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    Well, online forex nowadays gives users with comprehensive and convenient education learning options. They are very informative, highly educational and organized. All are fit for newbies and for those who want to learn more about the financial market.
  2. Elias Antonsen

    This is a nice topic though, Johnylve89. And this is one of the frequently asked questions on forums. All of us, before even entering the world of trading, must find a suitable partner (broker) that we can rely on. My criteria for finding one is that it ensures security, transparency, and integrity to your fundsand comfort for its large operation compared to other online markets. Plus, it must be easy to use and understand. Additional factors I might consider is their services like Education Center and trading tools that you can't find on other platforms.
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    Investing in stock was not an easy field to deal with. People then just rely on the services of a stockbroker and pay money for it. Today, traders can do business at home and can easily start with just a click. In finding a good and legal brokerage platform you want to have business with, be sure that it has the right credentials and certificates. As soon as you found the right one, acquaint yourself with its content and learn the terms of services to prevent any mistakes and confusion.
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    Beginners in the trading industry can be confused with technical terms and daunting information about the stock market. This often leaves beginners in a much more confused state. There’s no doubt that all successful traders were once beginners and all of them have experienced the intimidation, confusion, and panic before they’ve reached the top of the trading industry. As complicated as it may seem, the trading industry is not as complicated once you get the hang of things. Here are a few useful tips for traders who are just trying to achieve success: DO NOT invest the money you can’t afford to lose a trader must at least be updated with current events because the market can be greatly affected by what is going on around the world. Keep your Emotions in Check, means don't trade with emotion for you might have the chance to lose.
  5. Elias Antonsen

    There is no easy way to be successful. Every individual must at least have it unique way in order to achieve it. One thing I can share with you is a formula for successful trading , where in Forex means "Formula to Excellence". You must take in consider the following characteristics your broker offer you: F- Features O-Offers R-Reputation Ex- Execution Your broker will be your partner for your trading that's why you need to be assured that it has the best qualities that others do not possess.