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  1. What is the use of this information? I can’t change the direction and scope of my business. It was clear before these directions that they would develop at any time and even in a crisis.
  2. There is always a certain risk. Investing is a risk, but on the other hand, mining is an additional source of income that works passively and can bring tangible income, especially when the rate of bitcoin grows.
  3. At least with this platform, you can be sure that your investment will not go anywhere, since ecos has established itself as a reliable and trusted company.
  4. Yes, for quick money, you need to look for something else, but I would not miss mining as an opportunity to invest. Before the next halving, an influx of investors is expected and who knows how much more difficult the mining will become ...
  5. Of course, traveling is best done in pairs, preferably with the person with whom your interests are shared. Solo trips are only good if it is a business trip.
  6. Coronovirus spreads so fast because it actually has been raging among us for quite some time, no one just told us about it.
  7. By the way, regarding the purchase of contracts without a service charge, I would not say that they are the most profitable, because there the capacity is not big, only 5 TH / s. Isn't it more profitable to buy 20 TH / s contract and pay a service fee?
  8. Pretty good. I get that that this company pays) What specific contract did you buy, is it expensive?
  9. Social trading helps to follow the goal. There are times when a person can relax and do nothing to improve their performance, and so social trading just does not allow this to be done and adds motivation.
  10. trading on demo accounts is important not only for beginners but also for already working traders in order to test new strategies and train their skills.
  11. Have you lost a lot from the contract? If you have bought the contract recently, then you would not have time to lose a lot, and accordingly now mining is much more profitable, because Bitcoin began to grow.
  12. Probably by the expression "do not pay" you mean that the accrual of profit has decreased? If so, then I agree with you, but that was when Bitcoin was 7k, but now the situation has changed in a positive direction and profitability has increased with the growth of Bitcoin. But in any case, the company continues to charge and withdraw profits.
  13. I think vegetables are good for health. Vegetables have the necessary nutrition which are quite energetic and good for the health. Cocumber is a great vegetable and it is useful to deal with the cancer as well. Moreover, potatoes have the energetic components.
  14. Unlike options, Forex traders profit from the difference in the rates. You guess the trend right and you profit. If not – you lose. It's the classical trading scheme.
  15. The best food for our health is the natural ones. I mean that are organic and not processed. These include fruits, vegetables, beans, pulses, oatmeals, etc. The food industry revolution has destroyed our health and made us changed our healthy lifestyles.
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