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    Dennis: My name is Laurence and I am responding to your need for a writer. As it happens I am a best selling author so I am confident I could handle a 500 word review of just about any product or service. That said, I may be willing to assist you, depending on the nature of the websites you are referring to, etc. My main interest in responding is not the fee for my services, but rather, a possible opportunity for me to promote my newest book release. It occurred to me that if you are running, or associated with 50 websites then there may be an opportunity here for both of us to benefit from each other's needs. So rather than quote you a price I would prefer to learn a bit more about your precise needs, the kind of sites you want reviewed, and an opportunity for us both to see how we might advance our objectives. If that approach is interesting to you them please feel free to contact me. If not I wish you the very greatest of success in all you are doing. Laurence 727 458 1730 Private Email: [email protected] www.LaurenceBake.org