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  1. Today with the technological development many retail brokers are offering intermediary services to the forex traders. But not all of them are trustworthy. It is to note that each forex trader should select a broker that will provide regulations; safety funds; updated trading tools and technologies so that traders can enjoy comfortable trading life. And without any doubt a foreign currency trader should try to select and work with a platform that is experienced; reliable and regulated.
  2. Forex is extremely advantageous professional, people can earn big profit from small investment. There are no chances of dropping money if trader put on risk management and money management. There are also available part time job facilities for trader. The process of earning is very easy. Only you need to pick suitable trading technique and strategy and your favorable currency pair for your trading and maintain some basic rule of trading.
  3. Demo trading accounts have now become important learning tools for the naïve traders. I have been practiced with the demo trading accounts with my broker ForexChief and I have also evaluated the trading facilities provided by this broker before selecting this broker. And yes, I am satisfied with its services. It is providing me lowest zero spread, good leverage 1:400, professional supervision, 24 hours customer care support, mini trading accounts, flexible trading schedule for 24/5, security of funds through regulations, re-quote and slippage free timely trade executions via reliable MT4 platform.
  4. Forex is one of the largest financial markets around the world where traders are receiving earning opportunities on a global level. But traders are not similiar and traders are uniqie in their needs. Now I am trading as part term trader to add some extra income to my existing wealth position. But my future plan is to come forex as a professional trader and take forex as the main occupation.
  5. Forex trading is not same for everyone: each trader is different and each trader will demand different earnings from trading. For the pro traders forex is their profession and they want to earn money profitably from this decentralized market but on a continuous basis. it is a very well known fact that being emotional can hamper trading journeys so pro traders have successfully achive the capacity to keep emotions under control.
  6. Forex is the leading over the counter market where currency exchange traders are receiving the opportunities to earn money from the currency translations. However, not all the currency pairs will be appropriate for safe and profitable trading. In view of the fact that forex is a world platform here traders need to develop the right attitude to engage in trading after acquiring adequate trading skills, knowledge and expertise. Again trading with appropriate broker is also essential otherwise timely trade executions can be hampered.
  7. Forex is basically based on the modifications on currency values where we are trading currencies with a view to earning profit. And traders try to make profit from the price fluctuations of various currencies here. However, the stronger the structure of a country's economy, the greater currency value it is. So, it can be said that forex fundamentally is performed on the basis of currency values: buying one currency and selling another in each forex trade.
  8. Scalping is considered as one of the mostly used trading strategy where traders are trying to scalp their earning by taking advantages of smaller price movements. As a scalper I personally think that working with a broker that provides fastest trade executions can be a great support. and I have been working with such broker ForexChief. For the effective scalping, I am receiving lowest zero spread; a good leverage of 1:400; re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions through its dependable MT4 and MT5 platforms and full security of funds through regulations.
  9. Broker is the medium that help a forex trader to successfully reach the market. And without any doubt broker selection is now becoming a difficult task for the traders. And the basic type of forex brokers is dealing desk and non-dealing desk brokers. Dealing desk brokers are those who charges commissions from their clientele and act as only intermediary while non-dealing desk brokers don't charge commissions as they act as counterparties in the trade along with medium.
  10. Forex is not market necessarily representing a money making market. Yes; a trader can earn good amount of money but he can't make profit always. Forex is a zero sum game where we traders are dealing with the possibilities of profit or loss. So; whenever a trader faces loss he should not give up since every successful trader here has some black periods in his career. In the event of losses, forex trader needs to be very calm and they should build mind set to bounce back to normal trading life with better preparations.
  11. Various programmed coins are now becoming very popular where crypto graphic is used to ensure security. However; Bit-coin; Etherum; Ripple; Zcash; Dash; etc. are various mostly traded crypto currencies today. And without any doubt; if a trader wants to trade with crypto currencies he should select a broker that will ensure him versatile coin listing; policies and fees. Beginners should try to work with regulated and experienced crypto currency exchange brokers that will provide them a comprehensive guide regarding these virtual currency trading.
  12. If anyone thinks that he will be rich within short period of time by engaging in forex trading; he does not actually get a clear overview of the forex market. And foreign currency traders need to follow steps because forex is not a quick fix. First a trader should get acquaintances with the forex market with the help of various learning tools. Then he should select broker as per his trading requirements.
  13. Not all brokers are equally efficient and can provide real help to their customers. And in this decentralized-world market our job to choose best brokers is becoming extremely hard. Thereby; I have selected my broker ForexChief after several due diligences. And it is offering me lowest zero spread, forex copy trading, 1:400 leverage, re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions with full security of funds through regulations, mobile trading facilities, dependable MT4 and MT5 platforms which can be operated from mobile, tablets or laptop.
  14. Forex is one of the leading financial markets around the globe and here traders have joined with many objectives and they are different from each other. However, one common objective that remains in every body’s mind and that is maximization of profit. There is no reservation that foreign currency traders are coming with the aim of earning more money so that they can add some additional income to their existing wealth positions.
  15. Forex is a place of high potential: here traders will get the chances to earn money from currency translation on a global platform. but to reach the market successfully and being part of a profitable trade always, a small scale trader will require a reliable, trusted and most importantly regulated trading platform that will give him assurance about the safety of his funds. So, I have chosen a broker that provides me regulations with customized trading facilities so that I can employ my funds in good trading always.