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  1. You can search job in different ways. But I think that the best variant is via internet. You need only to create good CV for this purpose. Then you will be able to search vacancies, for example on https://ae.jobsora.com/jobs-ajman Jobsora, and send your CV.
  2. Can you recommend some popular websites where to search vacancies?
  3. Capom

    There are different online portals and when you mean the best, I assume you means “which one of these jobs portals gives the most recent, authentic, accurate jobs without a lot of stress.” So I will give you my verified list based on the assumption above and not based on popularity myjobmag.com careernaija.com hotnigerianjobs.com jobzilla.com ngcareers.com Try the above and give us your feedback.
  4. Capom

    What probiotic can you recommend? I want to find some antural variants.
  5. Capom

    Here are eight variants for you https://bookmaker.co.ke/ to choose from. They all offer the best terms of cooperation, as well as the opportunity to convert knowledge into real profits. But they are not similar to each other, although they have some “related” positions.
  6. I can recommend Betway. You can make predictions regularly, and it will ensure that you will be able to reach a new level of income. Do not forget about the bonus, which will allow you to join this platform even faster. If you interested, you can start here https://betway.info.ke/
  7. What websites do you know?
  8. Good answer from JohnFranklin. I agree with him. Electric scooter is great device nowadays. If you want to buy some model but don't know what exactly I recommend to read these reviews "Best Electric Scooters For Adults 2019".
  9. Capom

    You can use any text or PDF editor you want.
  10. What such ideas do you know?
  11. What is good way to spend time with friends? What do you like?
  12. Capom

    I like escape rooms, I think it is cool way to spend time with friends. Usually after this we go to the bar:) If you interested I recommend to try thor escape room https://questfactor.us/thor-redmond-escape-room it was great!
  13. Personally, I have always been terribly bad at math, I'm a loyal customer of online services like https://www.assignmentexpert.com/math to get some help with mathematics assignments. But I am good at the humanitarian field!
  14. There are several types of portrait photography like constructionist, environmental, candid and creative. As for me I prefer first two types. If you want great photos you should find professional photographer with good portfolio. For example check Color fusion studio they provide photographers of all skill and experience levels with the industry-leading studios, equipment and instruction they need to take the best photos possible. They made great photos for me here!
  15. Capom

    I recommend to try Squalene Japan https://bio-japan.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=70 it is Japanese ether lipid that is able to stimulate human immune system. Some positive effects of Squalene are: naturally cleansing the body of toxins, for example, excretion of mercury from the body, pain relief in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, strengthening immune system against sinusitis, hay fever, protects against respiratory tract infections, reduces angina, treat fungal and bacterial infections as a natural bactericidal agent and much more.
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