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  1. NEW INVESTMENT PROJECT, MUZEALBIT! OPENED 12/12/2018!!!0 DAY WORK!REGISTER HERE https://muzealbit.comThe profit of 13%-19% a day, payments every day. The term of a deposit is at 16-20 days.Minimum deposit of $1. Minimum withdrawal of money of $0.1 This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 728x90. Payment daily and instantly.Input and output of money of Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin (BTC). Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dashcoin (DASH),3-level partner program of 8%-2%-1%. To representative 13%-5%-3%.The project pays instant.
  2. REGISTER HERE https://bitbitboom.club The profit of 7,5% a day, payments every day. The term of a deposit is at 20 days. Minimum deposit 5$. Payment daily and instantly. Input and output of money of Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC). 3-level partner program - 7%-2%-1%. The project pays instant.
  3. 0 DAY WORK!REGISTER HERE https://cryptonix.cc The profit of 12%-20% a day, payments every day. The term of a deposit is at 75-125 days.Minimum deposit of $10. Minimum withdrawal of money of $0.1Payment daily and instantly.Input and output of money of Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin (BTC).The partner program - 8%. The project pays instant. Beware it is HYIP site.
  4. Earn Daily Earnings Invest in a Decentralized Anonymous Exchange Earn money by investing and helping our reserves grow, earn a daily profit from exchange commissions. Go to the Website - Invest.
  5. trade.io is the first company who combine Cryptocurrencies trading and Liquidity Pool+A good token can be used to trade a variety of assets through the trade.io platformFair & transparent distribution of new issues based on price and demandOne of the most dedicated team.And they give lots of prizes.Join the competion here.https://wn.nr/YCq4R6
  6. This summer as always bad for investors. Lots of scams that seems a good programs closed. Summer time... Hope soon will see any good new program but now only this one:Biteroi - 3%daily and more good plans.Next big one. is already running for 22 days. 10% - 3% - 1% - 1% Referral Commissions!Bitcoin,Ethereum,Ripple,Bitcoin Cash,DASH,Zcash,Monero,LiteCoin,Bitcoin Gold, PerfectMoney, AdvCash & Payeer ACCEPTED.Go to the Website & Start Earning.Disclaimer: Keep in mind this is a HYIP platform.
  7. Kibi Coin is a decentralized peer to peer digital coin that is not controlled by any central institutions or governments. It is an open-source platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities. Kibi coin is designed to be a digital currency that can be used to store value and to exchange with anyone in the world with extremely low fees and fast lightning speed transactions. KIBI SPECIFICATIONS: COIN ABBREVATION - KBC ICO TOKENS – 5,000,000 KBC MAXIMUM COIN SUPPLY – 21,000,000 KBC PRICE START – 0.20 CENTS Algorithm : SHA-256 MINIMUM STAKING TIME – 1 HOUR MAXIMUM STAKING TIME – UNLIMITED Lending Program: Roadmap: The following is KibiCoin’s roadmap for the remainder of this year: ICO: The ICO will start on the 15th of July 2018. Go to their website and grab your coins! - www.kibicoin.info
  9. WCX - TRADE THE WORLD. WCX is a digital asset exchange. We have three products: spot exchange, futures exchange, and decentralized exchange. 1) Spot exchange allows you to trade between high market cap currencies like bitcoin, ether, and the USD. 2) Futures exchange (leveraged trading) will launch in Q4 this year. 3) Decentralized exchange will launch in Q1 2019. It's where you can trade digital assets and utility and security tokens directly from your own wallet. PRESALE (SOLD OUT) - 16M USD X Token Sale In Progress CURRENT PRICE 1 XT = 0.13 USD TOKENS SOLD 452,498,851 Next Price Increase: 0.14 USD at 500M XT sold. Token Sale Details: X Token (XT) The X Token (XT) is WCX's native crypto token. XT benefits from a buy back and burn program that reduces its supply. Maximum Cap: 1 Billion XT Maximum Duration: 112 days Token Type: ERC-20 (ETH) Buy Back & Burn: 70% of tokens sold Allocation: 70% Public / 30% WCX Exchange Listing: WCX Sale Started: May 13, 2018 GOOD PROJECT WITH STRONG TEAM. ICO HAS STRONG TEAM OF EX-APPLE ENGINEERS BEHIND. BEST AIRDROP PROGRAMME - 100 TOKENS REF SIGN UP BONUS + 15% REF PRUCHASES Get 100 XT for every person that signs up through your link, plus 15% of any XT purchase