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  1. You can check your webpages indexing in Google by simply write site:domainname of your site in URL. Example: site:IPL.com
  2. Alt text or alternate text is an attribute added to an image tag in HTML. This text appears inside the image container when the image can not be displayed. It helps search engines understand what an image is about. Alternate text is also very helpful in case images on a page cannot be found.
  3. Thanks for sharing this information
  4. Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.
  5. Domain authority is the measure of strength and popularity of your domain in search engines. It is measured by Moz and your domain is ranked between 0 to100 depending on the popularity and trust.
  6. Audience targeting1.Demographics2.Affinity3.In-marketContent targeting1.Topics2.Placement3.Content keywords
  7. A search query or search term is the actual word or string of words that a search engine user types into the search box.In PPC, we target keywords by bidding on them and using them in our ads and landing pages.
  8. Direct Marketing- As the name suggests it is direct marketing there is no involvement of the third person. It is a direct interaction with customers to do business with you or buy your products. In Direct Marketing, there is no retailer who sells or distribute your products.Branding- Branding is the process to increase the awareness of your service, product or name in the people to become a brand so people recognized you easily with the name. For ex. if I say Google, you will easily recognize it's the world's best and widely used search engine.So the process of making something, a brand is called branding.
  9. XML sitemap is a coded sitemap used to submit in webmaster tool to help spiders crawl them and index the webpages in search engines.
  10. Google webmaster tool is a search engine tool used to submit your website to increase the visibility in Google searches.
  11. infographic submission is one of the best offpage submission Technique
  12. Directory submission is to include website in different business directories through which you can reach up to many people
  13. A 301 redirect means that the page has permanently moved to a new location
  14. Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, offered by the search engine company Google.
  15. Organic traffic can be increased by various off page techniques like Guest posting , Article submission,Press release submission,Social bookmarks,Classified ads