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  1. I personally think that traders should also favor brokers with low commission. cheers best forex broker lowest spread
  2. Hi very useful advice, to better progress as a trader. knowledge a very important factors for all who succeed in this trading market.
  3. Hi Demo account is a good way to learn in real condiction, without risk. it's a means for beginners to learn and professional traders to try to
  4. Hello me before opening an account at any Forex broker I make sure first that is regulated, I spend a minimum of time to search on them, with all these scammers online.
  5. Hi I think to succeed in the forex market, it takes time, have a cool mind and be very patient. One thing I notice in beginners is not enough time to learn enough.
  6. Hi the best ways to succeed in trading is always learned. this will allow you to improve as traders. I am a beginner, currently I participate on this forum in order to learn and find a mentor. I read a lot of books on the subject.
  7. Hello I also think that the account is very useful for beginners, it allows them to adapt to the environment of the market and also useful for trying a new trading strategy.