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  1. I guess the best way to earn easy money it to trade with reliable broker such as AMarkets. More then 2 years I trade with them and everythink OK 🙂
  2. Amakets is my choice because exactly this broker offers me all that i need for my daily trading such as daily forecasts, a good program of bonuses of 25% to increase my deposit, flexible leverage, contests where i can win real money, modern platforms such as MT 4 and MT 5 and so on. In fact, they have many ways to withdrawal my earnings without any problem and to deposit too. In summary, any trader independently of his experience can work pleasingly with Amarkets and take profit.Of course, I can find some faults because it's not perfect, but why? Amarkets provide me all necessary for trading.
  3. Don't trust users who say that there are some issues in withdrawing money. I've traded for a long time with Amarkets and have no complaints about any delays. It depends on how you want to withdraw funds. Wire transfer is the longest one and takes up to 5 business days. Other systems usually take around one day and less. By and large, everything okay :)
  4. I guess you have to read this to undestand motivation and psycology of Amarkets broker: A bit of Amarkets philosophy We believe that profitability of a trader can be determined solely by his trading decisions. The mission of a Forex broker is to provide supportive environment for any trader’s strategy realization. 5 Reasons to Choose AMarkets and Stay With Us For Years to Come 1. Client’s success is our main priority. Whether you are just starting your journey to financial markets or you have years of experience, we will equip you with all necessary tools for successful trading. All our clients have access to state-of-the-art trading platform MT4, which make their trading intuitive and effortless. If you’re not comfortable to trade yourself you can always invest into successful strategies of money managers from around the world, using our comprehensive PAMM and Trade Copier systems. Your Forex trading decisions will be backed up by Autochartist trading signals, Dow Jones newswire and our own financial lab’s indicators – Orderbook and Cayman (Market Sentiment Index). All algorithmic traders are supplied with quality VPS hosting. All this allows us to rank at top 3 of Forex brokers with the highest clients’ success rate! 2. Raising trading standards while bringing the costs down. Having direct Forex market access and specially designed order routing technology, our clients are enjoying ultra-fast and reliable order execution. Speed is a key advantage in trading, which obviously means better pricing. Having the ability to place orders faster than ever, especially during news releases, our clients get 10-30 pips better prices. Besides superior order execution, AMarkets offers the lowest spreads and margin requirements, as well as few account types for the wide range of traders and money managers. AMarkets makes institutional trading conditions available for individual investors. 3. Trade any money, style, and time. While offering the most extensive collection of instruments traded around the world, we always have our finger on the pulse to ensure continued industry leadership. MetaTrader 4 makes currency trading as easy as 1-2-3! 4. Stay focused on your trading. We will take care of the rest. Forex and CFD trading is a very risky business and traders should be focused on their trading only, without thinking of hidden costs, that might affect the whole picture. Unfortunately, complicated commissions and purposely confusing trading terms have become the industry norm, but not at AMarkets. Our clients are always getting what they expect and if something is free that means they won’t pay a dime. Having straight forward pricing model, AMarkets is also reimbursing deposit fees, account withdrawal commissions and providing unique analysis tools at no charge. We know that our customers and partners deserve something better and deliver this. 5. Every trader needs peace of mind to make wise decisions. We understand your concerns about safety of your funds and take serious measures to ensure financial integrity of our company. By implementing sound internal control procedures and holding membership with regulatory organizations, we let you trade on the market with ultimate confidence and security. AMarkets is a member of The Financial Commission and registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Join thousands of AMarkets traders from around the world!
  5. I suppose everyone who prefers to connect his life with trading expects a lot of money. But without a good broker who can offer advantageous terms of investment and trade, as well as quick conclusions it's just unreal. Also, don't forget about competent education and free demo-account to interpret your knowledge in practice. All features above are in Amarkets broker! Just try the demo and you'll see the difference between this company and second-rate analogues https://www.amarkets.com/
  6. Nowadays every second broker provides trader of good bonuses. But guys, please, read terms of bonus monetization...
  7. So reviews are pretty good and the trading system too.. Maybe try to trade a bit? Anyway, i can replenish the deposit by at least $ 1
  8. When you sign up sphere.com they give you only 50 coins, not 200.
  9. Here’s an overview of seven cryptocurrencies that analysts have said may be worth watching in 2018. Like bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies are subject to extreme volatility and risk -- so if you intend to invest, it’s well worth doing your due diligence and reading up more on each one. 1. Litecoin (LTC) Market cap, as of Jan. 3: $13.95 billion Performance over last 12 months, as of Jan. 3: +6,025% Who created it? Former Google GOOGL, +0.74% employee (and now notable star in the crypto universe) Charlie Lee The skinny: Litecoin has been described as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. 2. Monero (XMR) Market cap: $5.95 billion Performance in 2017: +2,596% Who created it? Much like bitcoin, Monero’s creator is anonymous. 3. Cardano (Ada) Market cap: $20.21 billion Performance in 2017 (since start of trading in October): +3,296% Who created it? Blockchain developer Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) 4. Ripple (XRP) Market cap: $95.45 billion Performance in 2017: +41,040% Who created it? Web developer Ryan Fugger, businessman Chris Larsen and programmer Jed McCaleb 5. Bitcoin Cash Market cap: $45.61 billion Performance in 2017 (since start of trading in July): +623% Who created it? Bitcoin Cash was created by a team of people who forked the bitcoin blockchain ledger. It is now controlled by multiple independent teams of developers. Also i reccomend to look at DOGEcoin (now it's 35 at coinmarketcap, TRON (16 place) and XEM (NEM - 13 place at coinmarketcap).
  10. I thought they really translated their site into 10 languages. But it's all done through Google translator ...
  11. Yep, i fully agree about regulations but how can i check reviews? Is it real? For example I want to trade and choose some broker. He has rating 6/10 but his reviews in most cases are positive.
  12. Hey traders. Tell me please what are the criteria for you that are prevalent in choosing a broker? It's regulation, demo-accounts or instant withdrawals maybe?
  13. I came to meet new people who things just like me :) Also i wanna find some new and interesting information about brokers, trading and forex market at all
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