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  1. In a currency pair there is a different between ask and bid price is called spreads. It is the main source of income for a broker. Different broker charge different spreads rate to the traders. I am trading with FXOpen. It offers me the most consistent deviations of all foreign currency brokers in the world, their eur/usd spreads is currently the lowest spreads. Their starting spreads is from 0 pips.
  2. Forex is n online investment market. Trader can trade from anywhere they want. It is a very high risky market place. In order to make money from it trader have to be skilled. Now I am a professional trading in Forex market. Now I am trading with a non dealing desk broker called CapitalsTrade. It is a regulated and licensed broker in Vanuatu. It is the best broker for the scalper.
  3. There is more than 25 currency pair in forex market. Volatility is an important factor to choose a pair among than. I trade in major pair like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD etc. those pair have high volatility and low spreads. I am a scalper and I am trading with CapitalsTrade. it is a regulated and licensed broker in Vanuatu. It is providing me low tight spreads, mt4 trading platform, fast and smooth execution system with no re-quotes and rejection etc.
  4. Forex is most preferable investment market in Vanuatu. It opens 24/5. Trader can trade anytime they want in a day. And they can take 2 day rest in a week. There are many trading tool in forex market which make this forex market more exciting. I am a forex trading. I am trading with CapitalsTrade. it is a regulated and licensed broker in Vanuatu. It is giving me lowest spreads and high leverage.
  5. Forex is most preferable trading platform in the world. Forex broker provide more facilities than other stock broker. Trade can start trading with little capital and gain significantly more. Now I am trading with CapitalsTrade. it is a non dealing desk broker in forex market. It is regulated and licensed broker in Vanuatu. It s providing me low tight spreads, high leverage up to 1:500, low transaction cost, etc.
  6. I always use stop loss. Cause it helps me to limit my losses. Those who don’t use stop loss, some time they deal with great losses. I always want to safe in forex market that why I use stop loss all time. Forex is a high risky market. Everybody should use stop loss. Now I am trading with CapitalsTrade. it is a regulated and licensed broker in Vanuatu. It always executes my stop loss at proper price.
  7. Forex is an ideal market to invest. Most of the people around the world prefer forex to invest. There are lots of reasons to do that. Forex broker give more facility than other financial stock broker. Trader can easily trade 24/5 from anywhere and anytime even from in their Smartphone. Now I am trading with CapitalsTrade. It allows all kind of trading style like hedging, scalping, news trading etc.
  8. Demo account is used to gain knowledge and improve trading skill. Many pro traders also used it to test new robot or trading strategy. But real account is essential to make money from forex. Demo account is used for educational purpose. Real account is used to increase trader capital. Now I am trading with CapitalsTrade. I used their demo account around 6 month. After when I felt confident to trade with real money I opened real account.
  9. Yes I agree with that. Knowledge is a powerful thing to become profit able in forex market. By the power of knowledge and trading skill you can minimize the risk and maximize the profit. There are many scopes to learn about forex and the price action of currencies. Now I am trading with CapitalsTrade. Their provided training resources help me to gain knowledge and some hidden pattern of price action. I am still learning and improving my trading strategy.
  10. Forex is not an easy business or job. It has high risk. And forex brokers are providing high leverage facility with make the market more dangerous. To success in forex market knowledge and trading require. With proper money and risk management your can utilize the high leverage. Now I am, trading CapitalsTrade. They proving me best facility. Their educational training resources help me to gain knowledge and develop my trading skill
  11. My main interest is in forex market. It is a global online investment market. I did lot of research when I came in this market. I trade with many brokers. They did not satisfy me by their services. Recently I join in CapitalsTrade. they providing me excellent facility all I ever wanted. They are giving me low tight spread and lowest transaction cost. It is proving me best platform mt4 multi terminal.
  12. Forex is a highly risky online investment market. Forex is a worldwide currency exchange market. It is becoming most preferable trading market than any other financial stock. There are many advantage and advance facility which is providing forex broker. Actually I like forex because of CapitalsTrade broker. They providing advance security of you fund. They also providing advance, smooth and fast execution trading platform and high leverage like 1:500 and many more.
  13. Forex is most preferable online invest market than any other stock. One of the best things about Forex is that traders don’t have to need lot of capital to start his or her investment. They can start with couple of dollar. They also use demo account to gain experience and knowledge about Forex. I am becoming benefited because my broker CapitalsTrade giving me lowest spread, lowest transaction cost, on hidden charge, fast execution system on their mt4 and web trader platform , high leverage facility 1:500 and many more.
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