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  1. If the company can justify sending a rep to your school, it is a sure sign that their products cost way too much. Every program has different requirements, and I followed the advice of my classmates who were a year ahead of me in my program, and I bought the cheapest otoscope and opthalmoscope I could find, which was an off brand on Bimedis It did not at all affect my clinical skills learning. The only medical equipment I spent a substantial amount of money on was my Stationary mammograph https://bimedis.com/search/search-items/mammography-mammography-machines
  2. The most expensive country for international students?
  3. Hi there, I would like to create a basic website for my start-up business. I searched this forum for this topic, but not many recent discussions.
  4. I have a MBP 15" 2011 model (w/ thunderbolt) trying to connect to an iMac 27" 2012 model (w/ thunderbolt) via a thunderbolt cable to use the iMac as an external display. When I press Command+F2 - Nothing happens. I've checked the keyboard and made sure I am pressing Command+F2 (it is not a mac keyboard) There are no preferences for target display mode on the comp that I can find...? Any help would be muchly appreciated!
  5. Lack of sleep is very bad for me too
  6. Anyody checked it out? Does it actually work?