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  1. AlgoFiber

    When you start trading you should work without leverage to make your system profitable (even if you make 2 cents on every trade), once you've mastered your strategy you can start thinking about money management and this is when the leverage comes to play. If you have a successful system without leverage your system can be perfected with a high leverage.
  2. AlgoFiber

    These days the markets are flooded with strategies and investment programs, so it can become difficult to find a well balanced portfolio. We at Algofiber developed an algorithm that’s unique because we implement social media and other self developed indicators like percentage of volume,pegged, vwap, implementation shortfall, and allot of other customized indicators. Because of this, we can buy and sell positions at the right levels. Thanks to our Algorithm we are able to make a return between 5 and 10% a month with a success rate of +90% in our trades. In our philosophy, we think the funds always have to stay under full control of the clients, that’s why we implement our algorithm on an account that has your name (you are the only one who’s able to ad or withdraw money). These type of investments where before only available for big hedge funds and bank-traders, but we want to make it accessible for everyone. To prove we are able to make these type of returns I can offer you two things: 1) A proven track record for more than 2 years. and 2) A chance to follow an account, so you can see for yourselves what profits our algorithm is able to make on a real live base. There are no strings attached and off course this is free of charge. In case you would like some more information and if you want to view our results, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or visit www.algofiber.com
  3. AlgoFiber

    Well to burst your bubble, forex trading isn't easy, you'll need the right tools in order to be profitable.
  4. AlgoFiber

    To be able to make profits in the long run on the major pairs is being able to adapt your strategies to the market conditions. Never sit back and think you've beaten the market, be progressive and keep updating your strategy!
  5. AlgoFiber

    Getting the right information is a key element to be successful, but the most important part is knowing where to cut losses and let your profits run. To make profits on the long run you'll need to balance fear and greed!