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  1. Hey everyone, I am a newbie as a freelancer and try to organize my small business. Please share your favorite tools, apps, ideas how to make the process easier and faster
  2. It depends actually. IoT help optimizing routine processes while reducing errors, it unleashes whole new level of near real-time decisions with analytics, automation, and machine learning. I used to hire Indeema https://indeema.com/services/iot to implement IoT technologies in my business and should say I was pretty satisfied with the results. Simply give them a call
  3. Hi, To hire freelancers is not an option actually. I recommend to check this resource https://www.smartcat.ai/blog/3-routes-to-translate-a-website-in-2019/ for some modern routes to translate a website. I am pretty sure you will find something that will suit your needs the most. Hope it can help. Good luck
  4. If you don’t know any people who has this kind of experience, it is a good idea to ask for some recommendations at Facebook groups, Twitter, or Quora.
  5. Do you need to develop an app for your IoT device? Could you provide more information on which type of device do you have, which technologies are you going to use? Generally, you’d better look among IoT companies who had the similar projects
  6. There are lots of things that should be taken into consideration. I would recommend to read this article first https://light-it.net/blog/ultimate-guide-to-start-an-online-school/ because it is full of useful information on this topic. Do not forget that to make your idea a profitable reality you need to consider many aspects like business model, main and additional ways of monetization, brand identity, functionality, and a lot more. I hope you will go through all this info successfully. Good luck
  7. Hey everyone, I wonder whether all those online payday loans are safe actually. Share your thoughts
  8. Hello, First of all you need to calculate your affords and expenses. The best way is to use a special online calculator for ioT development projects like that http://calc.indeema.com/ I used to apply to it a couple of months ago and should say it turned to be really helpful. It helps have a clear picture of your idea and its fulfillment. Hope it can help
  9. Fully agree to the previous statement that the importance of a software can not be overestimated. There are so many tasks related to billing or accounting starting from invoice billing, payment collections and offering discounts etc that we should take it into account anyway. You can check out this landscape management software that was integrated in my business by ManageMart. I believe you will definitely find it useful and a must for your business too
  10. I believe it is a high time to invest into etc cryptocurrency. Divide and rule, do you remember? The more players are on the market, the more opportunities to built a stable income and make your investments even more effective. Check the info about ETC and be ready to earn on it. Good luck
  11. PaperCheap is the best one for me when it comes to essay/homework/dissertation writing! Without them, I would've probably got kicked out from uni long time ago haha I agree when it comes to price it bites, but it is truly worth it. I've ordered my first individual report for only 50$ and it was awesome, my teachers are proud of me and I just sit and giggle cuz all I did was pressing two buttons
  12. Where I can find examples of such themes? I want premium quality of design
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