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  1. News Now deposit page have a live calculator! ❖ Interest Rate has been increased to: 11%
  2. Thanks to you, we have grown a LOT faster than we expected. Your deposits made it possible for us to Mine on a lot bigger scale, which now lets us to increase the return of investments by 4 times. If we keep up growing this fast, we might increase it even more. We can not collapse, therefore we have a dynamic rate system, that way we can adjust to ANY situation. ❖ Current Rate is increased to: 10%
  3. Due to a very good start, we have already increased your interest rate:❖ Current Rate is increased to: 2.5%
  4. ❤ ฿itcoin Lovers ❤ www.bitcoinlovers.net ❤ Welcome to Bitcoin Lovers! BitcoinLovers was conceptualized and started by a group of bitcoin miners and trading professionals. Our group manage investor funds on different quick yet safe turn around investment activities like stock exchange and mining services, thus we can ensure that we can keep up with our promised interest rates for our investors. ♒ Dynamic rate? We have invented a dynamic profit rate system.This means, when we are doing good, we will be paying Higher percentage, however, when we will have worse days, we will decrease the hourly percentage to ensure the long life of the project and stability of the invested bitcoin. This way we can ensure we will be operating so much longer. ❖ Current Rate: 2.4%