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  1. Im placing this ad here as im unsure where else to put it. Independent film in production seeks investment funds to finish project. You will double your investment in 3 months. Here are key notes about the project that will show you how serious project is; This film is listed on IMDb already. This film won an International Film festival for trailer. Over 24k followers on fb. Civic center premier screening already scheduled, the first show that day has big production vips attending. Local television news planning story on film in coming weeks. 10 new twitter followers per day. Marketing just now kicking in, already have people all around excited about the film. The way this investment program will work; Looking for $300 investment spots. Each 300 will be returned as $60 weekly payments for ten weeks doubling your money. You can get wire, paypal, money order. I am only seeking 20 spots. (6,000) total investments. Our local merchandise sales, my job and my secondary income covers 1200 weekly pymts. When you purchase spot you will immediately be sent out a merchandise pack, and all info including exact dates (each saturday). Due to the nature of this offering i can only disclose info such as website, movie name, etc privately. Ill be glad to answer questions. Thank you all.