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  1. Long story, but in short we have 3 children and have been (unhappily) married for 15 years. I want a divorce but husband does not and refuses to even talk about it. I have asked him to move out, and he refuses suggesting that I move out with the 3 kids (leaving him in the 6 bedroomed house with very little mortgage left on it). I could probably rent a 2 bed flat on my salary with all the other outgoings for the 3 children, and I am desperate to get out of this marriage. Where do I find cheap legal advice on what to do and how to get a divorce from someone who won't agree. And how do I make sure it is a fair split - financially? Slightly complicated as I know my husband 'hides' most of his income in his business and only pays himself a very small salary - so on paper I look like the major earner from my job, but he 'invests' 60k a year in the business and only takes minimum wage - so the business - his business has lots of money in it - with all his family as (non-paid) directors. Sorry - getting complicated now. Can anyone advise me on what to do, and how much it will cost to get legal advice? Should I move out with the kids?
  2. Hey Guys! Just was wondering would anyone know a place/site where i can order Marvel snapback or fitted hats? Thanks!!!
  3. doris74

    Help! I just started billing for a new specialty - Physiatry. My doctors do alot of records revewing with supplemental reporting, what is the proper way to bill for this (work comp CA). The last biller for this office was billing for prolonged visit 99358 with report 99080. Any suggestions will be great help : )
  4. doris74

    Hello I'm a hard worker and stable.. I went through a divorce and my credit is broken, I'm looking to borrow some funds will sign contract and will pay interest. Where should I apply?
  5. doris74

    I have used Thessaloniki Airport Transfer many times. I have always found them to be polite and prompt in their replies. The cars that we have had have all been fine.
  6. Hello, I have been looking for cheap but descent hosting service for my website which doesn't have much traffic at the moment. i have seen low cost hosting plans from HostMantis, TrentaHost & HostRush. I get it cheap plans means we get what we pay for. Thanks.
  7. doris74

    Caviar is absolutely delicious. With eggs and chopped onions or on potato pancakes with creme fraiche. Or baked potatoes with either sour cream or creme fraiche. I'm not above scooping it up all by itself and eating it that way either. I loved it the minute I first tried it. We have friends who make fairly regular trips to Russia and bring us some, and also we often order here https://caspianmonarque.com/caviar/sevruga-iranian-caviar/
  8. doris74

    My husband got us a weighted comforter two months agohttps://melacomfort.com/products/mela-comfort-1 I never want to get out of bed now. & according to him I snore loudly lol.
  9. I suspect if her husband has been having an affair for 5 YEARS! She already knows that she’s married to a skunk. If there are children that may be why she stays with him. I have incredible empathy for the wife. I had the same experience in my first marriage which is why I think she ‘knows’ – if not the details, still she knows. It’s incredibly painful to deal with this, but a woman will make sacrifices for her children I would ask, what do YOU hope to gain by telling her? It could only be revenge because he has the girl you want? You still wouldn’t get the girl! and if you did – who wants a girl that will cheat with a married man? She’s as lacking in integrity and character as he is. She’s not a victim; she’s a willing participant. I believe she knows and has made a choice to stay. Don’t bring her more grief and humiliation, believe me - she knows https://infidelityprivateinvestigators.com.au/contact/private-investigators-perth/
  10. doris74

    Already using a provider for hosting my website but looking to move due to the fact they are not really any good in providing tech support for side server tasks. ie if you want to remove the html or php suffix or 301 redirects etc.What have other users found when using other hosting services like GoDaddy and 1&1 etc. Whats the service like? Community forum? Tech Support?Cheers
  11. I like to watch football with my friends and also sports betting. I found this site https://1xbet.com/ because it has so many positive reviews. I like to watch sports forecasts and draw my own conclusions.
  12. doris74

    Personally I want a hosting package that supports .NET deployment as well as “unlimited” or “high amount” of domain names, unlimited subdomains etc. I want all my domains in one manageable place sharing bandwidth and disk space, not limiting amount of pop accounts subdomains domains etc. Here is what I have found in my meagre search https://hostovita.pl/ssl/
  13. Can anybody help ? I have a tenant that has done a midnight runner and left anYell ongoing rental debt, as well as left the property in disrepair. I am looking for a person and or company that can trace the location of the individual via what ever method necessary Has any body else expericed similiar problems and or used a good and effective person and or comany to find these sort of people ?
  14. doris74

    This juice cleanse https://cancancleanse.com/juices is the best I have ever tried. I am an avid juicer! I've been doing juice cleanses for the last five years from all the big brands. Where do I begin... These juices don't make you feel hungry or tired or overwhelmed with sugar. You feel healthy! My skin was looking dull and after 1 day, my skin started to glow on this cleanse. The packaging is so CONVENIENT. I LOVE that they come frozen so you can decide when you want to start. They stay fresh, taste AMAZING, and they are more filling and have less calories than other brands. I feel ENERGIZED on this cleanse! On a cleanse, you replace solid food with fruit and vegetable juices (and sometimes nut milks) for one day to a week or longer.
  15. doris74

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