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  1. Those foreign currency exchange traders who want to trade with smaller amount of risk and smaller deposit can start working with micro trading account. Many forex brokers are offering the chances to trade with small deposit via micro trading account. For example: as a student and a part term trader I have started my trading journey with the micro account since it has required very low minimum initial deposit from me.
  2. Brendan Hill

    If beginners attempt to receive money from the forex trading without learning then he will face difficulties and there is no doubt on this matter. A foreign currency exchange trader must try to get basic ideas about all the essential factors related to comfortable trading. Spread, leverage, PIP, risk return ratios, etc. are various important financial terms that a trader must understand so that he can make the best use of these.
  3. Brendan Hill

    Timely, fastest and orderly trade execution is always being appreciated since no foreign currency exchange trader can’t ensure success if he can’t ensure taking advantage of price fluctuations. However, many traders may face re-quote and slippage problems due to lack of technologically updated and default free trading platform. I am happy that my broker is ensuring me re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions through its reliable MT4 platform.
  4. Brendan Hill

    Scalping is a short term trading strategy where a forex trader can make investment is smaller trading lots where a trader can deal with lower trading risks as well. Furthermore I have been working as a scalper as my broker ForexChief is ensuring me complete customized trading package of lowest zero spread, 24/5 trading opportunities and re-quote and slippage free well-timed, orderly and fastest trade executions to achieve a comfortable trading journey at all times.
  5. Brendan Hill

    Various learning tools are helping the forex traders to enjoy a contented trading expedition with the assurance of right trading decisions always. Forex e-books, audio books, You Tube trading lessons, demo trading account, etc. all are various educational tools available in front of the traders so that traders can get acquaintances with the basic ideas of trading with the help of these theoretical learning tools. Again demo trading account is the practicing tool for the forex traders.
  6. Brendan Hill

    What is observed among traders: majority of forex traders are taking hasty decisions out of emotions. A forex trader should try to evaluate each trading decision with the better utilization of trading knowledge and expertise. Annoyance, aggravation, ravenousness, etc. pessimistic emotions has to be managed efficiently. Even from time to time, contentment has to be managed in the true sense so that overconfidence never created in the mind of the forex traders.
  7. Brendan Hill

    Rational decision making is always being appreciated in the forex market as forex is a financial market which has many sudden changes. The reality is: when we are exchanging currencies or we are making investment in currencies we are actually showing our confidence on the monetary standards of various nations. Subsequently the currency exchange traders have to take precautionary steps, risk management steps should be adopted as global and domestic economies changes commonly.
  8. Brendan Hill

    With millions of forex traders, many forex brokers are now concerned in the forex market. Every day millions of stakeholders are connecting via internet enabled network as forex is providing a uniform stage for all. But the unfortunate fact is preponderance of forex traders are losing their paths in the midst of their trading journeys as many traders can’t choose the right brokers and fall in the trap of scam brokers.
  9. Paying tax is a common feature of all income holders around the world where taxes become one of the major sources of earning for the Government of countries. But sometimes corporate income taxes are not paid by the forex traders and some companies take the help of window dressing to keep the taxes low as possible which is an offensive activity actually. Even forex traders have to pay personal income tax on their earning.
  10. Brendan Hill

    What we are seeing today; preponderance of the brokers is subsequent to your money! So, a trader must be careful to select the right broker that is formed just for him: that will ensure him just perfect trading services. And yes, I have been working with my desired broker ForexChief; it is providing me lowest zero spread, re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions, 24 hours customer care support with proper regulations.
  11. To earn money with the best method, a trader must try giving instant reaction to latest financial news. Since forex is a financial market a foreign currency exchange trader must try to give emphasize on all important market news. For this reason, a currency exchange trader must try to review all important market sites from time to time to take decisions on time. Furthermore various forex forums are providing news release also.
  12. Brendan Hill

    Though various virtual currencies like Etherum, Ripple, Bit-coin, etc. are now well liked investment alternatives for the trader, the correlation between crypto currency and economy does not exist in true sense. It won’t be wrong if I say there is a little connection. When a trader tries to fundamental analysis he may find it less relevant in case of crypto trading. I personally think that technical analysis can be a better analytical tool for the crypto traders.
  13. Brendan Hill

    To help the new babies, almost all brokers are offering a learning tool ‘demo trading account’ where traders gather chances to trade artificial money as real account and traders can get acquaintance with the basic idea of forex trading without bearing any cost or risk. For this reason, I totally agree with you on the fact that demo trading account is the only way to complete your learning in practical way.
  14. Brendan Hill

    Traders are receiving the privilege of working with demo trading accounts from their forex brokers where they are receiving the chances to get acquaintance with the forex market by trading artificial money as real account; of course it is free of charge. Moreover, there is no doubt that, more or less all forex brokers are providing demo trading accounts to their clientele so that naïve traders can acquire knowledge about forex.
  15. Brendan Hill

    It is truly very exigent to pick a forex broker that will offer a trader a common stage to conquer a relaxed trading voyage. A forex broker is the linking summit between a trader and forex market. I have choosing a forex broker ForexChief and it is providing me 24/5 trading facilities from numerous market sessions in conjunction with the facilities of lowest zero spread, 1:400 good leverage and complete safety of funds.