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  1. experts began to study deeper the latest news and tweets about OctoinCoin and it turned out that the exrates.me exchange started trading on Octoin futures. Last night, the first deals took place and the first trades in the pairs occ / btc, occ / usd and occ / eth were held.
  2. Nigerian team announces a "double" conference, which will be held in the city of Port Harcourt. On January 20 at 11 am and at 2 pm there will be two meetings at the Swiss Spirit Hotel. Professional speakers from team (Chinyere Kingsley Ubong, Okoro Simeon Chinasa, Judith Antsah) will talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, how to make money on the Octoin platform: how you can trade, invest and work with the p2p-exchange.
  3. Greetings. My experience is that I earn on the Octoin site. This site gives a great opportunity: investing (30% per month with daily profit), mining of crypto currency, affiliate program, trading, multi-currency purse, p2p exchange, and soon will start own Octoin coin (mining about 20% per month). A large team, many leaders in different countries, constantly conduct webinars and conferences, I think they came to the market for a long time, so we need to use the opportunity of income with them))
  4. Great conference in China! Do not miss! On January 30 On January 30, the first large-scale Octoin conference will be held in Shenzhen, China. Experienced leaders from our Chinese team will talk about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, as well as our project Octoin. https://octoin.com/news/n160/
  5. The results of the competition for 2018 dollars! contest of the most creative and original Octoin logos came to an end. On news you can see the winners and their work.
  6. Octoin Palembang Aston Conference - 30.12.2017 The first step octoin to enter the exchangehttps://octoin.com/news/n158/
  7. The Bitcoin exchange rate have dropped down below 10 000 USD first time since December 1st, 2017. As of the evening of January 17, 2018 it was 9,529 USD per 1 BTC. it dropped at 21% in 24 hours and at 33% for the last 2 days. From the top maximum value in December 2017 (20,090 USD) the rate have dropped down more than twice. The Ethereum rate, the second top cryptocurrency has also dropped but not so much: from 1,200 USD to 980 USD. What is going on and should we panic?Is this forever? What to do now? If you have one of these questions, please click here https://octoin.com/news/n157/ There you will get answers to your questions and advice from our specialists.
  8. The fabulous island of Bali invites guests from all over the world! on January 21This is where our meeting will take place on January 21 at 16:00 - 19:00 UTC + 08 at the Harris Hotel & Conventions Denpasar.Everyone will be able to know in detail about the innovative project Octoin and about the features of the work. You can see how on our resource you can trade, invest in this area. It will also be told about programs to make a profit and payments in the new, promising currency OctoinCoin. This new policy of our project is aimed at maximizing the profits of our investors and entering large markets.The speaker will not bypass our fast and convenient p2p-exchange.
  9. We are announcing the next conference in Indonesia.The topic of the conference will be various digital assets, including crypto-currencies. Leaders from our team will talk about how you can make money in this area, and also share their thoughts and forecasts for the future.We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, and ways to earn money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it - come and ask questions: we will gladly answer them. All datails you can see by this reference https://octoin.com/news/n155/ We look forward to seeing you!
  10. Webinar in Chinese! 18.01.2018!A series of training webinars in Chinese begins, we invite you to participate! The topic of this webinar will be questions about account security. https://octoin.com/news/n154/
  11. Conference in Banjarmasin! on January 20 The topic of the conference will be blockchain and various cryptocurrencies. The leader from our team will talk about how you can make money in this area, and also share his thoughts and forecasts for the future. https://octoin.com/news/n153/
  12. Two new conferences in Indonesia were successful! The Indonesian team Octoin recently held two conferences at the same time on January 7 in Semarang and on January 10 in Makassar. As usual there were a lot of people wishing to visit these meetings.
  13. Chinese leaders Octoin continue to work hard and they want to tell you about the big conference that was held recently in their country! In SiChuan on the 26th of November, the first offline conference dedicated to our project Octoin was held. Chinese Daily Express: Invest in to ОСС now! Daily Express, which is in the TOP-30 of Chinese Media, thinks that OctoinCoin (ОСС) can repeat the destiny of Bitcoin. Octoin is an international financial organisation which developed the progressive crypto platform for working at the market of electronic money. At this moment, the company is preparing for release to exchanges new OCC cryptocurrency. ( read more )
  14. If you suddenly did not get to this conference, then we advise you to watch the video report (https://youtu.be/JkG2gMXFIMU). And in the video section on our website (https://octoin.com/video/) you will find many other interesting materials. https://octoin.com/news/n148/
  15. Already on January 17 from 12 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon there will be a meeting in 88 Cafe Medan. A professional speaker from our team will talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. https://octoin.com/news/n149/