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  1. Thank you too, killthebill. Great decision! See you on board soon! :-) Please find the registration link in the first post of this thread. Thank you.
  2. Yes, sure. You can invest your money in either part of the business: binary, matrix, or even both. It's up to you! ;-)
  3. The minimum payment for the binary plan is $100, and the first matrix package is $25. Of course, it is always better to start at the higher packages for the better benefits they give; but the golden rule is always "invest only as much as you don't mind losing". Yes, definitely. Real passive income is actually the most attractive benefit you can receive from the matrixes. Even if you don't refer anyone, your matrixes will be still gradually filled in with spill-over members from your uplines, and from each of them you receive 5% on what they spend in the matrix. But of course, again, if you do refer people on your own, the matrixes will be filled faster, and you receive 5% for each of those people too! The matrixes are in a 3 x 10 structure. So you can do the maths on how many times 5% you can earn from that in total! HUGE MONEY! :-)
  4. At EXP-ASSET we play with slightly bigger figures. If you would like to get rid of the decimal point from the typical amounts you can withdraw and get something like $324 per time instead, please come and have a look at (click -->) EXP-ASSET . :-)
  5. Hi killthebill, Thank you for your question. The company has been around only since April 2017, so it's still a relatively new company with great potential. So far it looks indeed very promising. Based on its great compensation plans and rapidly growing number of members, this could be one of the best business opportunities of 2018. I myself have been part of it only for three weeks, bought all six matrixes (25+75+125+250+500+1000=$1975) and broke even within the first two weeks just from the spill-overs from my upline. (With no promotion at all!) So it's the typical "right place at the right time" situation. If you haven't done so yet, so do not hesitate, it is best to JOIN NOW! :-)
  6. EXP-ASSET is a company dealing with the generation of trading in financial markets, mining of cryptocurrencies and arbitrage. In addition, EXP-ASSET invests in startup projects. The company is registered in the United Kingdom under the number 10743547. The company generates trading on regulated markets 5 days a week, and on markets that are unregulated, 7 days a week. Profits from the investment are paid to the user profiles as long as this continue. Each investment may carry a risk. Their competence, however, is to minimize it and to ensure financial liquidity. As a result, when cryptocurrencies or other activities are banned, EXP-ASSET has the equipment the sale-offs which will cover the money paid. To become a member, simply complete the registration form and confirm your email address. Then you can log in to the system. However, having more than one account is not allowed. EXP-ASSET offers educational packages starting from $100 up to $1,000,000. See this presentation for more info. To make a payment, the funds have to be paid via BitCoin. The predictable rate of return is on average 1% per day. Profits are accrued every 24 hours from each package individually. EXP-ASSET offers a great affiliate opportunity. To qualify for the affiliate system you must have at least $100 educational package. PV points are accumulated in your organization. When you qualify (invite 2 Active users; one on the top and one on the bottom line) you can get Binary Bonus (10% from the weaker leg). If you have package 1000$ or more, you are able to receive 8% Direct Bonus. EXP-ASSET offers users two affiliate programs: PLAN and MATRIX PLAN: DIRECT BONUS (8% from purchase of your direct referral. You get this 8% each time your direct referral purchases and repurchases a package. This bonus is paid to your Wallet instantly. BINARY SYSTEM (10% from PV points accumulated on weaker leg. This bonus is paid to your Wallet instantly). PRIZES: 1. INFINITI Q70 Luxury Car or INFINITI QX70 Luxury Car When you accumulate $750,000 (750,000 PV) on weaker line, you will get INFINITI Q70 or INFINITI QX70 luxury car. In order to qualify you must have minimum $15,000 Plan. 2. INFINITI Q50 Luxury Car When you accumulate $500,000 (500,000 PV) on weaker line you will get INFINITI Q50 luxury car. In order to qualify you must have minimum $10,000 Plan. 3. ROLEX SUBMARINER or BREITLING NAVITIMER 01 When you accumulate $300,000 (300,000 PV) on weaker line you will get Rolex Submariner or Breitling Navitimer 01. In order to qualify you must have minimum $5,000 Plan. 4. ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP FOR TWO When you accumulate $150,000 (150,000 PV) on weaker line you will get all-inclusive trip for two people. In order to qualify you must have minimum $2,000 Plan. 5. iPhone 7 When you accumulate $75,000 (75,000 PV) on weaker line you will get iPhone7. In order to qualify you must have minimum $1,000 Plan. 6. EXP GIFTS When you accumulate $25,000 (25,000 PV) on weaker line you will get EXP GIFTS (original gifts from Exp Asset Ltd. corporate sent directly to specified address). In order to qualify you must have minimum $500 Plan. NOTE: Prizes are mandatory. When you get enough points to win the prize, you must receive it. After you get the prize, points flush. After the flush, points accumulate again, so you can win the next prize. If you do not want the prize, you can get money-value of the prize in USD to your Wallet. If you wish that, send an email to EXP-ASSET support. You will get % of the money-value of the prize. MATRIX: MATRIX BONUS - 5% from each purchase (all people: directs and spillovers) in each of your matrixes till 10 levels deep. See potential here. 50% VIP BONUS (Exclusive for owners of M1000. Receive 50% from all Matrix Bonus of each of your directly invited friends). The minimum amount you can withdraw is $100. On the other hand, there is one limit of amount of funds you can withdraw per day. This limit concerns binary structure only: - When you accumulate less than $3,000,000 on the weaker line in your binary tree, you can withdraw maximum of $2,000 daily. - When you accumulate more than $3,000,000 on the weaker line in your binary tree, you can withdraw maximum of $3,000 daily. As a fee, a one-time $5 is charged for every payment. Withdrawals are automatic and do not require any manual confirmation. Payouts are ordered at the time of the withdrawal of the payment. Waiting for funds depends on the number of BTC confirmations. Usually it lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. In general, payouts can be paid on any day. Financial benefits are paid to the wallet profit from which funds can be paid at the end of the cycle. One cycle is one working week. The funds can be withdrawn at any time. Also on the weekend. A Profit Wallet is used to view the financial benefits generated (about 1% calculated from value of your package, for 120 days). Each Friday funds from your Profit Wallet are automatically transferred to your Wallet. You can withdraw funds only from your Wallet. The Wallet is a place where you withdraw money from. Every Friday funds gathered on Profit Wallet are transferred to the Wallet. This means you can withdraw your 1% daily return every Friday from Wallet. Wallet's purpose is also to gather Binary and Direct bonuses instantly. Every time you get a Binary Bonus and/or Direct Bonus your Wallet is funded with an appropriate amount (10% from Binary's lesser leg and/or 8% from Direct Bonus). Deposits show your active packages. Date of purchase, daily return and how much has already been paid. In the Withdraws tab, you can check history of your withdraws, the amount and the date when it was made. You can withdraw funds from your Wallet at any time. The financial benefits generated for users are paid into the profit Wallet from which every Friday the funds are automatically paid into the Wallet. Binary and Direct bonuses are paid directly to Wallet instantly. Please note that there is $4 fee for each withdrawal.