they make. - Get your referral link. World-class team. Our team comes from Apple and has decades of combined experience in designing, building, and delivering scalable software and trading systems. High confidence score. XT, WCX's native crypto token, scores 4.8 out of 5 on the Timmons Token Confidence Scale, one of the highest of any digital token currently in circulation. Exchange up and running. Arguably the most challenging part of building an exchange is building a scalable trading engine. The WCX spot exchange is already up and running with 5 markets and an engine that can withstand millions of transactions per second. Buyback program. The X Token benefits from a continuous buy back and burn program that reduces its supply. WCX uses proceeds from exchange fees to buy back XT on the open market. Superior performance. WCX offers modern and robust REST & WebSocket APIs, a mobile-responsive and intuitive trading dashboard, four order submission types, industry-leading security, and low fees: 0% for makers and just 0.1% for takers. Scale. WCX plans to expand to thousands of markets within a year. We're built from the start for massive scale. Our vision is a digital asset exchange offering thousands of markets to trade anywhere in the world. Roadmap: Team "We are a small team based in France and moving to Switzerland in the next few months (to the crypto valley). Our team is currently 2 founders, 2 engineers, and support and design contractors some of which will convert to full time roles. We're very technical and product focused (the 2 founders are software engineers from Apple)." Go to the Exchange and get your tokens.
  10. CriptoHub - Plan to Become Brazil’s Largest Crypto-Exchange in under a Year. "CriptoHub aims to be the #1 cryptocurrency and financial exchange in Brazil with a great range of coin options, integrated payment processing, pre-paid credit cards and more. " Binance x Kucoin - competitor. Introduction: Token Information: Roadmap: POWERFUL REFERRAL PROGRAM Our referral program pays a generous 20% of any referred member’s user fees. So if you refer people to CriptoHub and they use the service, you’ll get a trailing commission. We’re the first exchange in Brazil to offer an affiliate program, which will generate a lot of additional marketing for CriptoHub. 1st in Brazil The first and only exchange in Brazil to pay affiliate referral commissions. Refer Your Friends And Receive Affiliate Commissions Receive 20% commission on your friend's rates. Monetize Your Content Be paid by users referred from your affiliate link on your site, blog or info product. Easy-to-use Pre-paid Credit Card All CriptoHub account holders will be able to get a pre-paid credit card where they can spend cryptocurrency in local Brazilian real (BRL). This gives everyone an easy to way use cryptocurrency without having to cash it out via a bank first. Go To The Website and contribuite to this ambitious project.
  11. PLATONIUS ☑ CROWDSALE STARTED! ☑ WIN 1 BTC ! join now https://dashboard.platonius.io/referred?...7de4127856
  12. Platonius states that they hope to be a sustainable program. They have looked at what other programs in the past have done and hope to learn from their mistakes. They will not offer interest in USD, rather in Stellar coin. Lending Program: There are three tiers to the lending program. Depending on the amount the investor loan, members may potentially earn up to .25% interest per day. There are additional benefits to those who invest more. Details are as follows: Roadmap: The following is Platonius’s roadmap for the remainder of this year: ICO: The company’s ICO began 1 July 2018 and will run through 31 July 2018. Up to 325 thousand coins will be purchased during the offering. They are not having rounds. Coins may be purchased for 1 USD each through the duration of the crowdsale. Total Coin Supply: 5,000,000(PLAT) WHY CHOOSE PLATONIUS Driven By Stellar Low Transaction Fees Driven By The Ethereum Blockchain Fixed Interest No Manipulation Buy-Back Program External Exchange Only "We will giveaway 10.000 Stellar to 5 lucky people who sign up before the ICO starts!" Go To The Website. Never invest money you are not willing to lose! Platonius can’t guarantee profits in return and will never do so! We can however guarantee to run the platform as smoothly as possible and follow the roadmap as we wrote it.
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