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    We are still waiting to be able to fully integrate Revolut. We have received updated API documentation and we are working on this. Main changes are still expected by the end of Q1 2018 when we are expecting our main launch. We have started a Steemit blog @beRewarded where you will be able to find some background information about our vision. We have started a Twitter account @beRewarded_life where we will inform you about our actual stage and where we will communicate if we will be facing some issues, yes we are expecting, even that we are doing our best, that we can have some issues in the future, we can not forecast some server downs or things like this. But we are and will be here to solve all sorts of these issues we will face in the future. We wish YOU all the best in the new year 2018 Cashback Adverts
  2. CashbackAdverts

    Thanks Admin :), I have sent you an email, let me know as it seems that Revolut will be available in the USA also in Q1 2018 we have opened registrations for US also. We are starting as an Advertising platform, but our plans are more than that in the future. We would like to support fair and honest people, projects who cares about our future and everyone who favors long-term goals over short-term personal profits. This will be more like a social-economical experiment, we want to know if people are able to work together, if they are willing to participate in the project, thinking about it like it is yours and if they will start using their brains for long-term goals again. We will share 100% of your referral deposits and we will only be expecting you will be active and you will behave in a fair and honest way. This will be more community project than ours, we will only set basic direction and the rest will be in your hands. This project is aiming for tens years ahead, so if you are expecting some quick profit or that you will get something for free, then it will be better for you to find another opportunity somewhere else. If you are willing to help us in a long-term way, we will be happy to welcome you onboard and we will do our best to assist you in your lives. We believe that for this behavior we all will beRewarded. Happy New Year to all
  3. CashbackAdverts

    Hi all,we have opened registrations at CashbackAdverts.comOur prelaunch phase will start in January 2018 and we expect to start to operate in full power by the end Q3 2018. We are waiting to integrate Revolut to be able to send money to members for free. Revolut now only supports Europe members, so we will be available only for EU members in the beginning.We will bring you 200% withdrawal limit and 100% referrals commission.We will present our plans gradually.If you have some question or if you want to help us somehow, please leave a comment.