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  1. There are lots to learn in forex market even if he / she are a new or old trader. Knowledge is a powerful thing in forex. Without knowledge you can’t survive in the market. Many trader loss money and left the market. I am still surviving in the market. I gather knowledge every day from where I can. My broker CapitalsTrade educational training resource help me lot in this trading journey.
  2. There is many currency pair available in forex market. My broker CapitalsTrade is providing me more than 100 currency pair. At first I make me confuse to trade in which pair will be effective. Then I used to trade in major currency pair which has low spread. Then I found an indicator which is called currency strength meter. Now I trade with that indicator which helps me to choose strongest and weakest currency pair.
  3. My main interest is in forex market. It is a global online investment market. I did lot of research when I came in this market. I trade with many brokers. They did not satisfy me by their services. Recently I join in CapitalsTrade. they providing me excellent facility all I ever wanted. They are giving me low tight spread and lowest transaction cost. It is proving me best platform mt4 multi terminal.
  4. Are you looking for the home jobs? Forex is the perfect place to work. Forex is online investing market across the world. You can trade anytime from anywhere around the globe. It is a high risky investment market. Before investment gather knowledge about that. Without knowing anything your investment will go into water. I came in forex with the hand of CapitalsTrade. they give me proper support in my forex journey.
  5. Forex is a worldwide online investment market. Most of the people prefer forex because of many facilities provided by forex broker. You can trade in forex anywhere around the 24\5. You can use trading platform so easily even in you Smartphone. With their online trading platform helps you greatly to analyses in many angles so easily. I trade with CapitalsTrade. Their trading platform and services is top class that I enjoy forex greatly.
  6. Market condition is an important thing forex market. If you understand that when to trade and when not, you would be a great trader. News affects market great. So be alert before and after of releasing news. Sometimes breakout do trend as you expect. That’s why forex market is a complicated one. I trade with CapitalsTrade. They provide me all news and information about market. They allowed all kind of trading style.
  7. There are many brokers in forex market. Many of them are scammer. Their duty is to provide safety of our fund, take no hidden charges, provide good trading environment, takes low cost, give low and tight spread and provide necessary support to all kind of traders. But some Freud broker don’t care about their money they just want our money. After changing many broker I found a good trustworthy broker called CapitalsTrade.
  8. Leverage is a loan facility provided by broker in forex. Leverage facility gives you to access of controlling huge amount money which you already have. For that reason I prefer forex than any other stock. I came to the forex with small capital. Thanks to the capitalstrade. Now I am controlling twice amount of capital because of their facilities like high leverage, cash bonus and deposit bonus etc. Happy trading.
  9. Forex is a highly risky online investment market. Forex is a worldwide currency exchange market. It is becoming most preferable trading market than any other financial stock. There are many advantage and advance facility which is providing forex broker. Actually I like forex because of CapitalsTrade broker. They providing advance security of you fund. They also providing advance, smooth and fast execution trading platform and high leverage like 1:500 and many more.
  10. Forex is most preferable online invest market than any other stock. One of the best things about Forex is that traders don’t have to need lot of capital to start his or her investment. They can start with couple of dollar. They also use demo account to gain experience and knowledge about Forex. I am becoming benefited because my broker CapitalsTrade giving me lowest spread, lowest transaction cost, on hidden charge, fast execution system on their mt4 and web trader platform , high leverage facility 1:500 and many more.