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  1. MASS CRYP | social-advertising platform MASSCONNECTS Project description: The company is positioned as the future platform for advertising based on the blockchain technology, where the customer and the advertising platform will not intermediaries where the client directly will be able to pay the advertising services of MASS CRYP tokens. The developers of this cryptocurrency claim that the project secured a major investment and a private mining farm, but to give them the promotion of the cryptocurrency, and the idea of a platform for the advertising business they need partners, which they in turn pay a very good reward for the expansion of the partner network. Paying a pretty large interest for the expansion of the network company does not suffer financially, because for our expense the company is capitalizing and increasing in price. ICO opened in November 2017 and ended in January 2018. Exchanges - MASS CRYP will be February 14, 2018. The company is founded by representatives from the UAE, India and USA. For blockchain technology is 15 times faster than bitcoin, during the launch of cryptocurrency discarded 5 million coins, 270 allocated for mining. Mining is implemented exclusively from the website of the company. Investment plans (description of the marketing): 1. Mining plan: Minimal Deposit: 100$ Income from mining: +20$. Term of mining: 4.5 months. The referral system of the 1st level(only for the invited person) to pay 14.02.2018 50% USD, 50% of the tokens MASS. From 14.02.2018 payment only in USD: 1st - 20$ 2nd - 40$ 3rd - 80$ 4th - 160$ 5th - 320$ 6th - 600$ 7th - 1200$ 8th - 1400$ 9th - 1400$ 10th - 1400$ 11th - 1400$ 12th - 1400$ Personally invited to the 5th payment instantly. After the 5th time in 15 days. Also referral program system operates and inland right up to the 15th level: 1st LVL - 5% 2nd LVL - 3% 3rd LVL - 2% 4th LVL - 2% 5th LVL - 2% 6th LVL - 2% 7th LVL - 2% 8th LVL - 1% 9th LVL - 1% 10th LVL - 1% 11th LVL - 1% 12th LVL - 1% 13th LVL - 1% 14th LVL - 0.5% 15th LVL - 0.5% 2. GROWTH Deposit: Min Deposit: 500$ Income from mining: 4% per week. Deposit period: 52 weeks. The referral system of the 1st level(only for invited person) on the GROWTH of the Deposit: 1st - 5% 2nd - 2% 3rd - 1% 4th - 1% 5th - 1% 6th - 0.5% 7th - 0.5% 8th - 0.5% 9th - 0.5% Also, the project generated the so-called pins, they can also be bought - 1pin = 100$. Pin is mandatory for registration all new partners. Pins can be sold again included for USD. Payment system: 1. BTC 2. AdvCash(At the moment - soon promise to realize) Bonus - our team of investors MASS CRYP Crystal has developed a system of mutual assistance in completing each joined us partner 5 and 12 referrals. For registration and other qustions write to [email protected] Official resources MASS CRYP: https://www.masscryp.com/Register.aspx?my=2620698 ICO: https://masscryptoken.io/ico-wallet/#/referral/address/018263 I have selected the Deposit for mining. Pin to log in to a project I acquired from your sponsor for ETH(ether). My deposit: My cabinet on masscryp.com: My used pin: P.S. I have any pin's for registration. You can buy pins from me for dollars. Knock to [email protected]
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