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  1. It is natural for forex traders to have some kind of positive expectations when it comes to successful trading systems. What these expectations refer to is that the systems that are successful are sure to make money sooner or later. Yes, it’s not possible to make money while trading all the time. Occasionally, you may have to deal with a loss. This is something every forex trader must understand and learn to cope with. The whole idea is to keep trading with an understanding that you will make money in the long run and there are no shortcuts involved in this process! This is where the nuances of forex money management come into the picture. Successful and proven forex money management tips help you trade through tough times that you may face regularly while trading. There are a number of books involving complicated mathematical analysis that have been written on this subject. However, you need to understand that money management tips and tricks can also be simple. A complete trading plan is what you need to have a successful trade. What this plan will suggest you is suggest an entry point and an exit point while trading. Though these plans it is possible to manage your money wisely, Top 10 Forex Money Management Tips that Actually Works .
  2. what tips have you helped to become better as a trader?
  3. ismo500

    I personally think that traders should also favor brokers with low commission. cheers best forex broker lowest spread
  4. ismo500

    Hi very useful advice, to better progress as a trader. knowledge a very important factors for all who succeed in this trading market.
  5. ismo500

    Hi Demo account is a good way to learn in real condiction, without risk. it's a means for beginners to learn and professional traders to try to
  6. ismo500

    Hello me before opening an account at any Forex broker I make sure first that is regulated, I spend a minimum of time to search on them, with all these scammers online.
  7. ismo500

    Hi I think to succeed in the forex market, it takes time, have a cool mind and be very patient. One thing I notice in beginners is not enough time to learn enough.
  8. ismo500

    Hi the best ways to succeed in trading is always learned. this will allow you to improve as traders. I am a beginner, currently I participate on this forum in order to learn and find a mentor. I read a lot of books on the subject.
  9. ismo500

    Hello I also think that the account is very useful for beginners, it allows them to adapt to the environment of the market and also useful for trying a new trading strategy.