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  1. JamieConway88

    You should be cautious about sending out mass unsolicited e-mail. It seems they are really cracking down on that (not only Google but a lot of other e-mail providers as well). I think you'd be safer if you set up some kind of newsletter and let people opt-in to receive it.
  2. Many companies based totally on e-commerce. And this kind of trading is very economical and convenient for both the company and customers. For example, I myself from UK purchased a car from Japan through a website (https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-subaru-forester-for-sale-year2008). They did a great job on their email campaign to boost the sale. All the importing procedure was advised by their staff via emails and phone calls. I doubted at first, but finally, when I received my SUV - Subaru Forester 2008, I am quite satisfied. It's a used car but mechanically everything seems great.
  3. JamieConway88

    Thanks for the informative article!
  4. Hello guys, I'm also new here. It's great to know you all!