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  1. Rineti

    When I have free time, I play video games. Especially I like CS, I play this game for ages. Also, I like playing blackjack online, it's always fun and sometimes even profitable. Who plays blackjack too? What are some good sites?
  2. If you could go on a free vacation anywhere, where would you go to?
  3. What is the most trusted online casino?
  4. What car rental company is rated the best?
  5. Is League of Legends better than Dota?
  6. If yes, which one and on what device do you play it?
  7. Why can't I get TV shows on my Kodi (Amazon Firestick)?
  8. Rineti

    I haven't been there yet but it seems to be a fantastic place. I'd like to get more info about Azores too. I like nature so that I think it would be a good destination. By the way, is it possible to find cheap flights?
  9. Do you have any recommendations as to where to go for Christmas?
  10. I am getting ready to start booking a two week trip to Germany next year. For past trips to Europe, I have worked with a local travel agent to book hotels, transfers, rental cars etc. For this trip I am considering making these bookings myself via the internet. I am looking for tips, or other members feedback/experiences. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm just looking for basic holiday ideas for our vacation, which is the best destination?
  12. Rineti

    Hi,I'm looking to go camping with my boyfriend in august but neither of us have ever been camping before, so what do you need?
  13. Rineti

    Italy is my most favorite place I've ever traveled to, I fell in love with this charming country with first sight. By the way, fall is a good time for traveling and if you can't decide where to go, read this article https://travelsites.com/blog/travel-gems-you-should-visit-in-the-fall/
  14. What are top places to go when visiting the Philippines?
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