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  1. Noah Jackson

    When it is coming to choose the right broker, then a new trader found this very complex thing to make the decision. My broker is Bprimes which is enough reliable to trade with. Their services are very appealing and up to the mark. Overall, I am getting lowest trading spread, highest leverage up to 1:500, automatic execution, fast and easy withdrawals, market news, logical analysis, free signals etc. I am quite satisfied with them.
  2. Noah Jackson

    A forex brokerage is an entity that connects retail forex traders with the forex market. I am using Bprimes brokerage firm which is an electronic broker and can trade electronically online. They offer a very attractive affiliate program, bringing outstanding opportunities for industry participants and other qualified individuals and organizations. By utilizing their trading platforms every trader is able to use certain services provides free of charge. Really a high-class broker.
  3. Noah Jackson

    I trusted only my broker Bprimes for investing money. Because they are very trustworthy and promising and in their hand my money is safe. Their software’s are upgraded and provide logical & mathematical technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis with charts. I am also getting market news with them. They have no hidden cost in their transaction process. Besides they are providing me with free forex training to improve my trading skills.
  4. Noah Jackson

    I am dealing with the best broker called Bprimes. They are giving fixed spread to their clients. Good wishes for the broker as in the early days of their operation they are doing marvelously well. A spread is a difference between the bid and the asking price of a security or asset. It is important to remember that spreads are variable meaning they will not always remain the same and will change sporadically.
  5. Noah Jackson

    Forex market is called the most unpredictable market in the world. Though forex business is very easy no one can predict this market, not even experts. Recently I am working with Bprimes, where I can trade with strong strategies and effective plan and they are suitable for all type of trading style. I really appreciate their customer support and No fee-based deposit and withdraw for such excellent service.
  6. Noah Jackson

    Obviously, I like doing forex trading because it provides plenty of opportunities for traders. I am earning huge amount of money working with my broker Bprimes. I am getting huge facilities from starting time. I opened an account with no money down as they offer me $5 reward on account opening. And the best thing is they have Streamster trading platform which is a powerful trading platform optimized for PC and mobile platforms.
  7. Noah Jackson

    You can treat forex trading as a serious business also you can make it as a full time or part-time job. Most people are not full- time traders. Part-time trading is perfectly acceptable. Like I am doing with my broker Bprimes. It is taking me longer to develop my trading skills and knowledge. I am happy with my broker and with their platforms and I must say that it provides me a better experience than ever before.
  8. Noah Jackson

    Bprimes is the most transparent forex broker in this foreign exchange market. I am already trading with them. I do not have any concern about my funds or investments and I am not afraid to lose them anyhow. I found them very reliable in the forex market. I like their trading platforms specially MetaTrader4 where I can get the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments and perform trade transactions.
  9. Noah Jackson

    Before start forex trading you have to make sure that you are properly educated about the forex market. And you are with the right broker for trading currencies. I am very lucky that I got the best one in the forex market called Bprimes. I am having a wide range of services and multiple opportunities. Contacted their Customer support and found them very helpful answering my queries. I give five big stars to the broker for their excellent service.
  10. Noah Jackson

    The spread is a key part of any financial market. I am trading with Bprimes for last 1 year. Before joining with them I have faced so many problems for the spread with different brokers. Some provided me sky high trading spread. But trading with Bprimes is quite amazing. Because I am using fixed or variable spread with them. It is great to see how the spread is kept low at such trading atmosphere.
  11. Noah Jackson

    The fundamental analysis of forex trading is based on the consideration of trends as they are caused by events, politics and economics. A currency is issued by a given country of countries. I am fundamental speculator and trade with Bprimes. I am getting latest news of events, politics and economics which are very much helpful for me to plan my trades. Getting real news is one of the main catalyst for my successful trades.
  12. Noah Jackson

    I am using Bprimes and while trading I calculate my risk management and money management for profitable trading. As a successful forex trader I know how much it is important for me. The appeal of trading currencies over other asset classes includes excellent market liquidity and 24-hour markets for five days a week. But it is important that you understand the product and the market, and ensure you have a stringent risk and money management strategy in place.
  13. Noah Jackson

    It is simply too easy to make dangerous decisions with symbolic money on a demo site that you would not dare to make when trading with your own funds. I used Bprimes demo account and I can say that this is best for beginners and back testing my strategies. You should, however, be careful to not assume that trading on the demo account is in any way practice for trading with your own money.
  14. Every trading site has some symbols and indicators that are special to the site itself. But for me Bprimes demo trading account is best and their site also well-organized for various trader to test their platforms. Many forex trading sites means brokers offer demo trading to get you started. There is nothing wrong with this. The intention is to give you a chance to get to know how the site works.
  15. What is important to remember when discussing or working with a spot rate is that it is the rate right now. I am trading with Bprimes and I give importance every term and knowledge of forex to do and to experience better trading. A spot rate is a currency’s foreign exchange rate at the present moment in time. It is a static price of the currency at this second, this minute, hour, or day.