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  1. Hey everyone, I am planning to buy a new outdoor furniture for my patio and wonder whether there are any brands or models you can recommend. Thanks a lot!
  2. Olivia Backer

    Well, as a mom of two kids I definitely know how to stop a runny nose I often rinse my kids` noses with infusions of medicinal plants: chamomile, coltsfoot leaves, and aloe vera juice, spreading them with cold boiled water, but do not combine with vasoconstrictor drops. Some more effective ways are under the link. Stay healthy!
  3. Olivia Backer

    The best closing song to a wedding disco is ED SHERREN (PERFECT) .Which touches the heart.
  4. How much money does it take to start a restaurant?
  5. Olivia Backer

    Any limitation will lead to aggressive behavior. I believe parents could do much more simply talking to their kids from time to time, spend time together. My kids are too small to enter any limitation or install any apps but I can judge from the top of my nephew`s situation. His parents found out that he had been verbally abused by his classmates on the class chat but could do nothing and situation grew even worse. Then my sister installed the mspy app on the nephew`s smartphone, and she could finally read and record all those disgusting things and turned to the school board with the request to punish those classmates. I think in such situation we should take the child side and do our best to protect him.
  6. Which is the best software to record Windows screen video in HD quality?
  7. Yes. Absolutely but intentions and how often should depend on things… I rarely check on my children's’ things. I should actually do it more often. Not because I don’t trust them but because of the danger they could get it unwittingly. And also because while I trust them for the most part they are going to do things they shouldn’t…which is also why I should not do it often. It for our family though opens room for discussion and possibly more but I try to keep it mainly to discussion and possibly a short break from a device or so. I think those who don’t check their children's devices are doing a great disservice to their children. If they aren’t doing it often a little discomfort is worth knowing your parents love you and care enough to take a look! I actively tell my children that there is no such thing as true privacy under 18 from us but the truth is I give them a lot and they know that if I feel it’s time for a phone etc. check that I gave them plenty of warning. Again, I don’t do it often. Last time I did was when I felt something was up and that was around 6 months ago and I was right. But I should add that I used mspy to monitor their calls and texts history. My DH was against it first but now he supports me greatly with that idea. As I said before we use it rarely but thanks to it we sleep well.
  8. Olivia Backer

    DotA 2 has a very steep learning curb from straight out the gate. I recommend playing it over and over with some variation on some easy heroes. Some easy carries are viper, razor while some easy “supports” are lion, vengeful spirit. I used support in quotations because you don’t support, in the beginning you buy the courier and then maybe ward or even some dust. Limited heroes is always an option. Random is good if you want to learn new heroes. DON’T AUTO-ATTACK CREEPS, don’t go balls deep to catch a hero, invisibility can be useful but careful later on people will find you. Learn how to last hit. Watch Purge Gaming he is very good.
  9. Olivia Backer

    PaperCheap is the best one for me when it comes to essay/homework/dissertation writing! Without them, I would've probably got kicked out from uni long time ago haha I agree when it comes to price it bites, but it is truly worth it. I've ordered my first individual report for only 50$ and it was awesome, my teachers are proud of me and I just sit and giggle cuz all I did was pressing two buttons
  10. Olivia Backer

    There are many smart home platforms that are available as of right now, but the fact of the matter is that choosing one particular platform to fulfill one’s smart home automation needs is a tall order. Therefore, the best course of action that can be taken is to consult one of the many technologically advanced companies out there and make a final decision. Companies like Harman will help you understand exactly how these smart home solutions will suit your needs. Here are the various smart home platforms that one can utilise: VeraEdge Control4's HC-250 HomeSeer's HomeTroller Zee S2 SmartThings Hub Wink
  11. Olivia Backer

    My husband takes me out shooting. I like a new device my hubby bought - https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-scope-thor-hd. It makes the hunting process more interactive for me
  12. Olivia Backer

    Minecraft forever
  13. Olivia Backer

    I doubt it. few years ago I bought pc gaming classics such as system shock 2 and ultima 4 from gog. I cannot play it all because the mechanics are so outdated (I grew up with console games, and only played HOMM 3 for the pc gaming). even the classic games I played when I was a child are not that appealing anymore. let alone children who grow up with casual games such as angry bird and candy crush. they will probably still enjoy nintendo games though. mario is still the #1 game for all ages.
  14. Olivia Backer

    I would like to try cooking a smoke chicken tonight, as I have jsut found a really nice recipe on https://homus.org/how-to-smoke-chicken/ I think you will enjoy it too, give it a shot! :)
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