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  1. What do you love? If you ask like this I love my life. To lead my life most comfortably I am trading forex. Because through this business I can actually make huge money and lead a standard life. For better trading I have joined TradesFX. They are providing different indicator facility in one trading platform. I can use pivot points, charts, quotes etc. They are very good in technical analysis and provide me real time market streaming.
  2. Forex broker are there in the forex market to serve forex traders. But trader has to choose whose support they wanted to get. It is always safe to trade with a regulated trading broker. Because they have the regulatory authority in the renowned market. TradesFX is a popular regulated trading broker whom I am trading with. They have full support of trading including other financial investment support. Trader can also invest into stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, indices etc.
  3. Forex trading is very dynamic business. It has huge opportunity to make unlimited money. But most of the trader miss understand that. They think that by trading more and more they can actually make more money which is not true. For successful trading a credible broker like TradesFX is necessary who will give you a complete trading support. From this broker I am getting more than 2100 trading instruments, 50 trading pairs support, 1: 500 leverage, tight trading spreads, multilingual customer support etc.
  4. New comers face many trading difficulties because of lack of trading knowledge. If they get a good trading support like TradesFX their trading life will be easier and profitable. They support their trader with 24 hours multilingual support. They trained up their trader with their free educational support. They help their trader with over 2100 trading instruments, 50 currency pairs, high volume leverage, automated trading service, fastest execution process and secured funding system.
  5. Not all brokers are scam in the forex market. Trader need to select the right one from the crowd of more than thousands of trading broker. I had short listed some broker according to my trading style. My trading style is scalping. Then I select TradesFX comparing their benefits with the other broker in my list. They have secured trading platform, fastest execution process, multilingual customer support, wide range of trading bonuses, 1: 500 leverage, tight trading spreads, hedging facility and many more.
  6. Forex trader are the investor of foreign currency exchange business. In this business trader need a platform to invest their money and to execute their business. TradesFX is my trading platform who offers me a wide range of trading deposit bonus. I have got 100% supercharged bonus and credit bonus. I also enjoyed 30% credit bonus from this broker. Their each and every trader get 2 USD commission for referring others.
  7. Forex is very easy only for professional or expert level trader. Newbies found it very complicated and difficult. A good and reliable broker can make it easy for newbies. TradesFX helps me to do forex trading easily. They have over 2100 trading pairs support for their trader. I am trading with them for 1 year. In this period I do not face a single issue from them. I am getting 24 hours multilingual support from them.
  8. My forex broker is TradesFX. They have given me a complete trading solution which helps me to make sure profit in forex market. Their MT4 trading platform helps me to trade from any place and any time. Their fastest execution process helps me to do easy deposit and withdraw my funds without having any issue. They are very professional and gives me support 24 hours. They have other financial service as well like stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, ETFs etc.
  9. Trader should select NDD type of broker. It helps to trade and it plays it role against the market. But if you are using DD type of broker it will play its role against you. That’s why I have selected TradesFX, because it is NDD type broker. It helps me with their all to make money. From this broker I am getting real time market streaming. Their most recent market news helps me to take important trading decisions. I can select any trading pair according to the market demand as my broker has 50 currency pair support.
  10. Without forex knowledge it is impossible for everyone to do well. Without knowledge someone can make profit luckily by once but not always. For learning a good broker can help you like TradesFX helps me. Their educational platform helps me to learn the basic of forex. I have learned very small but important things form their eBooks and video tutorials. Further I apply all what I learned in their demo platform for practicing.
  11. Novice trader get the first obstacle in forex on their broker selection. There are more than thousands of trading broker. I am very lucky that I got a reliable, trustworthy and very helpful trading broker. It is TradesFX. They provide their trader guaranteed security of funds. From their MT4 trading platform I am getting the most recent market news with real time market streaming. It helps me to take my decision and move ahead.
  12. From the beginning of my trading career I am still with scalping. I try to do simple trading and for this I have selected TradesFX. This is a regulated trading platform and giving me 100% security with all necessary trading support. They have 1: 500 leverage facility, tight trading spreads, smart bridge technology for hedging, over 2100 trading pairs, 50 currency pair support. So, I have never tried any other broker for my trading.
  13. Dear mate, you will get your answer if you search in internet in right way. Both Odesk and forex trading is freelancing. So, you can do it from anywhere. And both are pure legitimate work. Forex is a currency trading business which you can do with a good broker like TradesFX. If you use their MT4 trading platform you can do the business from Malaysia just using your android phone or iphone.
  14. In this topic you will get lots of discussion. If you summarize all those than you will get only one answer and it is lack of trading knowledge. Trader do not wanted to spend enough time on learning or they don’t get the right platform to learn. TradesFX has a very strong and enriched educational trading platform with lots of trading videos and eBook which helps their trader to learn deeply about forex.
  15. Through the worldwide forex is now the most preferable trading business. Rather than any other financial business forex business is most popular among the trader. I am doing this most popular trading business with TradesFX. This broker is giving me the advanced trading facilities of forex trading as well as other financial trading support. Their fastest execution process throughout the market helps me to deposit and withdraw my funds without having any hassle.