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  1. Economic calendar The Economic Calendar is a key tool to identify important economic events or data releases that can move the currencies and other instruments. They list the event along with its relevancy or impact on the asset.
  2. Forex4you Affiliate Program wins top award from AtoZ Markets
  3. Forex4you welcomes all Lao clients and partners! Today, Forex is the biggest and most liquid market in the world. It represents a huge opportunity for anyone, and we believe that it should be accessible by all. That is why we’re committed to providing top-tier services to our valued users in the Southeast Asia region. With your trust and support, we were able to become one of the region’s leading forex brokers. As we continue to grow, many of our users from Laos have requested that we extend our award-winning services to their country. We’re extremely happy and excited to announce today that our Forex4you products and services are now available in Laos. Now, our Lao clients will be able to enjoy the same high-quality services that are already available in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India!
  4. Promotion Period 30 December 2019 till 21 February 2020
  5. The Financial Commission Compensation Fund: €20.000 per complaint Date of registration: 21.10.2019 Membership status: Active
  6. Forex4you Receives Awards for 2019 Forex4you receives "Best Affiliate Partner Program Award" and "Best Forex Customer Service Broker Award" for 2019.
  7. Let’s talk? We let our actions do the talking. We are confident in our excellent customer service and we even have awards to prove it. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of service every time. Feel free to contact us for queries or feedback. We are here to help!
  8. Our live liquidity on major instruments Our live spreads on major instruments - Pro STP server and liquidity on all account types.
  9. Use the wisdom of the experts to grow your funds Forex4you services allow you to invest at a large or small level, earning additional income and learning all about Forex trading in the process.
  10. The fastest deposits and withdrawals 24/7 When it comes to your money, we deliver! With fast, safe and trackable transfer processing and all the most popular payment methods offered. Our deposit, withdrawal system operates 24/7.
  11. Another KPMG Audit 5 years in a row – we successfully passed the annual KPMG audit, and our annual key figures are published on our web site! Talking about figures, we cannot ignore Service quality indicators such as – deposit requests being processed in an average time of 6.2 minutes, and the average time of all withdrawals processing time is 3 hours 30 minutes. We know how crucial is speed when we are talking about trading service – average order execution is 0,834 seconds! We are constantly improving the quality of our services in order to satisfy all our client’s needs!
  12. We know that our clients enjoy trading with Forex4you, but we’ve decided to make it even more enjoyable. Promotion Period 1st August to 31 December 2019
  13. Exclusive Forex4you 12th Anniversary Seminar series
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