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  1. I want to go to the sea or ocean
  2. Are there any hunters? I need to buy good long range hunting scope, can you recommend something?
  3. How to collect data from serial ports? What soft I need for this purpose?
  4. Here is good article for you https://en.ostrog.com/hustle-castle-fantasy-kingdom-22238/ it really works. Also there are many videos about this game, for example this one:
  5. I usually search developers on freelance from India. They are the cheapest
  6. I play rather seldom, to relax and distract from work. I like car racing games, like these https://www.topspeed.com/car-games/car-games/index142.html you can launch them in your browser(you need flash). There are car, motorcycle, parking and racing games. Some of them are quite interesting for me! I recommend you also to try!
  7. What browser do you use in work?
  8. I usually watch videos on Youtube. Try to search suitable channels for you
  9. You need special mount, which will be suitable for your monitor.
  10. Almost in every country there is such an opportunity. So I think you need to choose the country you like the most. If you want to marry quickly or to marry a foreigner I recommend Denmark. Some benefits are: - short list of required documents, - fast handling of documents, - liberal in relation to immigration and same sex couples who decide to marry in this hospitable country. Here you can find more detailed information https://daenemarkheiraten.de/en
  11. Where I can download such templates? Theme is business.
  12. Where I can find examples of such themes? I want premium quality of design
  13. Depends on what you do for his safety.
  14. I often use Wordpress for my clients.