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  1. Gomzyak

    How to find good job? What job searching services can you recommend?
  2. Gomzyak

    What exactly do you want? If you need fresh news, results, statistics about different championships I can recommend to use this website https://777score.ng/ here you can find even squad of the teams for each match. It works 24/7 and helps me in betting.
  3. Gomzyak

    The streaming apps appeared not so long ago, but are becoming more and more popular. It became a solution for a lot of tasks. But competition is also big now...So you need to create something original. I recommend to start here https://idapgroup.com/blog/live-streaming-app-development/
  4. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
  5. Gomzyak

    There are many such services. I usually use online tools. But if you are a beginner I recommend you to start with ready-made professional templates, for example like these https://stripo.email/templates/ they all meet modern design requirements.
  6. Gomzyak

    Try this one
  7. Gomzyak

    We have problems with water in our building. I want to find some specialists in this direction to make tests and solve this problem. Can you recommend something?
  8. Gomzyak

    Try for example Pou games https://www.skywardgames.com/category/pou. It is a well-known character from the self-titled Android game, where you have to look after your tamagotchi, feed, wash and dress him. I think it is quite interesting for girls. Also on this website there are many another good games for kids, including educational.
  9. Gomzyak

    I want to go to the sea or ocean
  10. Gomzyak

    Are there any hunters? I need to buy good long range hunting scope, can you recommend something?
  11. How to collect data from serial ports? What soft I need for this purpose?
  12. Gomzyak

    Here is good article for you https://en.ostrog.com/hustle-castle-fantasy-kingdom-22238/ it really works. Also there are many videos about this game, for example this one:
  13. I usually search developers on freelance from India. They are the cheapest
  14. Gomzyak

    I play rather seldom, to relax and distract from work. I like car racing games, like these https://www.topspeed.com/car-games/car-games/index142.html you can launch them in your browser(you need flash). There are car, motorcycle, parking and racing games. Some of them are quite interesting for me! I recommend you also to try!
  15. Gomzyak

    What browser do you use in work?