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    What types of tips you are finding?
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    GBP/USD sell 1.3052
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  7. MIchel Kalib

    Hello everyone, i'm back after long time. How going on?
  8. MIchel Kalib

    Sterling and Gold in focus on central bank movements Thursday is a big day for the GBP against all the other major pairs soon as the Bank of England is expected to lift interest rates for the first time since 2017 to 0.75% (0.50% exp). However, the market I believe is already priced in and traders should be wary of what's to come, as I feel for things are still very uncertain. While many have been talking up Carney being upbeat on Bloomberg recently, UK data has been lackluster and the fact of the matter is that Brexit poses a real trade threat to the economy in the long run, with the potential to do a large amount of economic damage if there were to be a hard Brexit. So markets will expect the rate rise, but they will mostly be interested in the wording and questions that is used after, to really gauge the economy and how they expect it to move in the long run. There is certainly the potential for a quick blip and a brief sell-off if the wording is more dovish than expected and I do feel that Carney will have to highlight the Brexit risk that is at hand. For me the GBPUSD will be the prime candidate when it comes to movements. So far the market has priced in the interest rate and will be focused on the wording. Couple this with the fact that FOMC is likely be hawkish based on recent economic data and it's clear to see that things could be bearish for the GBPUSD. With that in mind the rejection of resistance at 1.3171 makes a lot of sense as the market is nervous here and each wave higher has so far been weaker on the daily chart. Traders will be focused on support levels now, with support at 1.3069 likely to be the first to be tested by the bears. Further on from that and 1.2958 and 1.2798 are likely to also be tested sharply if things are dovish from the Bank of England. If the GBPUSD does however swing to the upside then the 50 day moving average could act as technical resistance in this market. The other major mover today has been gold which has come under some serious pressure yet again. At present it seems that with a stronger USD commodities have taken a beating, and that bearish pressure is still lingering in markets. Despite the falls support has been very strong at 1213, which is looking like the land in the sand for the bears and where the bulls seem to be taking control. If things can be turned around here then a push upwards to resistance at 1240 and 1258 are likely on the cards. One thing to watch for though will be FOMC which could cause some serious volatility and of course the upcoming non-farm payroll, but for now the 1213 is the key level to watch here. Get forex analysis news
  9. MIchel Kalib

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  10. It's too simple. You can just do it and of course, don't forget to share your experience with us!
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    Just search on any search engine "keyword analysis guide" I am sure you will find your answer.
  12. Thanks for opening the thread and every expert who did a reply to the topic.
  13. MIchel Kalib

    Welcome, HyipInvest. Thanks for joining this community. it's a very good community and all members are also good. Can we know what's your real name?
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  15. MIchel Kalib

    Two days of the week will be most important for market and for gold in particular Over the past two days, the precious metal has been able to gain significantly, moving away from the minimum values since mid-December 2017, but the problem for gold is that the correction was more technical in nature and was not due to fundamental reasons. First, the yellow metal was heavily oversold, which significantly hampered the further advance of the price downwards. Secondly, on Tuesday it was an earlier market close and on Wednesday there was a day off in US, this provoked some profit taking and positions close. However, all the fundamental factors that previously contributed to a gold decline retain their influence on the market limiting the opportunities for price recovery. One of the main negative drivers for gold remains the some- Fed policy, which led to the strengthening of the dollar to the maximum levels since July 2017. Two remaining days of the current trading week are of special importance for gold, as today and tomorrow, there will appear strong factors on the market that can change the attitude of traders and raise volatility. Today US will report on the labor market from ADP, these data largely from investors expectations on the official report of the US Department of Labor, which will be released one day later. There is a general expectation of number increase of employed from 178K to 190K, which is likely to support the dollar and, accordingly, weaken the position of gold. Secondly, the US non-manufacturing PMI will go published. Here, on the contrary, an insignificant decrease is expected from 58.6 to 58.3 points, but, like PMI in the manufacturing sector published on Monday, there can be unpleasant (for gold) surprises.
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