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  1. Try to contact to the "WellesMir" (https://wellesmir.com/en/). They are the manufacturer of the wedding dresses, and have their own line of products. As far as I know they guarantee the high-quality products, because they use the computer embroidery in the production, corresponding to new areas of wedding fashion. Cheers
  2. Do you have iPads? Maybe you could make a dinner date and FaceTime eachother over dinner. Get him a reservation at his favorite restaurant and tell them to reserve a table with a static backdrop and you do the same. Take an hour to eat together and connect and don’t worry about why everyone else there is staring at you.
  3. While it's a laudable ambition to do a dissertation on ASOIAF it's not the most practical. There isn't likely to be any academic discussions on it, and beyond that its not even finished yet. I'd say the lack of an ending seriously prohibits any fully realized discussions on its themes, etc. this topic is likely better for smaller papers and discussions. That said, I wish you the best of luck and an admonition that while this series may contain many similarities to real world or mythological events it is entirely its own and to apply a single mythos or time period to it will do both the series and yourself a disservice.
  4. My AC decided to crap out at night(supposedly). Gave these guys a call https://www.nevadaresidentialservices.org/ and they ran me what the issue was over the phone. It was a super simple fix but they helped me get through it nonetheless!
  5. Two books released this year summarize the latest research on language learning and offer detailed learning plans: Forever Fluent by Gabriel Wyner and Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis. Both have related websites. I find Forever Fluent to be the better of the two because it is more structured and specific, but you will save yourself a lot of time by starting with either or both of these. Rosetta Stone is ok at the beginner level, but you can learn faster (and cheaper) without it. After the beginner level, I found Rosetta Stone to be a waste of time.
  6. Off the top here are ways that are quick/easy and do not require any capital upfront: Dogwalking Yardwork Donate Blood Donate Plasma Flexible in home caregiver Consulting - can be quick money not necessarily as easy as the above Locate bottles/scrap turn into recycling centers Content blogging Tutoring (in a topic for which pre-existing skillset) Craiglist gigs ie moving, repairwork etc