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  1. USD to CHF price target in 14 days: 1.003* upside and 0.992* downside. (Highest and lowest possible predicted price in a 14 day period)
  2. sebseb

    I'm going to sell GBP/USD due to uncertainty on Brexit remains. I see a further breakdown on the short side and expect the major support area around 1.300 not to hold.
  3. sebseb

    The USDJPY just spiked higher. The run has now taken the price above a topside trend line, the 50% retracement, highs from this week and the 200 hour MA in the 110.62-68 area.
  4. sebseb

    At this point, the 1.1250 level has been the beginning of support for some time, and a bit of a bounce should be somewhat expected.
  5. Choose a broker that meets your needs as a trader. I have been to 4 brokers already, and my least favorite is ATFX because of their high spreads even on normal market conditions.
  6. sebseb

    Trading in the Forex market involves risks. I would advise all beginners to take diligence especially in choosing your first Forex broker. I'd say stay away from FxPro. A kinda expensive broker for newbies.
  7. sebseb

    You will need a reliable broker to start trading currencies in the Forex market. I can recommend FreshForex. It's been in the business for so many years, and you can expect great trading conditions.
  8. sebseb

    My broker FreshForex has an education feature. If you are a beginner, you can visit their site and enjoy many articles and educational resources.
  9. sebseb

    Just like any other business, Forex trading involves risks. This is why it's vital to first learn and study everything about it. You can read lots of materials online, just like what FreshForex provides. You will also enjoy their market reviews for free.
  10. sebseb

    I brought in 3 clients in your affiliate program last week. They really the 200% bonus program! Keep offering good promotions to help novice traders!
  11. My current broker is FreshForex and it meets my needs as a trader. I get good spreads, fast execution of trades, free analytics, and quick withdrawal process.
  12. sebseb

    I can't disclose my income from trading Forex. But I earn about $500 extra monthly through FreshForex's affiliate program. I just refer clients to them, and every time these clients open an account and start making trades, I receive commission.
  13. sebseb

    The higher the leverage, the higher the risks are. You have to be careful. I use 1:100 leverage with FreshForex. Read more about leverage and which one fits your level.
  14. sebseb

    I love Forex contests! It allows me to compete against other traders and show them what I've got. Of course, I'm also after the prizes! I also like FreshForex's megrebate program. I earn additional income every month!
  15. sebseb

    Me and my friends have received 101% tradable bonus from FreshForex. It's a big help for traders especially the new ones. I'm not a newbie, but I still take advantage of such offers.
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