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  1. Brendan Hill

    The forex market is also referred to as the fx market, currency market, foreign exchange currency market or foreign currency market. And it is the largest and most liquid market in the world with an average daily turnover of $ 5 trillion. You also can be a part of this market joining with ForexChief. Basically, the forex market is where banks, businesses, governments, investors, and traders come to exchange and speculate on currencies. A pip stands for percentage in point. A pip is the smallest price movement of a traded currency. It is also referred to as a point. The spread is actually the commission of the broker. The spreads in forex trading are actually very small compared to currency spreads at banks. A term that you will see a lot while trading forex is pip and pips.
  2. Brendan Hill

    There are many myths in forex trading. Such as money making is actually not possible here or finding a good broker is not easy at all and so on. There is also a myth that without market indicators you cannot do successful trading. But I wanted to say that money making is very easy in forex. You can get thousands of way to make money in this business by just having the proper knowledge and the support of a good broker. For good broker, you can try ForexChief. They guarantee a secure connection in all communications with their clients, protect customers during their transactions with the company and keep all customer information private.
  3. Brendan Hill

    Regulation of a broker surely need to be checked because without any regulation the brokers who are trading is not safe and would be scammer. Our duty as a trader is choosing the scam free regulated broker in order to get success. I find one of the highly regulated and scam free trading broker who ensure the higher security of their client’s funds and any types of investment, so I can trade safely.
  4. In a trader’s life the daily trading analysis has a great impact. Due to getting daily trading analytic support a Forex trader could trade very comfortably and could overcome all his trading weaknesses gradually. But when choosing the broker, we the trader should check this service in our trading broker. I get expert broker very comfortable and understanding so I select them for my trading. Now from them I receive the daily analyses.
  5. Greed is very dangerous for the Forex traders and it will cause the failure of their trading life. A Forex trader most of the cases become greedy by getting profit once or twice. But it should not happen and greed should be controlled by them. By trading with the honest broker, I can always overcome all my trading weakness such as greed, emotion and overconfidence. So, that I can trade well and do better.
  6. Forex trading is highly profitable market place. But there are losses also which we the traders forget when start trading. That’s why by facing loss we got emotional and leave the market soon. But by trading with the reliable broker I have learned all the trading factors and learn how to handle loss for increasing trading profit. They have also risk managing tools for their clients so that I can minimize my trading risk.
  7. Brendan Hill

    Broker is the vital part in Forex business and without a right trading broker it is not possible of making profit rapidly. But it is not as easy as we thing, because today in Forex market most of the brokers are found to scam. So, if you want to get a scam free and secured broker choose the regulated broker who have their trading license and regulations for trading in Forex.
  8. My trading tips to the Forex traders, check properly each and everything on your broker before selecting them for trading. Though there are more than thousands of Forex brokers but most of them are found to scam. For avoiding the scam brokers, I have been chosen the secured and trusted trading broker in this retail market place who always ensure the funds security with all types of investments. So now I can trade safely forever.
  9. Brendan Hill

    If you want to become successful by doing Forex business, you must need to develop your trading skill and performance. And it is only possible when you got the right trading platform for trading. I have chosen the best trading platforms because they are very reliable and give support in all the possible ways. Their free learning programs are always very helpful to learn Forex trading effectively properly and now I can trade confidently.
  10. Brendan Hill

    Each trader has their own trading choices and needs as per their demands. But in my opinion a Forex trader should consider the broker which suits with his trading demands and facilities. Without choosing the appropriate broker you can trade profitably. My broker is the best ECN service provider as because they give the best scalping trading services including – narrow spread 0 pips, no commission and instant trade execution.
  11. Brendan Hill

    Choosing a broker in the forex market is very difficult nowadays. Because there are thousands of brokers out there. A good broker is a kind of who can give security to your funds. And you can easily withdraw your money. I am working with ForexChief for last few years. They are providing the various types of a trading platform like MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 where I can trade comfortably. They are giving access to forex market 24 hours a day. I can trade with all major currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD. They are showing me a way to get into the mix with the banking network and purchase a currency pair to hold in an easy manner.
  12. Brendan Hill

    I am very lucky that I am with the right broker which is ForexChief. They operate globally by providing best services through their several amazing online trading platforms. Any trader can be very happy to trade with them. Success in forex trading depends on your forex broker. You broker can take your business at the top also a broker can because of your big loss. Your broker is a very important factor in forex trading. It is an all in one concept and is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. I am lucky to have this broker as my trading partner. MetaTrader 4 is a more advanced, programmable trading platform intended for use by professional traders. It is a very useful trading platform for traders.
  13. There are a large number of components that can influence your trading brain science. This rundown is proposed to be a manual for what may drive you to make awful exchanges. The way to understanding your brain research and improving your rundown of rules is to know you can be headed to settle on choices and recognize when that is going on. On the off chance that you can do that you can remove yourself from the condition, step over from the circumstance, and regroup without losing money. The name of the game is reliable successes and capital preservation.
  14. If there should arise an occurrence of an uptrend, we have to see a move over a previous high, a pullback which remains over the earlier swing low, and afterward a move back higher. That gives adequate proof to me to begin searching for buy signals once this example has created. When we have seen price make the required moves, we at that point hope to buy on the following pullback (move lower). For whatever length of time that the price is making higher highs and higher lows, we keep on buying on the pullbacks.
  15. You may not trust me yet the market will make you frantic. It will chafe you by not doing what you figure it should. Your guidelines are expected to prevent you from making exchanges dependent on the franticness. Resentment trading, revenge-trading, attempting to give just desserts to the market by making wild wagers with important trading capital is a real thing. will consistently adhere to my principles, is the most significant standard of all. It doesn't bode well to have rules on the off chance that you don't utilize them.
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