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  1. What is a Google “Penalty”?
  2. The best link building techniques for higher keyword rankings are: Guest posting Article submission Press release submission Social bookmarks Classified Ads Infographics submission Social media optimization
  3. tenny7395

    Blog Commenting Forum Posting Social Bookmarking Search Engines Submission Directory Submission Question and Answering Sites
  4. tenny7395

    awebhosting Forum webhelp Forums seowebtalk Forum webmasterbabble Forum hoxforum
  5. tenny7395

    The most popular Social Bookmarking websites are: delicious reddit youmob url newswine ttlink tumblr pearltrees stumbleupon storify evernote Scoop.it designfloat
  6. What do you understand from Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird updates?
  7. What is the difference between PR and SERP?
  8. tenny7395

    Google Bowling, also called "reverse SEO" Google bowling is a technique used to building a bad link to decrease the rank of your competitor with the help of black hat SEO technique. Most of the SEO professionals use this technique to lower the rank other websites. Google Bowling is considered as Blackhat SEO. it is difficult to say the exact number of Bad links required to harm your competitor’s website it all depends on the different cases
  9. What is structured data on a website? How do you implement it for good SEO results?
  10. Suggest some Best Strategies for Keyword Ranking & Traffic
  11. tenny7395

    What is Robots.txt file
  12. What are the most important Google ranking factors?
  13. tenny7395

    What is an XML Sitemap?
  14. How to increase referral traffic of my website?
  15. How effective is Google AdWords?
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