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  1. Hello Dear All, Recently I start a little business in the field of online store and I need to introduce my business to virtual networks and bring traffic to the site.For this reason, I want to know which one of the social networking sites on the Internet has a greater impact on site traffic and branding?What kind of content is better for the online store? And get more subscriptions?I would appreciate if you guided me in this case.
  2. What are the key elements of getting a good rank on a search engine according to you?
  3. what is domain authority,how can we improve domain authority?
  4. Hi Guys, I have a website that receives around 2000 visitors every day. In the last, I used to add Adsense Ad-Units and Link-Units and try different combinations and placements. Now, I hardly add any ads! The reason is the fear of the above fold ads penalty.Right now, I have one link-unit placed on the homepage and I don't know if that is ok?Does anyone have any experience with how much ads can decrease search ranking?Thanks
  5. Hey guys,I've made the site and signed up with google adsense.However, I've only got like 15 clicks in 2-3 days, although the impressions were about 1600.What more I need to do? any thoughts?
  6. How do I remove multiple 404 crawl errors from Google Webmaster without using Webmaster Tools?
  7. Hi all - what are your opinions on pursuing an SEO or PPC strategy for a new e-commerce business?Does anyone have experience using one or the other and have recommendations on which strategy to pursue?
  8. But in addition I want to say, you should make sure that you have fresh content, very engaging content so that you have returning visitors, also keep updating the blogs regularly so that your audience get more to read and search engine get more material to crawl, Google always welcome fresh content and appreciate it by ranking your blog well in search result.
  9. What is social bookmarking, what are the best social bookmarking sites, what is the importance of social bookmarking?
  10. Which is the best strategy: SEO or content marketing?
  11. Why are long tail keywords more SEO worthy than short tail keywords? And are there any new best practices I should follow to change my website keywords from short-tail to long-tail?
  12. Adwords or Facebook Sponsored Ads, which one of them you guys prefer most to get a conversion for an affiliate product.
  13. In recent times our business website traffic has down unconditionally. Please review anyone here to suggest ideas to increase traffic of a website. Link - https://www.hakunamatata.in/
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