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  1. If you could be a top athlete in any sport, which sport would you choose?
  2. FrankLee

    Oh, I am already envy to your boyfriend. It is so exciting when you are in the center of some fascinating scene. I have visited the escape room recently from http://nowescape.com and should say I was simply stroked by waves of emotions and magic. I strongly recommend to test your nerves and go through it. Good luck
  3. FrankLee

    Well, I know how it feels. It is very good to hear from others, what their experiences is, but you should also consider what your own criteria are. Which markets do YOU trade, and what do YOU need from a broker. If you decide upon forex, check out on website how reliable brokers can be and what support you can expect. Hope it can help
  4. Hey everyone, Im getting married this fall and simply wonder about cost of a wedding photographer? Share your contacts please
  5. FrankLee

    No free cake. I have been trading for a year already with Сity FX I spent hours making a research and looking for the most reliable way for earning extra money. I trade with Сity FX broker and feel safe. Simply read about the company and make your own conclusions Good luck!
  6. I really like this cover letter of a child life intern. The writer has a way to connect with the reader and show that she’s in the profession for the right reasons. The cover letter is easy to read, professional and quite compelling. Even if you’re not in this field, just take the time to read it if you want to have a sense of what a good cover letter is like.
  7. Which is the best air cargo service in Dubai? Need some assistance because we have no idea about how to start at all. Any help appreciate
  8. FrankLee

    Hi, First of you you need to understand that drinking is very harmful to your body and brain and that you should get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible. I used to apply to alcohol addiction hotline https://addictionresource.com/ to get a guide to the best rehabilitation and treatment resources. It is also very important to feel such kind of support. This is the first step to your recovery. Hope it can help
  9. How do I clean outdoor furniture?
  10. Hi, Well, I can only share my own experience and I should say that https://www.floctopus.com/ works pretty well for me. This platform for freelancers provide all required business and financial management tools together in one place. It is very handy and no need to look for some more tools to run a freelance business. Floctopus works on any device and you can work from your phone or tablet. I am quite satisfied with it and recommend to give it a try.
  11. What are some great gifts for truck drivers?
  12. I need to thank you all for your answers. But I have already hired ManageMart for software development for my business. You can check out plumbing business software that I got as a result and estimate the level of qualification and proficiency. I am very satisfied with it and it helps me a lot to grow faster that I have expected
  13. FrankLee

    It is quite a tricky question
  14. Thanks! Great system. Never thought it can be done so easily 😀
  15. Yes and no. New York is a tough place to find a job and also expensive to live as stated above. But there is an endless demand for accountancy jobs because of the national and international presence as well as the large startup community encompassing tens of thousands of tiny companies. New York has a super vibrant economy and that needs many many accountants.
  16. Hi, Have you considered earning payouts through some affiliate network already? It is quite popular and reliable way actually. I would definitely recommend to have a look at LeadsMarket.com, one of the largest marketplace for affiliate marketers. You can easily earn more money from leads than with any other payday loan affiliate program https://www.leadsmarket.com/payday-loan-publisher-program Check out their website for more detailed info. Hope it can help
  17. FrankLee

    Hi, I prefer Bluetooth Selfie Stick I4115014 https://alimart.ae/catalog/computers-electronics/electronics-phones-tablets/selfie-sticks/bluetooth-selfie-stick-2892639.html and would never change it. You see, I am a perfectionist and always choose only the best stuff at the reasonable price of course. I appreciate this tick for its parameters, battery capacity and standby time, over 100 hours. Hope it can help
  18. Hi, It is quite simple especially if you know some reliable auctions. I used to buy through Fishing Yahoo Auction Japan because fishing is my hobby. So, I have ordered a dozen of things through this guys and should say I am pretty satisfied both with delivery and prices. Simply visit their website and be aware of such an easy way of purchasing from Japan. Hope it can help
  19. What are the best IoT solutions for enterprises?
  20. FrankLee

    Well, If you like dungeons, raids and questing, WoW is ok, especially in Legion. I`m playing online games for 8 years, and sometimes I`m using Legionfarm. It`s cheap carry service that helps me to boost my characters in D2, WoW and Division 2. Also, they have offers for other games!
  21. Where do I find translators to translate a website to multiple languages?
  22. What is the best E-commerce mobile app development company?
  23. I would definitely recommend a team of experts https://indeema.com/services/iot I used to hire for a couple of my IoT projects. The results matched my expectations greatly and I should say that I was really impressed by their professionalism and the level of qualification. Simply give them a call. Hope it can help
  24. FrankLee

    The Outlook files i.e. PST can be repaired by repaired and recovered by Outlook PST Repair software. It scans the PST file and then repair it It supports recovery of encrypted PST files The software is compatible with Outlook 2019/ 2016/2013/2010/2007 and previous Save PST file in EML, MSG, RTF and other formats.
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