off page Activity are Article submission, Blog submission, Classified submission, Local Business listing, Images sharing, Info-graphics submission, PPT sharing etc.
  6. Embroidery Masterz

    White hat seo Follow Guide line of search engine. white hat seo techniques are Content posting Blog submission Article submission Social Media Updates Business Listing
  7. Embroidery Masterz

    Best Link Building Techniques are Bookmarking submission Directory submission Classified submission Images sharing Video sharing Forum profile creation PPT sharing PDF submission
  8. Embroidery Masterz

    SEO Basic Requirement Google Analytic Google Webmaster Google Adwords Alexa toolbar
  9. Embroidery Masterz

    SEO link Building Methods Article submission Blog submission Classified submission Local business listing Images sharing Video sharing Info-graphics submission Guest posting Forum profile creation PPT sharing
  10. Embroidery Masterz

    SEO On page Plateform Title Meta Description Meta Keywords URL Structure Sitemap.xml Robots.txt 301 Redirect 404 Error page Heading tags Alt txt Internal linking URL Structure
  11. Embroidery Masterz

    Wordpress is best Plateform for SEO On page.
  12. Embroidery Masterz

    SEO Mainly Two On page SEO Activity Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, URL Structure, Heading tags, Alt txt, 301 Redirection, 404 Error page, Google Analytic, Google Webmaster, Sitemap.xml, Robot.txt etc. Off page SEO Activity Article submission, Blog submission, Directory submission, Business listing, PPT Sharing, Info-graphics submission, Blog submission, Guest posting etc.
  13. Embroidery Masterz

    SEO Main two Type Techniques On page SEO: Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, URL Structure, Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt, Google Analytic, Google Webmaster, Heading tags, Alt txt, 301 Redirection, 404 Error page etc. Off page SEO : Article submission, Bookmarking submission, Directory submission, Classified submission, Images sharing, Video sharing, Info-graphics submission, Guest posting etc.
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