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  1. Bartmanhomer

    The Uni Tutor - This is probably the best essay writing service I've ever used. Ordered 2 essays here from different authors, both are great and well-written.
  2. Bartmanhomer

    For me, math would actually be kind of fun if I knew what I was doing. I hate how you have to learn all these crazy techniques for solving problems without actually solving anything. If math were a person I'd literally murder it as revenge for everything it has murdered, like sanity, fun, and applicable uses of time, just to name a few. Now I have a private maths tutor in Sydney and the situation has changed a bit, but it's so hard for me.
  3. Bartmanhomer

  4. Bartmanhomer

    Hands down, Back to the Future. It's the exact perfect combination between action, adventure, comedy, romance, and sci-fi. It's one of the tightest screenplays ever crafted. There isn't an ounce of fat on it. Every single thing is set up perfectly. Every single performance is wonderful and memorable. It's just a perfect movie. There are so many movie sites, but I'm watching here https://www2.1movies.se/
  5. Bartmanhomer

    Go Gallagher ( also you can find reviews on https://bestyardproducts.com/ ) Have a 30 joule dual power mounted on trailer in a box with 4 deep cycle batteries insulated in foil back. Batteries are charged by a large solar panel mounted on the trailer which is completely adjustable to best catch the sun. If you're going three miles get carried away with ground rods. A dozen spaced at least 3 feet and 6 feet in the ground. The ground wire should be steel wire with no joins clamped to each rod and run right to the charger. You'd be amazed how an average fencer will perform if you have a good ground.
  6. Bartmanhomer

    What's better, the "cloth" fabric type or polypropylene "silt fence" type?
  7. Bartmanhomer

    Now that I've ordered two papers here, I can say that this is a safe essay writing service to use https://www.theunitutor.com Both papers were delivered on time and looked good.
  8. Bartmanhomer

    Hi everyone, My fridge doesn't work (the freezer is actually fine, but the lower chamber is room temperature). The landlord should take care of it, he says he will, but he is quite slow in finding someone to look at it. So, anyone can recommend a reliable person to take care of the problem?
  9. Bartmanhomer

    Noticed that the Lightning protection wasn't bonded to the MET. Anyone know whats needed to connect a cable onto the Lightning strap? I mean is there some kind of clamp. Wouldn't want to just drill a hole in it and bolt the earth wire to it.TA
  10. Bartmanhomer

    There are too many ICO nowadays and it's so hard to pick which one will be promising. It requires us to make a further investigation before we decided to invest our money on one or more ICO's https://icoschedulers.com/ Maybe someone will advise?
  11. Bartmanhomer

    I think probably the best way to get more instagram followers is by just taking quality pictures and producing high quality content, Its not rocket science. Another way to buy instagram followers, try https://socialbloom.co/. There are many freelancers, offering cheap rates for instagram followers.
  12. Bartmanhomer

    What web hosting service is the most reliable?
  13. Each consulate promulgates & enforces its own Third Party National Applicant policy. Call the consulate in Riyadh and ask them if they'll serve you. If you have any questions, you can consult online - https://usimmigrationforms.com
  14. Bartmanhomer

    If the company can justify sending a rep to your school, it is a sure sign that their products cost way too much. Every program has different requirements, and I followed the advice of my classmates who were a year ahead of me in my program, and I bought the cheapest otoscope and opthalmoscope I could find, which was an off brand on Bimedis It did not at all affect my clinical skills learning. The only medical equipment I spent a substantial amount of money on was my Stationary mammograph https://bimedis.com/search/search-items/mammography-mammography-machines
  15. The most expensive country for international students?