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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SPRING FESTIVAL! Congratulations on the Spring Festival! The world is celebrating the Spring Festival, and FBS is not an exception! Congratulations to all the FBS traders enjoying this marvelous holiday all over the world – we wish you success, wealth, and good relationships over the coming year. May the Spring Festival bring you prosperity, good fortune, and lots of happy moments. The spirit of the holyday is to get together, and it’s also a good time to relax and get some energy for the future endeavors. As always, FBS is in charge for making your trading experience better and helping you achieve the brightest results. The year of the yellow dog will surely open up new horizons and make the dearest wishes come true. As long as FBS is by your side, your progress won’t ever stop! Have a great Spring Festival!
  2. GET READY FOR FBS FOOTBALL JOURNEY! Hello, dear friends! This time, we prepared something really special for you – 55 winners will go to Russia to see the greatest football event of the year (yes, the one that happens only once in 4 years). Got interested? Hit the button to learn more! And just imagine… jubilant tribunes, happy faces, famous players on the field… and you! You, among the other best FBS traders, celebrating the greatest football event together! Hurry up, reach this goal, become the winner of our contest. You can participate in all the tournaments simultaneously to boost your chances for victory.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO DANIEL ALEJANDRO COLLAZOS RIVAS, THE JANUARY WINNER OF DREAMS COME TRUE CONTEST FROM PERU! Main Company news Congratulations to Daniel Alejandro Collazos Rivas, the January winner of Dreams Come True contest from Peru! The story of Daniel touched our hearts because he truly wants to change the world for the better but sometimes the circumstances prevent us from what we want. One day when he was coming back from the University, he was robbed and lost all his supplies for studying. His family is not rich enough to buy new stuff for him, but luckily the help came from an expected place. Daniel’s relatives wrote a comment at FBS Facebook group, and a miracle happened! Somewhere very far away in snowy Russia, a team of caring people heard this call for help and decided to answer it. Now, Daniel is a happy owner of a new laptop and can continue his studying with new energy. FBS Team sincerely hopes that he will do many good things for his country in the future.
  4. TRADERS FAIR AND GALA NIGHT IMPRESSIONS On February, 3 FBS participated in Thailand’s biggest financial event - Traders Fair And Gala Night featuring traders, top speakers, companies, lots of entertainment, delicious Thai buffet, and exclusive specials. False modesty aside, we rocked! FBS expo booth was one of the main attractions, since we made the traders of Thailand several offers they couldn’t resist, including a special prize giveaway of the KAWASAKI NINJA 250 motorcycle sponsored by the one and only FBS! Learn how FBS made Thai traders shiver with excitement! Mr. Jirapat Wisetsil was the luckiest visitor – he won the motorcycle and looked like the happiest guest of the event. Hopefully, he will remember this day as a great inspiration for making his dreams come true. Aside from that, FBS booth guests learned how to make the first steps with the broker, took selfies with the models, and discovered that they can use a free $50 bonus to get started on Forex without any actual investments. The visitors were super excited to get free branded souvenirs and enjoyed a substantial analytical report presented by FBS analyst Kritsada Sengriab in the Seminar Hall. The best part of the event was an amazing community spirit – thousands of attendees from all over Thailand got together to discuss the trends, share experience, and look for the best perspectives. Thanks, Thailand, it was unforgettable! Check out the photos, share our joy and get some extra inspiration for your future endeavors!
  5. Hello Folks, FBS is coming up with many excited bonuses & offers ahead for the benefit of the clients... Stay in touch to get the updates with the latest offers and promotions... Thank you...!
  6. FBS CELEBRATES 9 YEARS OF WORLD LEADERSHIP We are proud to announce that FBS celebrates its 9th birthday! From the very beginning, the company has been striving for developing a seamless service to compete for superiority at the highest level. By now, we are a powerful market player and a home of over 6 000 000 Forex traders across the globe. We highly appreciate your trust and loyalty that made it happen, and want you to join us on this important day – participate in our special birthday promotion “FBS: 9 years of world leadership” and get fantastic gifts! All you need to do is share some kind words and tell why you love FBS, post it on your Facebook profile, and get a guaranteed money prize or one of the hi-tech gadgets (including the latest Apple and Samsung devices, awesome drones, and other birthday specials). The promotion is available for everyone – proceed to your Personal area to learn the participation details, and be a leader with FBS!
  7. INSPIRATIONAL STORY OF THE DREAMS COME TRUE CONTEST WINNER FBS team presents the November winner of the Dreams Come True contest – Mr. Fanny Setia from Indonesia! The wish he shared touched the entire FBS team to the core – he asked for a limb prosthesis to start a new life. Back in 2009, he got into a motorcycle accident and lost his leg, and it changed everything. “I got a severe depression. I could not accept the situation and felt defective”, - Mr. Setia says. Before the accident, he worked as a tailor in a family business and lived a happy family life with his wife and kids, and it all came to an end in a blink. Mr. Setia couldn’t afford a limb prosthesis since it was way too expensive, but he wanted his life back, so he addressed his wish to FBS. Needless to say, we were happy to help him make his dream come true. Our November winner got a custom-made limb prosthesis that fits him perfectly – now, he’s back to his regular life and ready for new beginnings, because now he knows – everything is possible if you really want it. All you need is hope and some support from those who care. Mr. Setia says trading helps him a lot: “This is a very comfortable profession because I can trade when and where I want”. So, no matter how tough your situation is, life always has options for you. And FBS is always by your side to help. Use your chance!