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  1. I want to start online sports platform. Sports betting is now very popular, so I think that such application will be successful. I found many useful information on https://steelkiwi.com/blog/developing-an-online-sport-platform-best-practices-and-design-examples/ about best practices and examples of design. I think I will work with this company for my application creation.
  2. I have two monitors and I use them in my work. I want to buy comfortable adjustable standing desk for second monitor. Can you recommend something?
  3. I use USB hub and USB Redirector. But it for Linux.
  4. Do you use presentation slides in marketing? For example with infographics?
  5. It is good question. Because good night’s rest is essential for effective thinking, working and learning. I recommend this article https://sleepmentor.net/science-backed-tips-for-better-sleep-tonight/ there are many tips and recommendations for better sleep. I hope this will help you. Good luck!
  6. Also you must know how to develop your business. It is also not so simple.
  7. Probably it will work. You need to contact Spain embassy, and ask them for sure. Also I recommend you to make special international driving permit with translation of your documents https://idaoffice.org/. With such documents you won't have any problems.
  8. Outsourcing is important thing nowadays, for almost any business.
  9. I interested in PhP loans. What can you recommend?
  10. It's hard to say, each type has its own advantages.For example coil machines are heavier than rotary machines and louder due to the buzzing noise made by the hammer-like motion of the armature. I recommend you to read more here - https://tattooist.com/collections/tattoo-machines.
  11. My girlfriend wants to play a wedding in India. Do you think this is a good idea? Who had a wedding there?
  12. I have a girlfriend, we live with her, we plan a wedding. Of course it's better not to be lonely!
  13. If you want to build sauna I recommend to use this website. You can find many information about sauna, wide product range for sauna and spa with warranty. Also very useful will be free sauna projects calculation, project drawings and 3D visualisation.
  14. Is Powerpoint good tool for making professional presentations?