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    Hello Nivetha. Welcome on TopGold Forum. Interesting avatar, btw. All the best and let's keep in touch.
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    This practice began when Google started penalizing sites that purchase site- wide text link ads to get lots of incoming links in a hurry. Unscrupulous webmasters realized that this could be used against competitor sites by linking to them instead of their own site. Google claim they have measures in place to prevent this practice from unfairly damaging a site’s PageRank. Google Bowling – building bad backlinks to a competitor website to lower his ranking. I can’t tell you the exact number of bad backlinks you need to build to harm a competitor’s website. All I can say is that depends from case to case. Usually, we take in consideration the number of “good backlinks” that points to the website and the domain strength (DA). From here: http://www.wecodeart.com/google-bowling-seo/
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