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  1. I don't think I have the answer to your question but I would try to explain my point of view. The details of those costs are relative to the type of restaurant and location, so doing your homework and proper research will bring you to a more realistic answer than asking an unanswerable question on the internet. The only thing I can advise is to have a look at that article https://joinposter.com/en/post/how-much-does-it-cost-to-open-a-cafe Good luck!
  2. Should parents limit their children's screen time?
  3. Do you love her? Why then you do not trust her? There is should always be an opportunity to say openly what it is on your mind if we speak about good relationships built on love and care. Simply ask her and watch her reaction. I know how hard it can be, believe me but without discussion all your thoughts will remain only yours. My close friend made a huge mistake and began to press his wife without any grounds on it. In my case I installed mspy to monitor my DW calls and read messages. It was my decision because I didn`t want to hurt her feeling. It was my problem that I didn`t trust her. Thanks God she was clear and I forgot about my suspicions like a bad dream. Take care of each other. Good luck
  4. Is it okay for parents to look through their child's phone to read their text messages and internet history?
  5. FrankLee

    Well, how about getting some expensive staff for free? Very often I visit Drakemall.com https://drakemall.info/truth-about-drakemall/ drakemall reviews. It provides a unique opportunity to win every item listed on the website, there is no precise method to WIN any specific item, nor there are guarantees that our offer is cheaper than other offers online. The more expensive thing is – the fewer chances to unbox it, i.e., the outcome solely depends on your luck and not controlled by any manual mechanisms.So, I win more often that purchase;) You can check it yourself.
  6. First of all there are plenty of essay writing service are available in the internet with many years of experience and professional writers allowing to deliver outstanding papers to the clients. No matter how tight the customers deadline may be, experts will cope with it on time and lead the client to the academic success. And also can guarantee the premium quality of essay papers and make sure all of the customer requirements are met. The professional or talented writers carefully follow instructions and avoid all of the common grammar mistakes a lot of students make while writing their papers. From my experience I can say that essayreviewratings(dot)com is the best custom essay writing service and I have received a well-composed substantial paper as their genuine service and that resulted in getting a good grade.
  7. Don`t worry, you can recover deleted files from your Windows PC. All you need is a professional data recovery software. Here’s a good one https://www.diskinternals.com/uneraser/ The data recovery software is easy to use. It can recover deleted photos, videos, songs, documents, and other files from Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP computer. Hope it helps
  8. Hi, I am looking for the best variant for my new flat and wonder what currently the best smart home platform (hub) is. Any suggestions appreciate
  9. Hi, Creating a successful business can sometimes be stressful especially when building ideas. However once you grab the idea and do your research properly it can be as easy breaking a piece of chalk. When you want to start a business you need to have the market in mind, and the people at heart. You have to realise that your business should not always be about profit but about the people you'll be serving. Do your research, identify the gaps in the market, identify lapses in the delivery of goods and services in the already existing business (if you opt for one) and think outside the box on how you can perfect them. Business should be about satisfying your customers' or clients' (people's) needs and not your needs only. This means you restrict yourself to what people want and cannot access easily. I can give you an example of creating a successful restaurant business. Apart form opening a restaurant itself you need to think about POS system for it. For instance some platforfms with the delivery opportunity. It will increase sales and make you menu more flexible. We use this platform https://joinposter.com/en and pretty satisfied with it
  10. In 2018, Global Outsourcing listed 18 Ukrainian software development outsourcing companies among the best outsourcing companies from Eastern Europe. But that's not the only award Ukraine has received. Recently, Gartner and Outsourcing Journal have marked Ukraine as one of the top destinations for software outsourcing. Read more in this article https://idapgroup.com/blog/software-development-outsourcing-companies-in-ukraine/
  11. Which locksmith service provider provide their service 24 hours in Liverpool?
  12. FrankLee

    I do it. It shouldn't even be a question, it's what we do and have always done. I feel it SHOULD remain an option for the duration of mankinds reign in this planet. Dont over think it. I like hunting a lot, and the best hunting equipment, as for me, is rifle with a thermal vision scope. I've just got one from https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-scope-thor-hd. It is a really cool device for night hunting.
  13. FrankLee

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me how you hunt a deer?
  14. I've been using KeepSolid Sign for quite awhile, for all of my company's funding and other legal docs. When I use it to send docs to people who have never done online signatures before they have no problem getting started, which is so crucial. I think other products out there are over-complicated with too many features in the interface that I never use. Whether you are a complete newbie to electronic signing or willing to change the way you work with it, you will definitely appreciate the free 14-day fully-featured trial KeepSolid Sign offers. Given no credit card is needed to start your trial, you are completely free in your choice and only pay if you are sure you want to. Check the link https://sign.keepsolid.com/knowledgebase/how-to-sign-documents-electronically-free-for-14-days
  15. Where do I find good online courses to start my path as a data/business/marketing analyst?