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  1. TopFX24 has the wide range of payment methods accepting in their trading platform. I am trading with them for almost 8 months and I have seen Visa, Mastercard, bank wire transfer, sofort, alipay and American express card in their payment method. I am quite comfortable with their swap free trading account. Where I am also getting 100% credit and supercharged bonus and also 30% rescue bonus facility. Their 2 USD commission per referral increase traders profit very quickly.
  2. I don’t know well about this broker because for me TopFX24 is the best forex broker. They are providing me extra ordinary services. Why I am saying that “extra ordinary service“, because all broker are providing some general facility to their trader. But this broker provides their trader what they actually needed. I am getting multilingual customer service from them and this service is very active with real time market analysis.
  3. There is no specific reason behind losing money. As the business is so complicated it is general to lose money. Without any understanding starting the forex business and lack of trading knowledge might be also a big reason. The most common reason is to choose a wrong trading broker. I am doing quite well with TopFX24. They have given me very comfortable trading environment with a huge trading instruments including more than 55 trading pairs.
  4. In range bound market forex hedging works. You cannot apply it anywhere. New trader mostly do not understand the forex hedging strategy. TopFX24 is providing me proper hedging and scalping support. They are serving their every single client round the clock. And also they have the micro lot trading with low initial deposit. I can trade from my android phone from anywhere. Because I am using their MT4 trading platform.
  5. Recently forex robot has become popular in forex industry. I have joined a broker who also have this trading robot facility. This is TopFX24. This trading broker has 7 different type of trading account. So, if I change my trading style I can still trade with this broker. All their trading platform are MT4 supported. They are best in their 24/5 multilingual trading services. I am comfortable with over 2100 trading instruments in their ECN platform.
  6. Spread is basically the revenue forex broker keep for the services they are providing to us. Without forex brokers it is impossible for a trader to do forex trading directly in to the market. My forex broker is TopFX24, which is the best for tight spreads facility in the market. They are providing 0.9 pips spreads facility. They have 2 USD forex rebate facility which helps to increase our profit.
  7. Being afraid is a good sign for me while trading. Otherwise trader becomes over confident which is not good at all. If a trader afraid to get failed they try be cautious and take their decision carefully. So, there is less chance for losing. But obviously over doing anything is not good. So, if any trader afraid extremely they will not able to take any decision. My broker TopFX24 helps me to control my emotions and take the decision tactfully.
  8. Basically every trader need a broker to run and execute their forex business. We the trader use the trading platform given by the forex broker, which has different trading facilities to execute the forex business. And spread is the commission they take from us. This commission they took from the difference between the bid prices and ask price.so, lowest spreads broker is always good for trading. That’s why I have chosen TopFX24, because they are providing me variable spreads facility.
  9. All the facts you are saying here is true. But lower time frame has also many benefits. I know this because I have using for lower time frame for several time. Infect I have started my trading career with lower time frame. But to use lower time frame properly trader need a good trading support. Which I got from my broker TopFX24. This broker is MT4 trading platform supported broker and very good for day trading.
  10. To improve forex trading and to get the best possible result in forex business strategy is must. Without forex strategy trader might earn uncertain and very small amount profit. But by applying strong trading strategy trader will earn sure and consisting profit in business. To increase my trading ability by applying strong trading strategy I am trading with TopFX24. Trading with this broker I am earning profit in my business consistently.
  11. Every trader has to select their broker for forex trading. I guess there is no single trader who has not pass through their broker selection. It is also very crucial part in forex trading. If any trader select a wrong broker definitely the trader has to struggle a lot. In the forex market there are more than thousands of forex broker. I have selected a regulated trading broker, TopFX24 from them.
  12. Now a days Meta trader 5 or shortly MT5 trading platform is very popular. Because MT5 trading platform is very effective and multi functioned trading platform that trader get all the trading facilities through this one platform. But I am using MT4 trading platform of TopFX24. I am quite comfortable with this platform. This platform has almost all the facilities like MT5 trading platform. Actually this is the 1 version older than MT5.
  13. I have not seen any broker like TopFX24. It is the best broker for me in the market. They have provided all the services that they committed to me. Their service is very good and their activities are clear. They are giving me proper guideline on the route of my success. They also help me to make proper planning for my business and suggest me which trading strategy should applied with which currency pairs etc. This broker is extra ordinary broker for me.
  14. Beginner trader should always follow the tips that provided by the expert. It will help them to understand the process and for smooth movement in forex. If you follow different expert trader’s tips then you can summarize your own, like I did. First of all learn well about forex. Then practice more and more. Actually there are no alternative of learning and practicing. I am doing well by following only these two things and also I am using a good trading platform, TopFX24.
  15. Forex market is the most popular business market which is growing more and more day by day. This is the only business where there is no limitation of earning. From this legit business trader can be rich overnight. But as the market is fully online based and people from all over the world are doing this liquid capital business, it is very risky. To do this risky business I have selected a secured trading platform, TopFX24. They are providing guarantee of my funds.