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  1. Mehak_FBS

    School library upgrade for the June winner of the FBS Dreams Come True contest Mr. Sarijo Ama from Sragen, Indonesia is the type of person who thinks big and dreams big. He is a school principal who has been concerned about the way students use information these days. He believes that children are the nation’s successors, its future and its hope. Unfortunately, they prefer smartphones, social networks, and video games to books that he believes to be the source of true knowledge. The school library couldn’t attract students because it lacked important books… until Mr. Sarijo Ama bumped into FBS “Dreams Come True” contest! He asked for a new library for his school to make this place attractive for children again. A few days later, he got a call from an FBS Indonesia representative who informed him that he became the winner of the Dreams Come True contest. Our winner believes that the government is not the only one to take responsibility for education, and private sectors must contribute to it as well. FBS Team shares his beliefs, and we were happy and proud to help him restore the library. We brought a bunch of books that it lacked, and soon after this place started attracting young readers again. Wisdom, drive, and devotion of our June winner were truly inspirational for the FBS Team, and we enjoyed fulfilling his big dream. Congratulations, and thanks for what you’re doing for the community and for the youth of the nation!
  2. Mehak_FBS

    FBS Football Journey Contest Winners And Highlights The biggest football event in Russia has come to an end. The next one is coming in 4 years, - luckily, FBS traders have a lot of memories left due to the FBS Football Journey contest which became an absolute hit among our clients. The total number of winners reached 111 – two rounds with 55 winners each, plus the winner of a VIP set to the football match between Brazil and Switzerland at Rostov Arena that we raffled among our traders of Brazil. 111 people – seems like an FBS fan club where people share their passion for trading and sports, and this contest definitely showed that the two work great together. To win the tickets, participants were supposed to register a promo account at FBS, charge the tournament account with a one-time deposit of $1000+, attach the account to the match they wanted to visit, and trade as many lots as possible to get into the Top 5 list. Traders from Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, Indonesia, China, and other countries who got lucky and won tickets to the final matches confessed it’s an impression they will hold dear for years to come. Watch the report, share the excitement with our winners, and remember: FBS is a territory of opportunities, fellowship, and unity. Find your way to success – check out our contests and promotions and succeed!
  3. Mehak_FBS

    CopyTrade updates: smarter than everFBS team presented hot updates to the CopyTrade app – a new FBS social trading platform that allows people to copy top Traders performances and make profit whenever they make profit.Now, working with CopyTrade is even easier – we added some navigation and payment improvements that will make the search of pro Traders super easy.• Expanded Trader account infoFirst off, we expanded the Trader account info length – from now on, Traders can add profile descriptions up to 500 characters and inform people of their skills and experience to get new Investors.Portfolio description mean a lot when it comes to Trader’s profile, so this new feature will surely help Traders and Investors find each other.• Biometric authenticationBiometric authentication is another great thing added to the latest version. Your account will be safeguarded with top-notch technologies such as Pincode, TouchID, and Face ID.Extra security is a soothing experience, especially when you work with money. Big money if you use CopyTrade • Search and Filter optionsOn top of that, we added the “Search” and “Filter” options to the Traders list.You can search and filter Traders by country, by the number of closed orders, by active/inactive Trader, and by account lifetime depending on your idea of a decent Trader.• Back and forward navigation within WebView on the payment operationsThis feature will be super useful in case you messed up on some payment details, and want to go back and fix it without losing the fields that have already been filled in.It happens too often to ignore the perks of having this update here in CopyTrade.Last but not least important, we fixed iPhone 6+ iOS 10.3.2 crashes, did some localization improvements, optimized deposits via CashU, Visa, Thai and Malaysian banks, and made some important payment systems list fixes.The app is all set to bring you fantastic profit. Go ahead and give it a try – trading experience has never been better!
  4. Mehak_FBS

    Turkish lira has moved to the FOREX EXOTIC sectionFrom now on, USD/TRY and EUR/TRY currency pairs are to be found in the Forex Exotic section of the website.If you love trading USD/TRY and EUR/TRY, please note that these currency pairs will be traded with SWAP – even if the SWAP FREE option is on.Turkish lira is a great instrument to trade – it is highly dependent on political and economic swings, so USD/TRY and EUR/TRYare known as highly volatile pairs.Needless to say, their volatility can be extremely profitable for traders.Trade USD/TRY and EUR/TRY with FBS!MORE DETAILS
  5. Mehak_FBS

    FBS - Official Sponsor for FinExpo MALAYSIAOn June 30, FBS took part in FinExpo Malaysia as the official sponsor of the event.The expo took place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, at the 5 star InterContinental Hotel.2 500 participants visited the event and had a fabulous and engaging time with FBS representatives, who shared information, experience, gifts, and photoshoots with the Russian Matryoshka.FBS Economic Analyst Mr. Sifu Kaza shared his knowledge with traders on Cryptocurrency and blockchain: basics and outlook.Crypto talk always draws a lot of attention, and this time wasn’t an exception, - hopefully, this knowledge will bring profitable trades to the visitors.Once the traders conducted their business and networking during the expo, participants proceeded to the Gala Dinner, where they enjoyed live shows and entertainment amidst the award ceremony.Thank you for coming to share the day with us! Enjoy our photo report and SEE YOU NEXT TIME!Photo gallery https://fbs.com/img/news/1565/HOp7ehxBQjRa_h2N_1280x600_q90v3.jpg
  6. Mehak_FBS

    New currency pairs are available for trading with FBS!Good news, fellows! FBS Team added 2 more currency pairs in the list of trading instruments. Meet - USD/ZAR (South African Rand) and USD/BRL (Brazilian Real).These currency pairs have a unique background.USD/ZAR rose by 18% since February. South Africa’s rand suffers from domestic political tensions, economic problems, and concerns about trade wars.USD/BRL fell by 7.5% in June before returning to the highs by the start of July. Brazilian real is influenced by the stock market as well as the prospect of presidential elections.There are no doubts that USD/ZAR and USD/BRL will soon offer traders even more profit opportunities!MORE DETAILS
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