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  2. Kamau

    wow John you are a long way away from us all down under..welcome
  3. Kamau

    Greetings to all I live in Aotearoa or as most know it as New Zealand. Blessings to all
  4. Kamau

    As you can see I dont frequent this site much. Mainly because I am unsure of what I can do in here. Have a nice day
  5. Kamau

    I would say my passion is the All Blacks and extended families
  6. Kamau

    greetings everyone I am from NZ and have just joined this forum. I hope everyone is doing great and that life keeps smiling for you. Have a nice day..kamau
  7. Kamau

    Greeting everyone I am new here just joined a few minutes ago. I am from New Zealand. Looks very interesting this TG forum. I hope to learn about advertising here and anything else that is worth while. Thanks to all be safe be happy ..cheers
  8. Kamau

    Pretty much like everyone was hunting for TG forum plus MMG etc and wondered why they were no longer available. Eventually my hunting lead me to this website.
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