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  1. If you are an affiliate marketer then you can tell this. How much the affiliate marketers use videos to promote their offers? Do the affiliate marketers make their own videos or hire some video makers to make their videos? How many videos an affiliate marketer may need to promote his offers? Please suggest. Birthday Party Venues in Indirapuram | Kids Birthday Party Venues in Ghaziabad
  2. If your blog is receiving a decent volume of traffic, you can surely ask other bloggers to publish a post on your blog. There are a few ways to let others know you are accepting guest posts. Publishing a page with the name Guest Post and write your requirements. Place the link in the site nav menu for people to visit. Spread the news on various social media sites and create communication. Birthday Party Venues in Indirapuram | Kids Birthday Party Venues in Ghaziabad
  3. The first thing that you need to do is to analyze the problem and see if the issue is site wide or affecting just a few posts that the plugins created for you. If the later happens to be true, then it is time that you turned off the plugin in question. It could be that pages with custom HTML or CSS were affected in which case, it was probably an error in coding, all of which can be fixed. You need to double check the customization or it could be something to do with the Div tags. Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Delhi | Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Noida | Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Gurgaon
  4. Hey Buddy, there are tons on blogger templates.. I would recommend these few if you are looking for some SEO friendly and responsive and ones, more over good conversions as well, you will be able to increase your views on every sessions as these are designed in such a way. Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Delhi | Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Noida | Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Gurgaon
  5. I think WordPress has been a revolution for Internet Users enabling them to create a website without any prior knowledge of coding skills. Overall, a lot of good has been done to overall Internet Community with WordPress. NATA Delhi | Architecture Aptitude Exam
  6. If you want a short-term bump in engagement, or just feel like you’ve been languishing in a subscriber count plateau, check out our guide to running a YouTube contest. Key steps include choosing a prize that matters to your audience, and asking viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications in order to participate. Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Delhi | Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Noida
  7. trzy

    HTML sitemap is map of your site displayed in a user friendly format.
  8. trzy

    Google hates affiliate websites and links. Thin content being added and banners/links in the wrong places Irrelevant content being created Duplicate pages diluting your entire site Not using disclosures to say it is paid placements (use blogging penalty for sponsorships)
  9. Some of the key points to grow Facebook fans are: Run Facebook Ads Invite People to Like Your Page Create Viral Content Host a Giveaway Post Attention Grabbing Content Add a Facebook Likes Pop-Up Try Out Facebook Live Partner with an Influencer Get Tagged by Other Facebook Pages Use Automation Tools to Boost Your Activity Add a Facebook Like Widget Add Your Social Media Links to Your Website Email Your List
  10. Here are the key pointers that you need to consider The Content should be worthwhile, relevant & timeless. The Title, the description & the tags have to match Keep the Thumbnail attractive visually. Speak on relevant topic that matters to your targeted audience Don’t try to fool youtube or google or your audience. Use Tubebuddy which is a paid service via youtube.
  11. During your keyword research you’ll also discover related keywords – ones that when properly implemented will show relevancy to the post/page’s target keyword(s) and theme.
  12. trzy

    What error it’s showing up ? Will you please mention it here. , as it might be really difficult to explain the solution without complete knowledge.
  13. Pinterest business marketing strategies and campaigns are performing. Some key analytics to check are: Impressions: Refers to the number of times your pin is viewed Clicks: The number of clicks your pin gets Demographics: It is the type of people you reach on the basis of location, gender, etc. Interests: DIY crafts or travel? Makeup tips or scientific facts? Measure what are your audiences interested in.
  14. Definitely, you should implement SSL certificate on your site. In technical terms, SSL is used to secure sensitive information which is driven over the internet, so it is essential to have SSL security on your site even you are collecting private information from users or managing information based site like blog, forum, etc. Google need their users to have safe browsing, in order to do that Google will give a chance to the websites to be on rank who are having SSL certificates. HTTPS is the most crucial factor for SEO Ranking, so it would be great if you install the certificate at the soonest as SEO is essential for your website.
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