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  1. What are some good sites to get crypto and Blockchain news?
  2. To make a long story short try out the service I used to apply a month ago. You can buy youtube views by low price. I should say that this service worked pretty well for me. My channel is already on the top and I am pretty satisfied with the amount of views.
  3. Hi, Well, I can only share my own experience and I should say that https://www.floctopus.com/ works pretty well for me. This platform for freelancers provide all required business and financial management tools together in one place. It is very handy and no need to look for some more tools to run a freelance business. Floctopus works on any device and you can work from your phone or tablet. I am quite satisfied with it and recommend to give it a try.
  4. I need to thank you all for your answers. But I have already hired ManageMart for software development for my business. You can check out plumbing business software that I got as a result and estimate the level of qualification and proficiency. I am very satisfied with it and it helps me a lot to grow faster that I have expected
  5. Yes and no. New York is a tough place to find a job and also expensive to live as stated above. But there is an endless demand for accountancy jobs because of the national and international presence as well as the large startup community encompassing tens of thousands of tiny companies. New York has a super vibrant economy and that needs many many accountants.
  6. Hi, Have you considered earning payouts through some affiliate network already? It is quite popular and reliable way actually. I would definitely recommend to have a look at LeadsMarket.com, one of the largest marketplace for affiliate marketers. You can easily earn more money from leads than with any other payday loan affiliate program https://www.leadsmarket.com/payday-loan-publisher-program Check out their website for more detailed info. Hope it can help
  7. I would definitely recommend a team of experts https://indeema.com/services/iot I used to hire for a couple of my IoT projects. The results matched my expectations greatly and I should say that I was really impressed by their professionalism and the level of qualification. Simply give them a call. Hope it can help
  8. I would recommend to learn as much as you can about what is outsourcing software development and how to develop something really unique. I believe a good idea together with a strong technical background can be very profitable. Hope it can help
  9. Yeah, they are quite safe. It can an effective way out if you need some extra money right now. But you should take into account that because of their high interest rates and short repayment terms, they may not provide the ideal solution for you. Check out this info first https://expertpaydayloans.com/ and make sure to get the facts and choose a reputable lender to make the most of an online cash advance when you need it. This is the very measure you should undertake before taking any loans
  10. Hi, I have some ideas in ioT spheres and looking for some resources or teams who has already fulfilled some of such projects. What are some good ways to design a self-teach IoT development plan? Please share your experience.
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