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  1. Brendan Hill

    For any new baby trading can be a difficult phase. If you are interested in trading in decentralized market like forex, then a trader must try to recognize what are the infrastructural benefits of forex and what are the drawbacks of forex. So that as a naïve trader he can think of starting journey with full preparation. However, a forex trader must try to choose licensed broker to initiate his trading voyage here.
  2. Brendan Hill

    In the forex market, a trader can earn profit by means of exchanging currencies. And this over the counter market is providing facilities to get profit by exchanging various currencies. Even when a trader tries to make profit he must try to select the best currency pairs which can help him a stable trading voyage. All over again, with proper trading understanding a trader can arrive at practical decision making always.
  3. Brendan Hill

    Traders can work with diverse trading strategies according to their trading and financial abilities to perform trading. However what is best for one may not be better for the other various traders since each trader has different level of skills and expertise. For this reason, while a trader is trying to choose trading methods he must be conscious regarding his strengths and weaknesses that can help to exploit potential earning opportunities around him.
  4. Brendan Hill


    Forex being an over the counter market is trying to aggregate its total stakeholder under one common global platform that is being operated from internet enabled network. And there is no argument on the reality that foreign currency exchange traders are all receiving better income sources when we think of comparing other virtual earning stage available in the present time. Furthermore, yes, you will need broker to reach this world market.
  5. Brendan Hill

    Foreign currency exchange traders are receiving numerous benefits from other traders via various forex forums. And without any argument Topgold forum is one of the prestigious forex forums are accessible in front of the currency exchange traders. What is the most excellent part is: the pro traders are providing expert assistance to the beginners, sharing their reviews on forex brokers and the strategies they are using in their trading journey.
  6. Brendan Hill

    In this market of forex, a trader will require perseverance, hard work and rational decision making to achieve his desired success. Without any doubt, in the changing environment of forex, a forex trader will require perseverance so that he does not make investment in wrong projects. To develop the patience, one can take the help of his demo trading accounts. Again, only the hard working traders can explain him as a worthy stakeholder
  7. Brendan Hill

    Forex is an over the counter market where stakeholders of this financial market are connecting via internet enabled network. This virtual trading platform is providing currency exchange opportunities to both institutional and retail traders. However, though forex is a highly potential investment field, traders may often face losses in this dynamic field of forex. For this reason, a trader needs to carry out effective risk management as per the situations of market.
  8. Brendan Hill

    When a trader takes decisions sensibly from his own wisdom it can make him less emotional. Pomposity of every man literally works. For this reason, a good confidence level can make him understand what is important for him as a trader. But over-confidence level can feel that he is different from others and is better than other ordinary people which in turn can make him a loser too many extent.
  9. Brendan Hill

    I have been trading with the standard trading account of a regulated broker ForexChief. And my trading journey with this broker is much comfortable. I never faced any predicament regarding extraction of funds. Thereby, I am feeling fully secured while working with this broker. This broker is ensuring me modern trading platform garlanded with contemporary trading tools and techniques. And of course, it is ensuring me full time expert support via a complete professional team.
  10. Brendan Hill

    I am here with the main objective of adding income to my existing wealth position. Being a job holder, I have a long term objective to use my savings in the business. And forex is my second income source in the present time as it is ensuring me flexible work schedule. Besides my regular work, I can easily make investment in forex as I can operate all of my trading activities from diverse market sessions.
  11. Each beginner must try to select an experienced broker that can ensure him expert support in the terms of its wisdom and long experience. Thereby, as a new baby, I have been working with a credible, experienced and regulated broker ForexChief and it is providing me full time professional guidance and a team of experts are always there for me to be stand beside me. As a trader; I can contact by means of e-mail or telephone or webinars.
  12. Brendan Hill

    Obviously security of funds is a foremost concern for any foreign currency exchange trader. Since forex is an over the counter market a forex trader may have the continuous fear of losing capital. Even the impulsive and uncertain nature of currencies can even make trading decisions more difficult for any currency exchange traders. For this reason, a trader must thrive to continue his hard work of choosing right trades carefully.
  13. We all are here to increase our wealth, not to lose it. But each trader is inimitable, so as his objectives from trading. For this reason a foreign currency exchange trader first should recognize what he is actually requiring from the trading. After that he can easily select and start working with a broker that will help him to fulfill his needs otherwise a trader may face problems by selecting wrong brokers.
  14. One of the mostly asked questions by the new babies: "How much tine a foreign currency exchange trader should invest in his demo trading account for the practicing purposes?" From my point of view: the answer will be different from person to person as each trader has his own ability to cope with the new things. As a result, a quick learner may require short time than a slow learner.
  15. Yes, it is highly important to choose regulated trading platform so that a forex trader can enjoy secured trading journey along with easiness to reach the market. I have been working with a licensed, experienced and reliable forex broker ForexChief and it is ensuring me user friendly trading service of lowest zero spread, 1:400 good leverage, re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions along with complete security of capital through proper regulations.