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  1. I like to watch football with my friends and also sports betting. I found this site https://1xbet.com/ because it has so many positive reviews. I like to watch sports forecasts and draw my own conclusions.
  2. doris74

    Personally I want a hosting package that supports .NET deployment as well as “unlimited” or “high amount” of domain names, unlimited subdomains etc. I want all my domains in one manageable place sharing bandwidth and disk space, not limiting amount of pop accounts subdomains domains etc. Here is what I have found in my meagre search https://hostovita.pl/ssl/
  3. Can anybody help ? I have a tenant that has done a midnight runner and left anYell ongoing rental debt, as well as left the property in disrepair. I am looking for a person and or company that can trace the location of the individual via what ever method necessary Has any body else expericed similiar problems and or used a good and effective person and or comany to find these sort of people ?
  4. doris74

    This juice cleanse https://cancancleanse.com/juices is the best I have ever tried. I am an avid juicer! I've been doing juice cleanses for the last five years from all the big brands. Where do I begin... These juices don't make you feel hungry or tired or overwhelmed with sugar. You feel healthy! My skin was looking dull and after 1 day, my skin started to glow on this cleanse. The packaging is so CONVENIENT. I LOVE that they come frozen so you can decide when you want to start. They stay fresh, taste AMAZING, and they are more filling and have less calories than other brands. I feel ENERGIZED on this cleanse! On a cleanse, you replace solid food with fruit and vegetable juices (and sometimes nut milks) for one day to a week or longer.
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  6. doris74

    With regards to pressing Cmd + F2, make sure it's on a keyboard connected to the iMac (and not the MBP). If it still doesn't work, trying using Cmd + Fn + F2 since your keyboard might be set to use F2 as a standard F2 button.Finally failing that, it won't work if you have a non-magic keyboard or so I've found - though there's no strict advice from Apple on this point as to which keyboards work correctly (I've got an old wired A1048 and it doesn't work at all with it). Take a look here: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/data-recovery-target-disk-mode.html
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