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  1. FrankLee

    mp3 converter
  2. Are there any keyloggers on Samsung Android phones?
  3. Hi, I prefer to deal with MP3 converter flv2mp3.by. This youtube converter will definitely provide you with an audio file in a high-quality format, which is the most important. Just two steps and here we are. Simply copy and paste the YouTube URL of the video you want. Click “next” button and wait your track is being downloaded to your desktop or any chosen alternative device. This is my favorite one!
  4. What is the best way to start planting a vegetable balcony garden?
  5. Well, I`ve tried a lot of options actually bu prefer to be on the safe side and use this Destiny 2 boost. Had a very nice experience, I was told how the process would go and about how long it would take. It was completed in that amount of time. I would definitely use them again
  6. What are some good sites to get crypto and Blockchain news?
  7. FrankLee

    I would like to go to Spain one time, This is my best place to visit.
  8. FrankLee

    Well, as it was said before it depends. I got a Mag322 the latest mag boxtv and should say it works pretty well for me. No regrets and only positive reviews. You see, all you need is to check out some reliable manufacture and get the info directly from them. Hope it can help. Cheers
  9. First of all marking both of them by one player is useless because both can easily get out of it. So if you chose to mark them, you got to dedicate 2 or more players which is a risky task as you are man down. You start to analyse what are you going to get in return for taking such a risk. In both Argentina and Barcelona, almost every attack involves Messi, in fact he is the ROOT of most of the attacks. So crowding him and removing the space automatically saves you from the deadly goal scoring chances he creates, which is indeed worth the risk taken.
  10. Chelsea is an English Football Club. Chelsea got his first success in 1955 after wining Premier League title. Chelsea won 4 Premier League title. Club respectively won 7 FA Cup, 4 Football League Cup, 4 FA Community Shield. Internationally Chelsea won 1 UEFA Champions League, 2 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 UEFA Europa League.
  11. Here at Philippins every sole knows that Messi has more experience and a brilliant technique. I am a big fan of his actually. I watch all his matches and bet through https://1xbet-secrets.com/ on his winnings. We used to gather together with my friends and discuss all his matches. It has become a good tradition
  12. FrankLee

    Unfortunately. I support Sunderland. In this part of the world, it's fairly rare for someone not to support their local team. Some do for family reasons; but supporting a club like Manchester United or Chelsea over your local team, just because they're successful, is really frowned upon. You'd get labeled a “plastic” and get regular abuse off your friends. Like many from this area, my father, grandfather and his father all supported the club, so I am fourth-generation Sunderland fan (dating back almost a century). I do sometimes wish my parents were from Barcelona…
  13. FrankLee

    In Serbia the most popular sports are Tennis, Water polo, Football, Handball and Basketball. All of these sports are something that Serbs enjoy watching and have a lot of fans - especially since in many of these Serbs are rather successful.
  14. FrankLee

    Here is Bangladesh we simply adore football. It is really very exciting especially when you have a favorite team and support it emotionally. I even bet through https://1xbet-bd.org/ to get some extra money because Manchester United always wins
  15. What's your favourite football team?
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