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  1. Withdrawal paid in about 12 hours, yay! Your Bitcoin withdrawal request for $67.28 has been sent to your payment processor!Your Member ID: Payment Processor: Bitcoin ( 3MheNmxPxbrVAgME4x)Reference Number: 332a2464760fba818830ca2d12f0e6e06797
  2. I didn't do anything extra, in fact I lost most of my referrals during this last reset. I picked up a few new referrals during the reset and I think it was a matter of timing. Each reset runs off a large number of members as they see the money they funded wiped out or lowered DSC to where it will take years to recoup it. Takes a great deal of patience here and a very very long term strategy.
  3. I came in second place in the weekly promotional contest and received $200! Greetings Wesley !Your Ad Click Xpress Account Balance has just been adjusted:Your Member ID: Date: 2018-06-19 02:05:58Balance: Crypto ReferralAmount: $200.00Description: Weekly Promotion Contest I used some funds to upgrade to Silver and Gold membership, then purchased 10 new packs. The balance remaining requested for withdrawal to Bitcoin. Great day for me in ACX Crypto!
  4. Second Crypto reset underway. I was never able to get a withdrawal from Crypto as both of my withdraw requests were cancelled for resets. It was my fault I tried to build up a nice DSC and when I did I started to request withdrawals, then it was too late, resets got in the way. If I have anything left I will be requesting withdrawals as often as I can. In the meantime, good luck everyone. Your Bitcoin withdrawal request for $109.44 has been cancelled.Your Member ID: 108602Payment Processor: Bitcoin Your pending withdrawal has been cancelled due to the announced activities we are carrying out to pay withdrawals more quickly and create our goal of independence from New Ad Pack Sales.
  5. Looks like another reset of the no-reset needed Crypto program in progress. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope everyone has something to work with once this reset is completed. Spread good vibes for the best for all.
  6. First withdrawal since resets/crypto launch. :-) Greetings from SolidTrust Pay. You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as your receipt. From STPay member: adclickxpress ([email protected]) Transaction Number: Amount: $8.01 Currency: USD Note (if provided): Ad Click Xpress Withdraw #108602-122854 Transaction Fees: $0.37
  7. Crypto earnings looking good for me so far :-) I will be buying new tripler packs with the earnings for while to build up my daily DSC. So far, so good with this recent change. Let's see if this is the year of the Crypto for ACX and it's members.
  8. Hi friends from the US. Now that STP and Paytoo have lost their ACH provider, how are you funding ACX and obtaining funds earned from ACX? I submitted a support ticket this morning to alert management about this issue in case they didn't know and I requested they look at adding Payza, which still has ACH services for US users. Just curious if any other members in the US have come up with another way to fund and obtain funds.
  9. wbrightfl

    My doctor ordered me to lose weight to reduce my blood pressure and overall health so I started back to the gym and eating healthier to improve my health and look sexy.
  10. I built up $7 in my Tripler wallet since the reset and was not able to withdraw and now it's been moved to reset, which I can't touch it as there isn't enough to purchase 1 tripler. Thanks ACX for screwing me over again. Reset after reset, canceled withdrawals, tripler DSC reduced to fraction of a cent. Sure triplers now complete, but it will take months to years at this rate. Such a poorly managed program there is no possible way to plan a strategy as the rules change weekly. ACX management paying people to post withdrawal proofs and promotions giving away $1,000 is ridiculous. No wonder our finds keep getting wiped out so fast. We need management with some business skill, which isn't what we have now.
  11. Just believe what ACX Management tells you forbest results, please Withdrawals will be cancelled within a few hours.As specified in the last update, because we arenot able to pay all withdrawals, we're going to haveto cancel all withdrawals and transfer all balancesto the Reset Wallet.So this is your LAST chance to use your balancesto buy 4% Tripler Packs - be sure to notify yourreferrals, if possible still - you don't have much time. Merry Christmas from ACX. Let's pray for a better year in 2018!
  12. Temporary DSC Adjustment for 2% Tripler PacksYes, in order to make sure we have a successfulweek, paying ALL requested withdrawals within24 hours, ACX Management has decide to reducethe DSC for Tripler Packs bought at 2% to 1%(.5% weekends). ACX isn't working as perfectly as they keep announcing every other day. I am now down to earning .60 week days/.30 weekends. Resets not working as advertised.
  13. Older Tripler Still Pay 0% - Need MORE ActionRevenue did NOT increase enough today toincrease the Daily Earnings of Older TriplerPacks - the earnings of Tripler Packs affectedby the recent Reset can only be paid whenenough revenue is generated by the NEWpurchases of Tripler Packs - it's all in theACX Compensation Plan This isn't good. None of my down-line has come back since the wave of resets. I am pretty much wiped out, with most of my triplers tied up in non-paying status. They need to stop paying withdrawal rewards and promotion bonuses with our funds. Every time I think ACX does something smart with the plan they do something else stupid to hurt members. I loaded a lot of money into ACX 1 day before this reset wave and not earning anything with it. My patience with the ACX management idiots is almost at an end.
  14. Older Tripler Pay 0% Again - Time to Take Action I am back to earning $1.10 daily. Thanks ACX. This covers my income in your fantasy world
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