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  1. Capom


    I worked with developers from freelance, they were from India. Quite good experience. Try to search on this platform.
  2. Capom

    MetaTrader is the most popular. MetaTrader 4 is the most used platform at the time of this writing though 5 is also in development and testing. MT4 provides a robust suite of tools with full functionality for just about any broker.
  3. Capom

    I like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  4. Capom

    Seychelles is the best choice, I'm sure! There is great hotel Savoy 5*, we have been there with big company. The beach is a few feet away and the water is probably 80 degrees or so. Rooms were nice, big and comfortable. Food was great, also there were several good restaurants near the hotel. You will have great rest here! You can get more info here Seychelles island tour packages.
  5. Capom

    I can recommend to go to the Seychelles. It is amazing place. We have been there with my family last year. We choose Savoy 5* hotel(https://savoy.sc/). It has stunning rooms and nice pools. Food was perfectly tasty and well presented. Staff were very friendly. A few good restaurants within walking distance - the beach is beautiful and scenic. Highly recommend to visit!
  6. Capom

    Hi! What aboout mining Bitcoin nowadays? Do you know some new miners or solutions which can make it more profitable? I found very interesting development, it is the mining unit from http://mineunit.com/. I think it will be a really great thing to try! What can you say about it?
  7. Capom

    It will be a blog? Wordpress is good variant for this purpose. For example, you can go on this https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php wordpress theme site and choose any template you want. I'm on the way of creating my own website now too, that's why I wanna advise you the simplest way to find the best template.
  8. You can buy one of those Wordpress for business websites themes from https://www.templatemonster.com/category/business-wordpress-themes/ for this purpose and you will be fine with it! I think it is the best way to build a cool website for your purposes..
  9. Capom

    While looking for a Wordpress template for my website, I found this resource with amazing Wordpress templates https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php. They are all coded by professional web designers, so using them do not require any skills or specific knowledge.
  10. Capom

    What is better to build tiny house or to buy ready-made? If you have such house can you share some photos please?
  11. How to improve language learning for my students? What modern ways you know?
  12. Lets talk about how to overcome competition in business. It is actual topic for me nowadays. How do you deal with this?
  13. Capom

    We have latex, because it is natural. You need to choose mattress suitable for you. I recommend to read some articles or watch videos on youtube about this.
  14. I want to start online sports platform. Sports betting is now very popular, so I think that such application will be successful. I found many useful information on https://steelkiwi.com/blog/developing-an-online-sport-platform-best-practices-and-design-examples/ about best practices and examples of design. I think I will work with this company for my application creation.
  15. I have two monitors and I use them in my work. I want to buy comfortable adjustable standing desk for second monitor. Can you recommend something?