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  1. Someone told me and unable to find an article to backup this claim but that it takes 10,000 visitors a day to make a sale on your website. Thoughts? Also on that same note, would these need to be repeat visitors or first time visits to your website?
  2. Jackie Rose

    Thanks and actually I mean 2005, I was wrong, I thought 2003 :D
  3. What kind of things do you do to market daily? How long? (2 hours? 4 hours? 8 hours?) etc....? Thanks, Jackie
  4. Jackie Rose

    Tired of FB and other social media, so kind of just want to talk biz with other Entrepreneurs...but also making money online in case a new opp pops up from someone else I maybe interested in.
  5. Jackie Rose

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. :)
  6. Jackie Rose

    New 10" Tablet for my Netflix and Amazon viewing :)
  7. Hello Everyone, my name is Jackie. I have been around this kind of stuff since 2003 (GPTs, HYIPs, TEs, MLM, DS etc), was sad when MMG and TG went away but happy we now have an updated replacement :) Im currently in between programs right now trying to decide where I want to put my focus. I dont lack opp (we never do lol) but just what I want to be doing. Thanks for having me and placed a banner link on my website of TGF. Jackie
  8. Jackie Rose

    I was doing a checkup on MMG and TG and nothing came up so I did a google search (more like yahoo search its connected to Swagbucks) and found this article https://monetize.info/moneymakergroup-talkgold-closed/ which included a link to this forum and I joined. :)