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  1. Congrats on Tiradentes Day!FBS Team congratulates all the traders of Brazil on Tiradentes Day! This holiday corresponds closely with the ideas we share here at FBS: freedom, dignity, and independence are worth fighting for, even if victory doesn’t come at once.On April 21, we commemorate heroism and patriotism of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, a man who rose against injustice, exploitation, and oppression and immortalized himself in the hearts of the posterity.Tiradentes Day reminds us: you can change life for the better even if you are an ordinary dentist from the 18th century. If you want to break the unfair routine – be it the colonialists or a full-time office job – you’ll find a way.Make sure to spend this day with your loved ones, have a great time, and celebrate independence, unity, and strength together. And remember that FBS is your best ally when it comes to financial freedom!Happy Tiradentes Day!
  2. FBS HAS FULFILLED A VERY SPECIAL DREAM IN FEBRUARY The February winner of FBS “Dreams come true” contest, Mr. Samir Ahmad Meshal from Al-Ailobia province, center Banha (Egypt), has been a great example of a real trading spirit. He asked for a signboard/banner for his shop to boost his business and attract new clients, which signifies his mature attitude and desire to progress and develop instead of waiting around for free things.Mr. Samir Ahmad Meshal runs an optical shop in Mina Al-amh, Al-Shariah province where he sells glasses. He confessed that he came across FBS earlier but never tried trading. The old shop sign was not too impressive, and when he discovered the “Dreams come true” contest, a new banner was the first thing that crossed his mind.“After winning, I was asked: “Why didn't you ask for a house or a car?” I answered that my dream was to have a banner… I need it for my work. This is my way of thinking”, says the winner. That’s the spirit! We agree that a simple thing like a signboard/banner can make a huge difference, bringing new clients and increasing sales and income.“I have no experience with Forex, but I wanted to find out more about it. I’d like to work with FBS in the future because of its credibility”, said Mr. Meshal. Well, with such an approach, he doubtlessly will succeed on the market in no time.Good luck and congratulations!
  3. FBS CELEBRATES 9 YEARS OF WORLD LEADERSHIPFBS 9th Birthday was a big occasion in the Forex world. 7 million clients – is equal to the population of Hong Kong! All these traders celebrated FBS’ Birthday with a special giveaway promotion to get highly valuable gifts. Check out how it went in our video report.
  4. HAPPY BOUN PI MAI LAO TO ALL OUR LAOTIAN CLIENTS!Hello, dear friends! May the showers of water wash away all your problems and sorrows.May the fresh year bring along happiness and glory.Sending warm wishes for you as we enter 2018.Happy Boun Pi Mai Lao!
  5. HAPPY SONGKRAN TO ALL OUR THAI CLIENTS!Hello, dear friends! May the showers of water wash away all your problems and sorrows. May the fresh year bring along happiness and glory. Sending warm wishes for you as we enter 2018. Happy Songkran Festival.
  6. 7 MILLIONTH TRADER GIFT UPDATEIn March, FBS team welcomed the 7 millionth trader – Mr. Abdelrashed Eldamerdash Hamed Elsayed from Egypt. According to the good old tradition, we offered him to choose a milestone trader gift to make this honorable event even more exciting.However, Mr. Elsayed turned out to be a humble and modest person – he refused to get any rewards and preferred to stay out of the spotlight.We respect our milestone trader’s decision and wish him to succeed on Forex just like he succeeded in becoming one in a million. May his profits grow and blossom with FBS! Meanwhile, we’ll quietly stand by his side, helping him to achieve his financial goals.Good luck and welcome to FBS family!
  7. HAPPY EASTER TO OUR DEAR CLIENTS!FBS Team is happy to congratulate those who celebrate Easter with this wonderful Holiday!Easter reminds us that we should never lose hope, no matter how dark the road may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.May all your prayers be fulfilled. Have a pleasant Easter!
  8. HAPPY CHAKRI DAY! FBS team is happy to congratulate the Chakri Dynasty on its birthday! Today, let’s commemorate those who have been shaping Thailand as we know it today and making it free and beautiful. We want to thank the Kings of the Chakri Dynasty for their courage and wisdom, and also for inspiring and protecting millions of faithful people all over the country. Let’s honor the dynasts of the past together, light incense, lay wreaths of flowers, pay respects, and share endless love and reverence to the mighty Kings!
  9. FINANCIAL EXPERT SHARES HIS EXPERIENCE WITH FOREX AND GIVES ADVICE FOR BEGINNERS https://fbs.com/blog/financial-expe...-with-forex-and-gives-advice-for-beginners-75
  10. ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN YOUR TICKET TO THE BIGGEST FOOTBALL EVENT IN RUSSIA!The Football contest turned out to be super popular among our clients.That’s why we decided to give you EXTRA TIME! 55 more tickets for 55 best traders! Clients who took part in the 1st contest can participate as well. Trade on maximum and find yourself on the plane to Russia!Jubilant tribunes, happy faces, famous players on the field… all this can happen to you!Participate in all the tournaments simultaneously to boost your chances for victory. You MUST be there!https://fbs.com/promo/FBS-WorldCup-2018
  11. WELCOME TO FBS.TRADE – THE BEST PLACE TO TRADE FOREX IN INDONESIA April brings changes and a higher profit to FBS traders in Indonesia! New beginnings start with a new domain name – we are happy to welcome you to fbs.trade! Our new domain name comes along with a bunch of updates: • The number of our clients reached 7 million people (and it keeps growing!); • We added DAX30 – the most important German Index– to the list of CFDs; • Latest FBS attributions “Restoration of damaged roads” and “Houses Reconstruction for the villagers” presented by the Government of Indonesia represented by the Head of Cimenyan, Bandung and "Best International Forex Broker"; • We are launching the second round of our epic “FBS Football Journey” contest - hurry up to compete for a chance to visit the biggest football event-2018 in Russia if you haven’t joined it yet! Visit FBS.TRADE to check out all the hot features, services, promos, and trading options. Trade with FBS – the best Forex broker of all times! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the domain change. Thank you for being a part of our champion team! See you at FBS.TRADE!